X-Men '97

X-Men ’97? What?

What’s going on everyone? By now you must have the amazing news regarding the X-Men animated series. If you have been living underneath a rock allow me to bring you up to speed. The show will be returning! That’s right, the show will not only be returning but picking up from where it left off. The show will be apply named X-Men ’97. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t be more than thrilled by this news. I will break down why while also predicting what story lines they will used from the comics.

Storm & Wolverine in the future

What Will Their Drip Look Like?

Like most of you who grew up in the 90’s the X-Men cartoon was an introduction to the comic world. Sure, you had various shows before and during the time of X-Men but it was just something about this show. Till this day it still goes down as one of the best adaptations from the comics. Lately we have been getting pretty close but nothing holds a candle to this show. Let’s go down the list beginning with wardrobe. The characters sported the 70’s look without making it feel vintage. I guess it was the bright colors and illustration that helped make their costumes so attractive. As I said, they did take a lot from the comics. So when there were episodes where they were set in the future they altered their outfits to fit the times. The attention to detail was so uncanny (pun intended).


Who’s Your Favorite And Why?

So we covered outfits and costumes so now lets look at the characters of these costumes. What was so great about this show was that unlike shows like Batman or Spider-Man, was that there were so many characters. It gave you the ability to choose who was your favorite. There would be heated lunchroom debates over who was the best or who could beat who. Some of it was based off facts either from the comics or the show while others were based off of opinion of who was their favorite. Either way it sparked conversations and ice breakers all across the world. My top three of the show was Wolverine followed by Gambit and Bishop. Cable was pretty cool as well.


Who Will We See?


Onslaught: Mixture of Professor X’s frustration for humankind and Magneto’s rage for them.

Since we are talking about characters it is to be noted that all the people who are still alive are signed on to reprise their characters voices. This solidifies things for me because I can’t think of anyone with a more pitch perfect voice for Wolverine than Cal Dodd. One thing I am curious about is what new characters will we see? Personally I would love to see what they would do with Onslaught’s character. Same goes for Legion but I doubt these two will come about since Professor X passed away in the last episode. I also believe that they will make things more parallel to the MCU instead of the comics.

Usually, it’s supposed to be the other way around but when you’re cranking out multi-million dollar movies every couple of months you kinda want to follow the money train. The way the MCU has been written thus far has been amazing so it’s not like the quality would be tainted if the cartoon decided to follow them.

Dr. Strange

How Will X-Men ’97 Fit With The MCU?

The Eternals

Could it be possible to do both and if so how would that look? In order to make it fit we would need context as to where mutants been all this time. That wouldn’t be too hard considering the “Blip” that took place at the end of Avengers Infinity War as well as The Eternals movie. If it does run along in continuity with the MCU then it would be great to start seeing crossovers. One of which would be Dr. Strange because of the fact The Illuminati has been hinted at coming out. That flies in the face of the cartoon because as I just said, Professor X passed in the cartoon so how is it that he is alive now and already engaging in nefarious meetings with other heroes. If you are lost then click the link because I did an entire breakdown on the Illuminati.

Aside from Strange it would it’s a little hard to think about who else I would enjoy to see them crossover with because X-Men have always been on their own island. What I mean by that is that whenever there was conflicts no one came to their aid. Avengers, Fantastic Four, all of them kind of left them on their own which is mentioned when Professor was first introduced to the idea of the Illuminati. I can see the villains quicker than the heroes but nonetheless I think it will be great to see play out.

That about does it for this post. Let us know which characters, story-lines, voices and costumes you loved from the comics and the series.