Ever since Roman Reigns’ shocking heel turn last summer, he has been on fire.  Week in and week out, Reigns continues to blow fans away with how captivating his next move is.

No matter what that next move is, it is bound to be intriguing with Special Counsel Paul Heyman by his side.  That kind of working relationship allows Reigns to have everyone where he wants them in the palm of his hand in addition to them being fascinated for more.

Photo: WWE

When was the last time fans couldn’t wait for next week’s episode of WWE Raw or WWE Smackdown?  That fact alone should be the top reason why Reigns says he’s “levels above” everyone else.  He’s not lying about that.  He already has a plan for what he wants to do, and even if there are curveballs such as family drama he handles it.  Maybe the manipulation and conniving of The Tribal Chief isn’t the right thing to do.  But, he knows just what to do to get in order and stay on top of WWE.

It is almost hard to believe that five years ago, the fans wanted anything but Reigns being at the top of WWE.  That was because the character direction wasn’t working for him.  That was the general consensus of why some fans were not aboard the Reigns train.  But now, things have changed for the better.  This Roman Reigns is the Reigns fans have always wanted.

Photo: WWE

The beauty of this is that many didn’t realize they needed this side of Reigns.  All the great qualities that Reigns possessed has been highlighted to its potential.  The star power was always there.  Reigns’ abilities as a top WWE Superstar was always there.  He just needed that right direction to make people see that he can and that he will go above expectations.

The Tribal Chief run has been, by far, the best run of Reigns post his Shield days.  Reigns is the perfect example of tenacity and is thriving.  Let’s look at the facts.  Six hundred days of not being pinned in singles competition.  His current reign as WWE Univesal Champion has surpassed three hundred days with a year is in sight.  It doesn’t look like its ending anytime soon, even with John Cena as his opponent at SummerSlam.

Photo: WWE

It is known that the fans are anticipating the rumored matchup against The Rock at WrestleMania 38 in Dallas.  There’s no one else that could step up to Reigns and challenge his legacy like The Rock can.  There would be no head of the table if it weren’t for the family before him, and the Rock lays claim to solidifying that table.  The Rock reinforced that table as the years passed no matter how many movies he’s made or the impact he continues to have on WWE the last two decades.

Reigns has undoubtedly worked hard.  Its satisfying to see it pay off, and believe in The Tribal Chief.