Ayo Geeks! How are we all doing out there? We are back with part 3 to my top 50 PS2 games of all time. Hope you all have been enjoying the list so far. Here we go with 30-21!

PS2 Crash Bandicoot

30. PS2: Crash Bandicoot

One of my favorite adventure franchises of all time. Crash and his sister Coco battle against Neo Cortex and N. Gin throughout some of the craziest levels you’ve ever seen.

29. NBA Street Vol. 2

Probably the most groundbreaking type of basketball since NBA Jam, NBA Street perfectly encapsulated street ball of the early 2000’s. What made this PS2 game particularly special for me was the fact that one of the settings was on a rooftop of my dad’s old job. A place which I’ve visited many times when I was younger so I knew very well the landscape and how accurate it really was.

PS2 Unreal Tournament

28. PS2: Unreal Tournament

In my opinion, Unreal Tournament was a wildly slept on PS2 game. If we are talking specifically about the multi-player mode it is very reminiscent of Halo. That really says something because we are talking about a two year difference. Granted the graphics were in no comparison but the game play was fast and smooth.

PS2 Time Splitters

27. PS2: Time Splitters

Since we are on topic of multi-player games, we can’t forget about Time Splitters. This too was a slept on game with a vast amount of replay value regardless if you are by yourself or with friends. See back then before online gaming took over you had to be versatile in that regard. There had to be a way where one could enjoy themselves with company or family while still holding their attention when they’re alone. You could have matches where everyone comes out the gate killing each other which is all fun of course but what Time Splitters did that I liked was that they gave you a variety of different types of games to choose from. A childhood favorite was when one person was infected and you had to be the last one standing which is a lot easier said than done.

26. PS2: Def Jam Vendetta

I have never liked fighting games too much because I was never that good at them but a lot of that changed significantly when Def Jam Vendetta came out. The story-line was dope, the settings/scenery was sharp and the ability to play with and beat the shit out of your favorite Hip-Hip artist was priceless. No frustration was greater achieved than when facing Fat Joe.

PS2 X-Men Origins Wolverine

25. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

When a game is adapted from a movie it’s not always clear if it will be a hit or not. You take that and add the fact that the movie is an adaptation from a comic book and it can be even more difficult. Somehow though, X-men Origins: Wolverine was a success. Seeing Logan using his claws in full effect was refreshing as he battles to find his identity and the people responsible for taking his memories away. Not to mention who gave him this horrible surgery to begin with.

PS2 X-Men: Next Dimension

24. X-Men Next Dimension

Another PS2 fighting game that I didn’t care if I was good at or not was X-Men: Next Dimension. A very slept on game but it was a really well done game nonetheless. I think one of best things I found out about in this game is that if you pick Beast to fight against Nightcrawler it almost looks like a break dancing battle.

PS2 Time Crisis

23. Time Crisis

Every arcade as well as Dave & Buster’s is thankful to this shoot ’em up cops and robbers game. If you ever owned or operated a gun before chances are this is where you began to learn how to aim. Of course its nothing like the real thing but when you were staring down multiple terrorists and trying to make every bullet count before you reload you almost forget that it’s just a game.

PS2 Arctic Thunder

22. Arctic Thunder

As we continue on with arcade styled games we come across a fun racing game by the name of Arctic Thunder. One thing about me is that I am extremely confident in my racing skills and this game is no different than any other that I’ve dominated. The tracks were insane, tricks made it visually incredible and overall it was a great game to play whether you were beating up the CPU or your friends.

PS2 Soul Caliber

21. Soul Caliber

When Soul Caliber came on the scene, it brought a different feel and vibe to the fighting genre. Do not ask me why the character I can bust the most ass with is Voldo but any win I will take. If you ever fix your face to pick Maxi you just alerted everyone that you’re trash. The minute you let Yoshimitsu sit down it’s going to be a long day for you. These are laws only learned through trial and error.

Well that wraps up this installment of the series. Visit us again soon for the next until we get to my #1 favorite game for PS2.