Welcome back Geeks! Hope you enjoyed the first part of my Top 50 PS2 Games  because we are back with the second installment. Without further wait we’re gonna get right back into it.

PS2: Guitar Hero 3

40. Guitar Hero 3

A kin to Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero sparked a new wave for PS2 gamers because you were now able to interact with a game via you guessed it… guitar. If you were a fan of old school rock or just having fun being able to use the guitar to catch the highest score, you had a great experience. You even get to battle Satan himself in story mode. What’s not to love?

39. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Speaking of dope music, no video game had a soundtrack quite like Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3. In fact, that’s usually the first thing people think about when you ask them about the game. The gameplay in itself was superb. The tricks and realism made this a game that had a high level of replay value.

38.  GTA 3

Grand Theft Auto has been around since November of 1997 but it wasn’t until October of 2001 that things drastically shifted for the franchise when it came to PS2. GTA 3 gave birth to a new look and feel when it came to the game. The overhead view that we had come to expect was no more. Instead. we were given a third person shooter with an immersive story line to boot. The free roaming took things to another level as you caused mayhem all throughout the city accruing stars as you go along.

PS2: Get On Da Mic

37. Get On Da Mic

This was one of those games that was ahead of its time. The ability to rap out your favorite songs has always been a thing while in your car or home and the radio comes on. With this game you now get to do that and be rewarded for knowing all the lyrics and hitting the pitch just right. I wished though, that this continued the same way Guitar Hero and Rock Band did.

36. God Of War

With the exception of Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct, I don’t think we’ve seen a game with more savage ass beatings like God Of War. Kratos took things to another level in a way we weren’t expecting. You add the fact that the story line was compelling not to mention you have interactive cut scenes and you have one of the greatest games ever.

PS2: DJ Hero

35. DJ Hero

Based off of Guitar Hero but more of a Kin to Get On Da Mic in some ways we have DJ Hero. The ability to mix records and add affects like DJ Jazzy Jeff and Daft Punk to name a couple was revolutionary. Once again I wished that this game became a franchise with more installments.

34. True Crime New York City

When I played True Crimes: Streets Of LA on my friends Gamecube it was such a crazy experience. Mind you, this is at a time where its after GTA San Andreas released and a few years before Saints Row. This made them GTA’s sole competition. Granted they couldn’t hold a candle to the franchise, they still managed to do things in their own way without making it feel like they were copying. The slow motion bullet time and complete map of Manhattan gave this game the edge it needed to be great for PS2.

33. SSX Tricky

Without a doubt my favorite snowboarding game of all time. SSX Tricky was colorful and vibrant. The courses allowed you to get more air than I’ve ever seen in a game. The amount of combos I was able to do was ridiculous. Being able to hit your competition definitely made for a more exciting game because who doesn’t like a little violence right?

32.Dead Or Alive

When talking about fighting games one that I feel gets slept on a lot is Dead Or Alive. The moves and graphics were crisp and fresh. The standout feature to this series was the interactive background and scenery. It really felt like a street fight rather than an organized fight somehow happening right in the middle of a town.

PS2: Metal Slug 3

31. Metal Slug 3

Metal Slug was a game that featured nonstop carnage and destruction. I remember first playing it in Toys R’ Us and saying to myself “WTF” several times.The graphics were that of Super Nintendo but that did not take away from the fun gameplay you experienced as you navigated through the game.