Remember the Times – Nas laments his sexual history spitting visuals with vivid vulgarity.  Somehow, it all blends and seems romantic.  Supposedly written for Kelis.  But we know how that turned out.  Play this to reminisce about all the wild strange you went through back in the day.

Undying Love – Prime example of Nas’s storytelling depicting a violent end to his girl’s clandestine sexcapades.  Chilling dialogue by the cops at the end.  Nas paints a graphic picture, giving us a front-row seat to infidelity ending in tragedy.  Reading the lyrics feels like you are watching a Scorcese flick.

I Gave You Power – Personification of the gun has been done by many, but not as well as Nas does here on a Primo beat.  Illustrating the perpetual cycle of violence prevalent in Every City, USA done to perfection.

Doo Rags – Unlimited gems dropped in this track, you must go through it line by line.  Nostalgic lines combined with the mellow piano, along with a viable hook?  What more can you ask from him?  The depth of these bars resonates with me to this day.

Rewind – When I first heard this, it blew my mind.  It still does; therefore, Nas is the GOAT to many, including myself.  I still remember smoking out to this song with the boys wondering how he even conceived this reverse storytelling masterpiece.