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Women Have the Right For Positive Representation

As an audience, we look at storytelling to see different viewpoints.  More importantly, we look for characters that are relatable like us.  This is no exception with film and television.  In fact, most audiences view entertainment through film and television.  However, not everything has equal representation.  On July 22, 2019, a documentary came to theaters discussing the fight of women equality.  This documentary’s name is This Changes Everything.  This Changes Everything is an interview documentary interviewing woman like Geena Davis, Patty Jenkins,  and other well-known women in the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, this film expresses the ongoing concerns of women fighting for equality in the entertainment industry.  With that  being said, I feel like this film expresses the ongoing process of women equality.  In this review, we’re examining how This Changes Everything shows the importance of women equality in the entertainment industry. 

This Changes Everything Explains that Media Shapes Perspective of Life

There is no denying that media shapes our perspective of life.  When we look at entertainment, the audience is expecting to see a character that reflects themselves.  If we constantly see characters that are stereotypes, that’s going to give a negative viewpoint of the world.  One of the things that I enjoy about this documentary is that the narrators are asking the audience to think.  More specifically, they’re asking about how has entertainment shape your own viewpoint of the world.  With this in mind, the entertainment industry still shows itself as a man’s industry.  The inclusion of women writers and directors is so important to keep a balance perspective on the world.  More importantly, having this balance of genders can help bring more positive stories to entertainment.  One place in history where equality wasn’t a problem is in the silent film era. 

Women Reach Equality in the Silent Film Era

Within this documentary, the narrators discuss women during the silent film era.  More specifically, women during this time were directors, writers, actresses, and producers.  In fact, both men and women help share the films that studios would make.  One of the things that I like about hearing this is the fact that people were making films for the passion. When you watch the documentary, the audience can feel the different narrators wanting this again.  This point is the key stone for many advocates of this movement.  Gender shouldn’t be a factor into the creation of entertainment.  Everyone was trying to make creative projects in this new piece of entertainment.  Personally, that’s how media should be made. Plus, this gives others the chance to tell their own stories.  However, as the documentary explains, everything changes for women with the introduction of sound in films.  

The Rise of Men in the Entertainment Industry

When studios introduce sound to films, the number of women in the entertainment industry significantly declines.  Geena Davis, as well as, other women explain firsthand how this change has had an effect on the entertainment industry.  The information that these women express puts into perspective how much men have control in the entertainment industry.  Even with the introduction of Title VII in the 1960s, the entertainment industry continues to push women out of the spotlight.  This Changes Everything does an outstanding job getting the perspective of both women and men to hear both viewpoints of this change. Having both viewpoints is vital for events like this.  The audience can see both viewpoints without one overshadowing the other.  Additionally, we do see that both sides can agree that this change is a huge problem.    As a result of this change, media began to show the perspective of men.    

One Perspective of Media Begins to Show in This Changes Everything

As more men begin to take over the industry, one perspective begins to show.  Throughout This Changes Everything, women in the industry come with statistics and information of how effectively men have shape entertainment.  As a result, women are subjective to men.  The different actresses, writers, and directors voice their own opinions on how this perspective changes their viewpoint.  This Changes Everything isn’t afraid to discuss what is happening in our society as a result of the entertainment industry.  I have to applaud that because the women as well as the men in this documentary aren’t sugar coating anything.  Without even watching This Changes Everything, this viewpoint shows itself throughout countless number of medias.  As the documentary explains, “certain films like Thelma & Louise were praise by women as realistic representations of themselves”.  Even though media has had horrible representation, children’s media has greatly taken a hit as well. 

Children’s Entertainment Have Set Bad Examples for Children

One of the categories that this film focuses on is children’s entertainment.  As I state earlier, media shapes the perspective of our life.  As a result, this type of perspective is affecting children.  Geena Davis, as well as other women express boys and girl’s perspective of each other is changing.  As children grow, it’s important to show realistic representation of the world.  Instead of belittling one gender over another.  To bring this to attention, This Changes Everything brings this troubling revelation into the documentary.  Together with men in the media industry, the change for women equality begins to push itself. Without a doubt, this push is to protect the future generations.  This is yet another aspect that I have to praise this documentary for.  People in media are bringing the problem front and center.  The other group that this film shows in need of equality is women of different ethnicity.  

This Changes Everything Expresses the Lack of Representation of Women with Different Ethnicity

Within entertainment, individuals with different ethnicity have negative representation.  Especially with women of different ethnicity.  Only every once in a while, do films as well as television shows create equal representation.  Within the documentary, several women with different ethnicity including Sandra Oh and other women express how these negative stereotypes affects others.  This Changes Everything pushes that with the inclusion of different ethnic women, this will change this negative stereotype.  From what some of the women say in this film, “there’s a constant status of something is wrong with me”.  This can hugely affect other girls who might think something is wrong with them because of the lack of representation.  This Changes Everything puts this problem into perspective with interviewing other people about their experience.  After so many years of torture, women decide to fight for equality. 

The Women in the Director’s Guild of America Begin to Fight Back

This Changes Everything shows women pushing for equality.  As the documentary explains, women directors were willing to fight with studios.  After so many years, women’s voices were finally ready to voice their opinions.  One of the engaging parts of this section is the interviews with women directors.  In fact, these were the women who were in the fronts to fight for equality.  Being able to see these interviews brings the need for women’s equality full force. These brave women are willing to sacrifice everything to help bring their stories alive.  Together with research, they are able to show evidence that something needs to be done.  This is a huge wake-up call for the entertainment industry.  Even with the release of this documentary, women equality is a huge problem within the entertainment industry.  At this moment, this is when the documentary starts to finally discuss equality for women.   

The Entertainment Industry Starts to Take Steps Towards Equality in This Changes Everything

Over this documentary, the entertainment industry slowly starts to take equality steps.  With that being said, these steps weren’t done overnight.  On the contrary, there’s still many fights that women have to fight. As with any resistance, many men didn’t think that women could do a good enough job.  This Changes Everything goes into great detail of both television shows and films that have made a difference.  Seeing changes that the industry is enforcing raises hopes that the industry will eventually make changes.  Within this section, the documentary discusses several shows including C.S.I. and Grey’s Anatomy for instance.  The amount of information that the documentary expresses raises women to fight for equality.  Interestingly enough, this documentary even includes executives to discuss the discrimination of women.  Having them discuss how this is a problem is extremely eye opening.  As the industry slowly introduces equality, the world suddenly changes in 2016. 

The Rise of Enough is Enough in 2016 to 2018

In 2016, everything in the United States changes.  This is due to the election of Donald Trump.  Everyone can remember how scary that time was.  This documentary goes into the fear that women in the industry were feeling.  In spite of everything going on, a sudden rise of rights actives rises.  This Changes Everything goes into great detail how the entertainment industry changes from 2016 to 2018.  Some topics that they discuss include the Me Too movement.  There’s finally a time for women to come together and say enough is enough.  Even with the rise of rights groups today, women are still fighting to get their voices heard.  In spite of this, there are films that are being made that help girls, as well as women to be themselves.  This Changes Everything teaches women, as well as girls that they are valid, and they do have a voice. 

The Voices of Women Continue to Fight for Equality

In this review, we’ve examined how This Changes Everything shows the importance of women equality.  The perspective of media can change one’s perspective of life.  We analyze the silent film era when both men and women treat each other equally.  Additionally, we discuss how This Changes Everything reviews the rise of men in the entertainment industry. Once people suddenly learn about the effect of this new change, women began to fight.  Furthermore, women directors were willing to put everything on the line to have their voices heard.  Even with the slow acceptance of women, 2016 made everything stop.  As a result, women came out in full force.  Women came out saying that they’ll not be silenced again.  This Changes Everything is a call to cause documentary that affects everyone.  It shows that women are still fighting and need others to be aware.

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