This image includes the iconic symbol of the “Fireflies” from the series, The Last of Us.  According to the official PlayStation website under the article “The Last of Us™ Remastered” Sony expresses the fact that “this franchise in addition to this image belong to Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC and Naughty Dog LLC” (10).  These two production companies are responsible for the creation of this videogame. Additionally, this image is on Naughty Dog’s official twitter at 00:11.

In 2013, Naughty Dog Releases The Last of Us to Critical Acclaim

Naughty Dog is videogame company that is use to the spotlight.  Ever since the early days of the PlayStation, Naughty Dog has made their staple in the videogame industry. To clarify, Naughty Dog is the company responsible for the cartoon marsupial, Crash Bandicoot.  Since then, there have been several successful franchises which Naughty Dog develop.  When The Last of Us first got announce, audiences became intrigue by the story and characters.  Trailer after trailer made the excitement of fans rise to new levels.  Finally, on June 14, 2013, this series release to fans worldwide.  Unsurprisingly, this videogame became a massive success.  Not only did The Last of Us receive a remaster version but this game won countless number of awards.  Up to then, there hadn’t been a zombie apocalyptic game like it before.  Especially since zombie games were in high demand in 2013.

With The Last of Us, this game stroke a cord with its audiences.  One of the things that this game does extremely well is the story.  Particularly with the relationship with Ellie and Joel.  Without a doubt, this is one of the most compelling relationships in this series.  Safe to say that when Naughty Dog reveal The Last of Us Part Two, fans were over the moon.  Even through this most anticipated sequel has had some step backs, fans have been super supportive.  Then on March 5, 20202, HBO, Naughty Dog, Neil Druckmann, and the producer of the series Chernobyl Craig Mazin simultaneously made a post. In this post, it contains a confirmation that a The Last of Us series is coming to the network, HBO. In this news article, we’re analyzing The Last of Us series’s announcement in order to get an understand of where this series stands.

HBO as well as Naughty Dog Reveals The Last of Us Series is Coming Soon

On March 5, 2020, HBO in addition to Naughty Dog reveal the fact that The Last of Us is coming to HBO as a series.  With it, Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin confirm in their own tweets that they’re making it. When this information became public, fans including myself were incredibly happy.  Honestly, it was only a matter a time before this videogame receives a television show.  Especially since this series would be perfect for a television series instead of a film.  With that said, there can be some individuals who may not agree with making a videogame into another form of media.  Regardless if this media is television or film.  As of late, Sonic the Hedgehog has change that stereotype.  Not only breaking records but, changing people’s minds on videogame adaptations.  Back to this series, news has been quickly buzzing about this new television series.

In fact, HBO, Naughty Dog, Neil Druckmann, and Craig Mazin provide a link to an exclusive interview by The Hollywood Reporter on their tweets.  According to that article on The Hollywood Reporter’s website title “’The Last of Us’ Series in the Words at HBO From ‘Chernobyl’ Creator Craig Mazin, Neil Druckmann (Exclusive)”, HBO’s programming president Casey Bloys explain that “this new series is under the best of hands with all of the individuals present to see this project through” (3).  This series will not only have two well establish creators but several production companies to make this series the best it can be.  Without a doubt, this news is huge.  If anything, this news can put a lot of fans at ease that this series will be in good hands.  With that said, Neil Druckmann made it clear that the games are Naughty Dog’s number one priority.

Production is Hinted to Start after The Last of Us Part 2 Release

With the release of this news, the writer of The Last of Us Neil Druckmann has made his own comment.  On Neil Druckmann’s official Twitter, Neil Druckmann tweets that “The Last of Us Part 2 is our first priority” (1).  This tweet is incredibly important to fans because it shows that Druckmann is focusing on one thing at a time.  There have been too many times where creators jump on too many projects.  For example, when George R.R. Martin join the Game of Thrones writing team which ultimately delays his book. Which did cause a lot of problems when the series hit the end of the books.  Up to now, this sequel has receive several push backs in the release date.  As of right now, the current release date for The Last of Us Part Two is May 29, 2020.

With this tweet, this is a good indication that pre-production on this series will start when the second game comes out.  To drive this point further, Druckmann’s tweet about this priority is pinned on the front of his twitter.  All eyes will be on this team to create a groundbreaking series out of a groundbreaking videogame.  Undoubtedly, everyone on board wants to ensure that this series is the best it can be.  Honestly, that is the way how productions should be.  With this response, this shows the timeline this series will have.

While Production Has Yet to Start, the Strengths Behind this Project are a Wonderful Sign

In this news article, we analyze The Last of Us series announcement on HBO.  HBO, Naughty Dog, Craig Mazin, and Neil Druckmann made simultaneously made a post about the announcement.  With the recent videogame adaptations, this series has a better shot.  Especially with the amount of skill and passion pushing this project forward.  Neil Druckmann even hints at the fact that production of this series will start after the sequel’s release.  Which gives audiences a reassurance that this series is going to be their top priority.  Without a doubt, this new news is exciting.  The fact that a beloved series is getting their own television show is amazing.  Only time will tell when more news will reveal about the whereabouts of The Last of Us series.  All in all, this series has a strong production team.  Which will make the final project that more enjoyable.

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Moreover, I did prove a lot of links in this new article.  If you guys want to stay up to date on any news regarding this series, I will provide links below. With that said, here is the first link to The Hollywood Reporter exclusive article.  Fill free to read that if you want to learn what is in store for this series.  Secondly, this link will take viewers to Naughty Dog’s official twitter.  Additionally, I will provide the official link to Naughty Dog’s website.  These links right here will take you guys to HBO’s official twitter as well as HBO’s official website.  If you guys want to follow the two creators of this series, Craig Mazin’s twitter as well as Neil Druckmann’s twitter are right here.  Last but not least, here is the official link to The Last of Us Part Two’s website.

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