What Is The Illuminati

Recently a video surfaced about the Illuminati and who will be within the group. Before we dive into the starting lineup we have to first understand what is the Illuminati and their purpose. The Illuminati was a group comprised of the leaders from the most prominent factions in Marvel. Their reasoning for existing was to exchange information between one another. This information pertained to imminent threats to the world that they might be able to prevent or take care of. Now we know their purpose let’s discuss who was in the Illuminati.

The Illuminati Draft Picks

As I said the Illuminati is representatives from various groups across the globe coming together to prevent and stop threats. It makes sense to see the characters depicted in the video above representing the Illuminati. The only problem is that this is not at all the original cast. In fact, It is virtually impossible to be able to include the original Illuminati in the MCU. Before we get into why that is such a difficult task, Let’s first run down the members for this roster.

For starters we have Professor X who is leader of the X-Men and one of the most powerful mutants around. Captain Carter as you saw her in the first episode of Marvels What If…? Who takes the place of Captain America. The next character is a little left field in my opinion because typically Asgardians do not care about the goings on of earth and It’s threats. Brother of Thor, Balder The Brave is invulnerable to harm which will certainly come in handy when going against planetary and universal threats. Next up is Monica Rambeau who was originally the first Captain Marvel but now she goes by Spectrum. Her being in the group makes sense because she is likely the leader or high ranking officer in the group SWORD (Sentient Worlds Observation And Response Department). In short it means they handle all extraterrestrial situations. Lastly we have Baron Mordo who you might remember from the Dr. Strange movie. He was the one who at the end of the movie wanted to rid the universe of all It’s sorcerers.

The OG Illuminati Lineup

So now that we have the cast for the MCU’s version of the Illuminati let’s look at the comic version. Just like the MCU version we do have Professor X. Instead of Baron Mordo we have Dr. Strange the sorcerer supreme. A fan favorite, Tony Stark aka Iron Man. Now the next few are characters have not popped up in the MCU yet or been mentioned much really. For starters we have Black Bolt who is king of The Inhumans. Basically they’re mutants however they are humans who gain their power from a Terrigen Mist. They also happen to be located on the moon. Speaking of obscure locations to reside in we have Namor The Submariner who’s the king of Atlantis. Lastly, we have Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic who is the leader of The Fantastic Four.

Ex-Illuminati Team Members

Above you see the six core members but there were more than that when it first began. One member who was against the group ever forming was Black Panther. He did later join but once the incursion story line came about he left for good. Destroying another world was not something that T’challa could bring himself to do. Captain America was a member but all knowledge of this was erased from his memory. The reason being was that he was strongly against destroying worlds in the incursion saga. Dr. Strange wiped his mind but he later gained memory of this in the Original Sin story line.

Medusa stepped in for Black Bolt when he was presumed dead because of a Kree imposter. Beast of the X-Men later became a member. Even Hulk was a member which is even more messed up when you think about the betrayal that later came. During a meltdown in Nevada Tony had to figure out what to do with Hulk. Everyone but Namor agreed to sending him to another planet where he couldn’t harm anyone. His space craft was knocked off course to a violent world where he became ruler there. He also had a wife and child there. The space craft was believed to have had faulty wiring which blew up killing his wife. When he returned to earth he returned as World Breaker Hulk who sought revenge against the Illuminati. The last remaining members are Yellow Jacket, Amadeus Cho, and Captain Britain.

Here’s Why It’s So Difficult To Get The Illuminati In The MCU

Let’s talk about the characters that could easily be phased into this group before we delve into the more difficult ones. Professor X is slated to make his appearance soon. More than likely it will be said during the “snap” or “blip” mutants began showing their powers which explains why they were never seen or heard from before. Black Bolt of The Inhumans resides on the moon so most matters never effected him or his people.

Same premise could be said about Namor of Atlantis however he is supposed to make his debut in the next Black Panther film. Speaking of which, this is a major reason why it would be tricky to get all of these characters in the MCU. Namor and T’challa had a very big rivalry. So much so that both of their kingdoms were attacked by the other. It led to Namor getting stabbed by T’challa. Since the MCU will not have another person play T’challa in respect to Chadwick Boseman it makes it hard to play out that story line accurately. Captain America although briefly was a member. The problem with him is that at the end of Endgame he went back in time to be with Peggy Carter which made him an old man in the present day. Another person who’s completely out of commission is Tony Stark who died in Endgame. It would take some creative writing to seamlessly merge Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four into the MCU and Illuminati but it can be done.

The ex- members I don’t see them spending a lot of time on if at all but the core members will be challenging to say the least. What do you think of the MCU’s first iteration? Who would you like to see?