This image is the official image for the PlayStation 5 DualSense.  According to the official PlayStation website under the article “Introducing DualSense, the New Wireless Game Controller for PlayStation 5”, Hideaki Nishino who is the Senior Vice President of Platform Planning & Management explains that “the right as well as the credits to this image of the DualSense belongs to Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.” (5).  Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. is the company that is responsible for the creation of the DualSense.  This image is on PlayStation’s official Blog under the article “Introducing DualSense, the New Wireless Game Controller for PlayStation 5”.

PlayStation Has Been Releasing More Information about the PlayStation 5

Within the last few months, Sony has revealed several pieces of information regarding the PlayStation 5.  Some of this news include the technical specs as well as the logo of the PlayStation 5.   From what we’ve been shown, the PlayStation 5 looks like an incredibly powerful, next-generation console.  Granted, there hasn’t been any physical gameplay or demonstrations of the power of this console.  We’ve only have seen numbers about what the PS5 can do.  Then on April 7, 2020, PlayStation came out with a new article about the PS5’s new controller.  With every new console, PlayStation comes out with a new controller.  These controllers help bring gamers into the experience more.  Additionally, video game developers can use the new controllers to make their games an even more powerful experience.  With the PlayStation 4, many developers were able to do so much with the DualShock controller.

With the PS5, PlayStation wants to push the grounds even more with the new DualSense controller.  How does the DualSense differ from the very popular DualShock 4? Let’s find out together. In this news article, we’re examining the new DualSense controller and in what ways it is different from the current DualShock 4 controller.

The Design of the DualSense is Similar Yet Different from the DualShock 4 on the PlayStation 4

Firstly, let’s look at the design of the DualSense.  Now, at first glance, the DualSense looks incredibly similar to the DualShock 4. The shape of both controllers is incredibly similar.  The directional pad, L/R triggers, C sticks, touchpad, PS button, and the button placement are the same.  From what we see in the pictures, players will be to hold this controller with extreme comfort.  Much like the DualShock 4 which is incredibly comfortable for players to hold.  While these two controllers are similar, the DualSense will undoubtedly be different than the DualShock 4.  For instance, PlayStation fans will notice that there’s no share button near the touchpad.  On the DualShock 4, there’s both a share and an options button on either side of the touchpad.  However, for the DualSense, the share button doesn’t appear.  Rest assure, PlayStation does have a plan for this.

According to the official PlayStation website under the article “Introducing DualSense, the New Wireless Game Controller for PlayStation 5”, Hideaki Nishino expresses the fact that “while the DualSense doesn’t contain a share button, there’s another way for gamers to share content” (3).  Essentially, this means that gamers will be able to share video as well as content for other viewers to see.  So, the DualSense has a Create button instead of a share button.  Unfortunately, not much information has been given on the Create button’s capability.  However, within this article, Hideaki Nishino confirms the fact that “the DualSense’s battery life will be longer than the DualShock 4” (3).  PlayStation has been working hard to ensure that the DualSense won’t have the battery life problem like the DualShock 4.  With the changes coming to the DualSense, the DualSense has a built-in microphone to the controller.

PlayStation 5’s DualSense Has a Built-In Microphone to Help With Certain Features on the PlayStation 5

One of the new features that the DualSense has is a microphone. According to the official PlayStation.Blog website under the article “Introducing DualSense, the New Wireless Game Controller for PlayStation 5”, Hideaki Nishino clarifies that “the DualSense does contain a microphone within the controller” (3). This means that the DualSense has the capability to pick up speak from players. From what we can see in this article, the microphone’s main purpose is to send messages to other players. So, for instance, a player can send a message to their teammates that they are jumping on in a minute. Instead of sending a message on another social platform like Discord.  Now, this isn’t a solution to a gaming headset.  In fact, Hideaki Nishino expresses the fact that “headphones are still needed to talk to teammates” (3).   This means that gamers should only use the microphone option for quick messages.

Unfortunately, this is the only information that we have of the built-in microphone.   Honestly, this can give video game developers a lot of fun options.  Being able to have the option of a built-in microphone might bring some fun moments in different games.  Much like the Nintendo DS or Nintendo 3DS games where the microphone was useable.  This wouldn’t be the first time PlayStation implements a console’s mechanics into a game.  In Uncharted: Golden Abyss, players had to rub the back of the PS Vita to have Nate discover a clue in the jungle.  In the same fashion, video game developers can use the microphone capability to have some fun in their games.  For now, we’re going to have to wait to see what happens.  One of the last things that the DualSense brings is a new color pallet and a new lighting system.

The Color and Lights of the DualSense Gives this Controller More Modern Look

Last but not least, let’s take a look at the color of the controller. With the DualShock 4, the default controller is all black. Whereas, the new controller for the PlayStation 5 has a new color pallet.  According to the official PlayStation.Blog website under the article “Introducing DualSense, the New Wireless Game Controller for PlayStation 5”, Hideaki Nishino reveals that “instead of the black coloration, PlayStation 5’s new controller contains both a white and black color pallet” (4).  To create a new modern controller, PlayStation creates a two-color pallet controller.  Additionally, the light of the controller appears to be under the touchpad helps as well.  Honestly, this new color scheme looks awesome.  From what we see in this article, this new controller’s color pallet gives the controller a slicker design.  As appose to the DualShock 4 which looks a lot more ridged.

One of the things that is really interesting is the placement of the light bar.  With the DualShock 4, the light is on the top of the controller.  The player can change the brightness as well as the color of that light.  With the DualSense, this light position is different.  Instead, the light is put under the touchpad.  Which gives the controller a much more modernize design.  Honestly, this placement is exactly where it should be. Players will be able to see where the light and the controller will light up with the new position of the light bar.  All in all, both the new color and light position are incredibly well done on the DualSense.

Undoubtedly, the DualSense Will Be Receive Well By Gamers

In this news article, we analyze the new DualSense controller coming to the PlayStation 5.  Firstly, we took a look at the similarities as well as differences design of the DualSense and the DualShock 4.  While having a similar design, the DualSense and the DualShock 4 are completely different.  The new controller has new ways and designs to share gameplay with other players.  Additionally, the new PlayStation 5 controller has a built-in microphone.  While not a long-term option, this gives players the ability to send quick messages to other gamers.  This can also give video game developers a new avenue to go down with audio.  Finally, we took a look at the new color and light configuration of the DualSense.  Unlike the DualShock 4, the DualSense has a new placement of the light bar and two-color pallet.

From what we can see in this article, this new controller is a much more modern look.  Undoubtedly, this new controller will be accepted by players.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get a visual demonstration of this new controller.  This is possibly due to the coronavirus pandemic going on right now.  Hopefully, gamers will be able to see visual demonstrations of these new generational console.  For now, the DualSense looks like a new enjoyable experience along with the PlayStation 5.

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