Now that season 2 of Amazon Prime’s The Boys is out, we have a lot of questions answered and a few more raised. If you’re wondering what that final scene was about, we’re here to talk about it. If you’re not caught up yet, this is your chance to back out now. Don’t worry we’ll still be here when you catch up.

The Boys Season 2 Recap 

Now that you’re back, let’s talk about that final scene and what it means. Throughout season two, we’ve learn about a mysterious Supe that has been exploding heads. We first experience the unknown Supe in the first episode of season two, The Big Ride, when The Boys, sans Butcher, meet with deputy director of the CIA, their boss, Susan Raynor. After they get her up to speed on their own situation, Susan mentions a new Supe terrorist, and how this terrorist could be a “coup from the inside” before her head suddenly and violently explodes.  

This incident brings both Grace Mallory outSusan Raynor from The Boys before her head explodes of retirement, and Butcher back to track down the Supe Terrorist. The Supe Terrorist they’re after just happens to be Kimiko’s brother, Kenji. It’s certainly possible that Kenji’s telekinesis could have exploded Raynor’s head, we the audience know that Kenji was innocent. He was brutally murdered by the newest member of The Seven, Stormfront during a chase which claimed a number of innocent lives. In this same episode, Victoria Neuman, a congresswoman who bears a striking resemblance to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, begins her public investigation into Compound V.

The Campaign Against Vought 

Soon, we see Victoria Neuman’s campaign against Homelander and the Supes take center stage. Homelander’s more traditional public persuasion tactics are useless against Neuman’s social media savvy. In desperation, Homelander turns to Stormfront whose social media skills are on par with Neuman’s. Stormfront, however, is distracted by the events at Sage Grove Center, where we meet another telekinetic, Cindy. Stormfront subdues Cindy after she explCindy from the Boys, about to explode some headsodes many faculty at the Sage Grove Center. However, much like Kenji, Cindy has a pretty solid alibi. Unlike Kenji, Cindy evades Stormfront’s wrath and successfully escapes. 

As Congresswoman Neuman and Stormfront’s speeches clash, we see Stormfront gaining ground in the culture war. With Neuman’s star witness taken out of the picture, The Boys need someone new. After some blackmail, they get Jonah Vogelbaum, Homelander’s father figure, to testify about his involvement. However as Chairman Matthew Richardson gives an oath to Vogelbaum, his head explodes in the same manner as Susan Raynor before, Homelander looks on in confusion as Vogelbaum’s head goes next. Soon everyone’s head is popping as Mallory takes a stunned Neuman away to safety. Finally, when everything is all over, as Alastair Adana finishes his conversation with Neuman and begins to enjoy a nice, refreshing Fresca, his head explodes as well. We finally see the Supe behind this, none other than Neuman herself. 

What Does This Mean?

It turns out that Congresswoman Victoria Neuman has been the mysterious assassin exploding 

Victoria Neuman, revealed as the head exploder

heads throughout Season 2 of The Boys. She was aware of CIA Deputy Director involvement with The Boys. Neuman killed Raynor as she was about to expose the coup from inside Vought. She killed Vogelbaum as he was about to testify against Vought. She killed Adana after he confirmed that he had dirt on a dozen Supes, and was prepared to use it to assist in taking Vaught down.  We know that Stan Edgar has powerful friends, and is not above using force to achieve his ends. An unseen character in the comics, Edgar has taken an active role against Homelander and has worked to keep the All American Supe in his place. Perhaps, Neuman is Edgar’s secret assassin. An ace in the hole stirring up planned dissent against Vought International in a controlled manner. One that Edgar can easily quash if needed. 

What’s certain is that Season 3 of The Boys is going to be a wild ride. What are your theories? Be sure to check out The Boys on Amazon Prime if you haven’t yet, and follow Geek Street Society for more updates.