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Video Game Developers Making Video Games for All Audiences

Within the video gaming industry, video game developers try to make their games as appealing as possible.  For many gamers, jumping into a well develop series can be intimidating.  Personally, that’s how I felt when I took the leap into the Fire Emblem series with Fire Emblem: Awakening.  However, well develop games can easily introduce gamers into a series without any previous knowledge.  One game that does well at inviting players to participate is Super Mario Maker 2.  The premise of the game is for the player to make, as well as, play Mario levels into any way they want.  At first glance, Super Mario Maker 2 looks intimidating.  With that being said, Super Mario Maker 2 does an outstanding job welcoming all gamers.  In this review, we’re going to examine how Super Mario Maker 2 welcomes all players with Yamamura’s Dojo, Course Maker, Course World, and Story Mode. 

Super Mario Maker 2 Teaches Players at Yamamura’s Dojo

One of the things that makes Super Mario Maker 2 appealing to all players is Yamamura’s Dojo.  This Dojo is a large tutorial area. Overall, Yamamura’s Dojo is easy to navigate.  The player’s teachers are a pigeon name Yamamura and a girl name Nina. The two characters work off of each other well.  Needless to say, this makes the tutorials more enjoyable to follow.  For more advance players, Yamamura’s Dojo maybe something to skip.  This tutorial area has something for everyone. For the newer players, this Dojo teaches basic level maker techniques. Even if you play the original Super Mario Maker, this area has special techniques.  With that being said, veteran players will see a surprise with more advance lessons. There is three different parts to Yamamura’s Dojo.  These parts include Mario’s Move, Maker Basics, and Maker Lessons.

Learning and Relearning Controls in Mario’s Moves

In this section, we’re going to discuss Mario’s Moves.  Firstly, Mario’s Moves is a section that explains the movements of Mario.   This section is important because the visuals help refresh, as well as, introduce the move set of Mario.  More specifically, there’s five different Super Mario Brothers games to make levels from. The five games that players can make levels from include Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario World, New Super Mario Bros U, and Super Mario 3D World. Additionally, this area explains how to use certain items that are from these five games.  This manual appears while in the levels as well.  This ensures that everyone can play this game without any difficulty.  Just as Mario’s Move helps the player, Maker Basics helps the player adjust to as well as relearn the new gameplay.  

Super Mario Maker 2 Teaching the Basics in Maker Basics

Maker Basics is the first tutorials the player gets into once the game starts.  Primarily, this section is to teach the player how to make a level.  Yamamura and Nina explain the maker mode in detail but not too confusing.  Ideally, this section is for anyone who hasn’t played Super Mario Maker. However, this section is a refresher for the controls of the original Super Mario Maker.  One of the things that I love about this section is the hands-on learning.  Personally, I love learning how something works and then proceed to do the task.  While some might find this tutorial unnecessary, most might find this tutorial very useful.  Maker Basics ensures that every player has an understanding as to how to play this game without having previous knowledge.  The Maker Basics is the steppingstone to the next section of Yamamura’s Dojo which is the Maker Lessons. 

Players Learn Advance Techniques in Maker Lessons

The next section in Yamamura’s Dojo is Maker Lessons.  Essentially, Maker Lessons is an area for more advance players. There’s three different areas of tutorials including Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance.  Maker Basics and Maker Lessons both teach players how to play Super Mario Maker 2. With that being said, the Maker Lessons isn’t so hands on.  Instead, the tutorial’s demonstration is done by Yamamura and Nina.  Therefore, the learning doesn’t always stick as well.  This doesn’t mean that this tutorial section is completely worthless.  On the contrary, this section is done very well to teach all types of players. Veteran players of Super Mario Maker learn some of the new mechanics including rising water, as well as how to pace a level.  Newer players learn  to make levels more challenging.  With the lessons the player learns, the Course Maker is where the player’s knowledge is put to the test.    

Course Maker is a Gamer’s Playground in Super Mario Maker 2

The Course Maker is the most exciting part of Super Mario Maker 2.  For many gamers, this is one of the features that players will probably spend the most time on.  At first, this feature might seem a little intimidating.  Without a doubt, this part of the game is super easy to understand.  This factor is especially true if the player reviews the tutorials in Yamamura’s Dojo.  This section is super welcoming to all different types of players.  Veteran players will go crazy and create different advance levels.  Newer players will slowly learn how to make a level flow as well as being fun.  Personally, this is where I spend a lot of my time when I play this game.  With Course Maker, the player has different tools to create levels.  Some of these tools include terrain, powerup items, enemies, and gizmos to create unique levels. 

Using Terrains to Make Diverse Levels

Firstly, the tool I want to discuss is the terrains.  In Super Mario Maker 2, the terrain is one of the key factors of a level.  As the course designer, you get to determine where the level goes. Within course maker, there are several types of terrains that a player can use.  Some of these include gentle slopes and mushroom platforms, for instance.  Additionally, the terrain include blocks.  For those who aren’t familiar, blocks within the Super Mario Brothers franchise are present within levels.  Generally, they hold coins and powerups.  However, in Super Mario Maker 2, course designers can put in surprise attacks.  This is perfect for all types of players.  For newer players, they can slowly learn how to make more constructive design levels.  On the other hand, veteran players can construct levels that are extremely difficult to complete.  Another tool that players can use in levels is items. 

Gaining Items for More Power

Within Super Mario levels, one of the things that is common in a level is items.  These items can be things like a Super Mushroom or a 1-Up Mushroom for example.  Ideally, the main point of items is to assist the player further into the level.  With that being said, the course designer has the ability to place items anywhere in the level.  Items even have the ability to fall from the air with a parachute.  Also, the designer can place items secretly to those players who like to explore levels.  Having all of these different options is so important for players of this game.  These abilities give players the ability to express themselves however they want to in their own levels.  Regardless of the difficulty, item placement can create a unique level.  Additionally, the placement of enemies changes the difficulty of a level. 

Course Designers Placing Enemies for All of the Rage

Another tool that course designers have is the placement of enemies.  Course designers can be very creative on where to place enemies. The types of enemies does depend on which Super Mario Brothers game the player selects.  Just like the items, enemy placement can be anywhere.  With that being said, there’s a common knowledge to not fill the level with tons of enemies.  However, there are some levels that course designers make that do feature a lot of enemies.  One really cool trick that this game has is combining enemies.  What this means is for example, an enemy name a Hammer Bro can be put on a cloud.  Now, this Hammer Brother range of attack changes how the player proceeds in the level.  The player has the opportunity to create to make either a hard or easy level.  Additionally, adding special techniques make for some unique level designing. 

Adding Gizmos for Creating Unique Levels

The last tool that Course Maker has is under the name Gizmos.  More specifically, this section is for level enhancers.  Some of these items for instance include ON/OFF Switches, Conveyor Belts, Fire Bars, and Bullet Bills.  Let’s be real, there have been some levels within the Super Mario Brothers franchise that make us angry.  The usage of gizmos can bring a player to create very complex levels.  One that’s challenging, but at the same time fun.  With that being said, having these miscellaneous items can help players create some fantastic levels.  For newer players, they can slowly learn how to make puzzle levels.  On the contrary, veteran players of Super Mario Maker 2 can create some outstanding levels that make the player think before making a move.  Once a player has a level ready, that player can upload that level on another section of the game name Course World. 

The Endless Opportunity in Course World

Next to Course Maker, Course World is the place most players will spend most of their time.  Essentially, Course World is where players can post there previously made levels.  Additionally, this is the part of the game where others can play other player’s levels.  This section of Super Mario Maker 2 is usually the part where a lot of streamers and gamers on YouTube play. Overall, this section is very welcoming to all players.  Regardless of skill level, Course World has something for everyone. If you want to become the best, you can earn medals and points to become a scoreboard leader.  On the other hand, you can just go into Course World just to see what other people create.   Within Course World, there are three different areas with their own uniqueness to them.  These areas include Courses, Network Play, and Endless Challenge.

Participate in Other Player’s Courses

Course section in Super Mario Maker 2 is one of the more popular sections.  There is four parts of the Course section.  These parts include Hot Courses, Popular Courses, New Courses, and Detailed Search. Firstly, the Hot Courses is for courses that are gaining activity.  Particularly, this section is for newer players simply because you can define the search to easier levels.  Popular Courses is for active courses that are receiving a lot of activity. Generally, these courses are levels that have a lower clear rating.  As a result, more advance players tend to be in this section.  With New Courses, this section can be tried by any player with any skill level.  Finally, there’s the Detailed Search.  This section is for everyone due to the fact that anyone can search different levels with various difficulty.  Along with Courses, Course World includes Network Play with others online.

Collaborate with Network Play

Network Play is a section to play with others.  In Network Play, there’s two different sections.  The two sections include Global Play and Nearby Play.  With that being said, one precaution I would like to address is the internet connection.  Sometimes on the Global Play, the connection can vary from playable to unplayable.  When the internet is working, Network Play is welcoming to all players.  With Global Play, a player gets either put in a team or solo to reach a goal.  For newer players, this means that the player can learn new skills.  For veteran players, there’s more of an objective to be the best in the round.  Similarly, the same can be said for Nearby Play.  Having other players in a room can create a fun time.  Just as the Network Play is enjoyable for all players, the Endless Challenge brings some surprises as well. 

Super Mario Maker 2 Changes the Endless Challenge

The last section in Course World is the Endless Challenge.  Within the Endless Challenge, the player is given five lives.  The player has to survive with those five lives for as long as they can.  What’s unique about this section is the fact that there’s several difficulty sections.  These levels range from easy to super expert.  This means that players don’t have to start from the very beginning to make their way to more advance levels.  Obviously, this section is perfect for all different types of players.  Newer players can slowly make their way to more difficult levels.  Moreover, veteran players can jump straight to the expert, as well as, super expert levels.  Including this division of difficulty shows how Nintendo is trying to include everyone.  Along with the Endless Challenge being user friendly, the story mode is user friendly as well. 

Super Mario Maker 2 Includes a Story Mode

Surprisingly enough, Super Mario Maker 2 contains a story mode this time.  In the first Super Mario Maker, there wasn’t a story mode.  To put things simply, Mario has to collect coins to build Princess Peach’s castle.  The player plays levels to gain more coins for renovation projects on the castle.  More importantly, this section offers a wide range of difficult levels.  For example, some levels might have two stars while others will have four stars.  With that being said, the more difficult the level, the more coins you get at the end.  Personally, I can say that Story Mode has something for everyone.  More advance players will take on the more difficult levels.  Alternatively, newer players will work their way up to the more advance levels.  This section is completely optional.  However, there are elements in this section to give it a try. 

Give Super Mario Maker 2 a Try

In this review, we’ve look deeper into why Super Mario Maker 2 is a wonderful game for all players.  Firstly, we examine the different levels of Yamamura’s Dojo. Furthermore, we look at how this Dojo teaches different types of techniques.  Both veteran and newer player can learn moves very effectively.  Likewise, the Course Maker has a ton of different tools to use.  This grants all players the ability to create different types of levels.  Which leads to the next section of the game which is Course World.  Despite the minor hiccups with network play, Course World has a wide range of different options to play for everyone.  Lastly, there’s the story mode to bring challenges to different types of players.  Personally, I recommend this game to anyone who has a Nintendo Switch.  Super Mario Maker 2 is a game that will have countless hours on content for years to come. 

Share Your Levels

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