This image is Randy wearing a mask from the episode, The Pandemic Special.  According to South Park’s official website under the article “South Park – Season 24 – TV Series: South Park Studios US”, South Park Digital Studios LLC states that “the rights and credit for South Park belong to South Park Digital Studios LLC., Comedy Partners, and Comedy Central(7).  This image is on the official South Park website under the article, “South Park – Season 24 – TV Series: South Park Studios US”.

Comedy is a Wonderful Tool to Distract and Talk About Serious Topics

Comedy has always been a staple for audiences.  During challenging times, comedy has been a way for individuals and groups to escape.  One example of this is during The Great Depression, The Wizard of Oz captivate audiences.  For a short time, audiences would disappear from their problems to watch Dorothy find her way back to Kanas.  At the same time, comedy is a wonderful way to talk about serious topics.  A perfect example of this category is Saturday Night Live otherwise known as SNL.  SNL covers everything from events to political debates.  In fact, most people know SNL from their famous political skits.  Regardless, comedy helps audiences laugh as well as distract from what is going on in the world.  One of the shows that both distract as well as talk about serious topics is South Park.  

Based in a small town in Colorado, this series follows four boys Cartman, Kyle, Kenny, and Stan as they live their lives. What makes this series different is the no filter writing.  So, gods are sentient, poop can have families, and aliens are watching the world from the galaxy. Safe to say, South Park has produce no-filter episodes.  At first, people thought this show was too graphic.  However, as time has passed this series covers topics not many media sources do.  In fact, some of the more popular episodes are hilarious yet serious episodes.  Then on October 1, 2020, South Park release a new special name The Pandemic Special.  Will this episode help shed light on events happening in 2020? Let’s find out together.  In this review, we are going to discuss how South Park: The Pandemic Special shows a hilarious yet realistic viewpoint of 2020.

The Story of South Park: The Pandemic Special Shows the Horror of 2020 with Dark Humor

The story of The Pandemic Special is unique.  While it’s incredibly fast pace, the story weaves itself well.  Essentially, the events of 2020 have hit South Park.  The Pandemic Special’s story is ingeniously done.  Some of these events include the coronavirus, fires, political issues, and mask vs. anti-mask wearers for instance.  As with many South Park episodes, there are many plot points.  However, all the plot points are all interwoven.  So, there wasn’t a point where a story plot felt out of place.  However, not everyone will like this type of storytelling.  Particularly, this episode does move around a lot.  As such, if you don’t like The Pandemic Special, that’s perfectly fine.  Now, looking at the plot of this episode.  How can this team create comedy in a year like 2020?  Simple, through dark humor.  The amount of dark humor in this episode is massive.

Beware if dark humor isn’t your favorite category of comedy as The Pandemic Episode has it in every corner.  What makes this episode so well done is how the writing team handles the dark humor.  Trust me, there have been episodes that South Park has handled dark humor poorly.  One example of this is the episode, Ass Burgers.  Unlike that episode, The Pandemic Special has dark humor that everyone can relate to. Especially since we’ve all had to experience all the events within 2020.  Which is why this episode shows a hilarious yet real viewpoint through their universe.  While the story shows a dark humorous version of 2020, the characters encompass this new normal incredibly well.

The Pandemic Special Shows All Different Types of People During This 2020 Pandemic

The characters of The Pandemic Special encompass the new normal as best as they can.  Much like most of us are.  Which is another reason why this episode shows a hilarious yet realistic viewpoint of 2020.  This episode covers all the different types of people 2020 has to offer.  Some of these types of people include anti-mask wearers, panic buyers, and people who only support essential businesses for instance.  Trust me, there’s a ton more types of people that The Pandemic Special covers.  What makes this episode even more interesting is they take the people of South Park and show how they are reacting to the 2020 events.  This gives the audience a chance to relate to the characters.  Since most if not all of us have gone through something that these characters are going through.

With that said, a lot of the characters in The Pandemic Special show some character development.  Which is interesting since this episode primarily focuses on the coronavirus pandemic.  The characters in this episode help with the viewpoint of a hilarious yet real 2020.  The characters add a lot of humor.  At the same time, the characters don’t sugarcoat what’s going on around them.  Which is where this episode really shines.  Much like the characters, the music helps engulf the audience into this special.

Surprisingly, South Park: The Pandemic Special Has Some Fun Music

Finally, let’s look at the music.  Much like the story, the music moves around a lot.  For example, Cartman sings about social distancing.  On the other hand, Stan talks with a soft piano piece.  Honestly, the music in this special is incredibly unique.  If anything, this music helps express the emotions of the characters.  At times, the music would be incredibly chaotic.  Then, the music would change into a dark and dreary piece.  Without going into major spoilers, Randy has the widest range of music in this episode.  Honestly, the music reflects much of what is happening within 2020.  The music conveys emotions that people are not talking about. Which is why I think this episode is so widely accepted.  The Pandemic Special talks about topics that no one else wants to talk about.  Even to the point of showing emotion through music.

While the music isn’t the main focus of this episode, the music does convey the emotion of the characters.  This shows again that The Pandemic Special shows a hilarious yet realistic viewpoint of 2020.

All in All, South Park: The Pandemic Special Brings a Humorous Yet Real Taste of 2020

In this review, we thoroughly discuss how South Park: The Pandemic Special shows a hilarious yet realistic viewpoint of 2020. Firstly, we took a look at the story.  While it jumps all over the place, The Pandemic Special shows countless number of times a hilarious yet realistic viewpoint of 2020.  Moreover, the characters of this episode really tell the story of this episode.  We see through their perspective how they’re trying to live a new normal.  Finally, we took a look at the music.  Within this episode, the music helps convey emotions that the characters are feeling with a wide range of different types of music.  All in all, South Park: The Pandemic Special is a hilarious episode for anyone to watch.  At the same time, this episode will undoubtedly be relatable for all audiences.  Defiantly give it a watch if you want a hilarious yet realistic viewpoint of 2020.

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