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Sonic the Hedgehog is No Stranger to Struggles

Think about this for a second.  What’s the first thing that comes to mind when the words, Sonic the Hedgehog? Maybe this franchise brings a smile of nostalgia and positive memories.  Possibly, many will get a feeling of dread.  Unfortunately, this is the case for Sonic the Hedgehog.  Over the years, this franchise has gone through various rough stages.  Granted, there have been some positives in the Sonic franchise recently.  This includes Sonic Mania in addition to Sonic Generations.  Honestly, Sonic Forces was a game that was fun.  Yeah, it was simple and needs some work.  However, SEGA diving into the infamous Sonic Original Character is brilliant.  Regardless, SEGA has done some bad moves with the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.  Unsurprisingly,  fans were skeptical of Sonic the Hedgehog getting his own movie.  Video Game adaptation films don’t do well transitioning from video game to film.

This is because video games are their own medium.  Some games are so complex that fitting one hundred and ten hours into a three-hour movie doesn’t seem possible.   On April 30, 2019, the first trailer of Sonic the Hedgehog reveals to fans.  Essentially, the internet proceeds to explode with hate.  Instead of ignoring fans, Paramount Pictures went back and change the design of Sonic the Hedgehog.  Then, on November 12, 2019, Paramount Pictures release the second trailer.  Without a doubt, this new trailer brought fans spirits high.  Finally, on February 14, 2020, Sonic the Hedgehog races into theaters around the world.  Does this film meet expectation of fans? Let’s find out if Sonic the Hedgehog is the best video game film adaptation. In this review, we’re analyzing how Sonic the Hedgehog is the best video game film by examining the story, characters, animation, music, and sound effects.

Sonic the Hedgehog’s Story is a Fun Adventure, Buddy Comedy With Tons of References to the Franchise

The story in Sonic the Hedgehog is a really fun adventure.  Basically, Sonic the Hedgehog comes to a small town on earth to keep his powers a secret.  However, his powers become apparent after a game of baseball.  The town’s police officer name Tom helps Sonic escape from being capture by the evil Dr. Robotnik.  The synopsis of this film is going to be incredibly basic.  The reason for this is because this film is something everyone should see.  Surprisingly, Sonic the Hedgehog is a fun film regardless of knowledge of the franchise.  Ideally, this is how a franchise film should be.  For non-Sonic fans, this film is a very fun adventure, buddy comedy. Without a doubt, this film is a character driven story.  Rest assure, the characters will be discuss in a later section. With that said, the story has a ton of reference for Sonic fans.

Since this is a Sonic the Hedgehog film, the film uses a lot of references within the franchise.  In fact, there are moments where the film references the comic books, various television shows, and even some memes.  Not to worry, no spoilers will be spoken in this review.  With that said, the story is really well done.  One of the things that the film does lack in the story is the climax.  At this point of any story, the character must go through a dark point to then come back to defeat the villain.  However, this film didn’t really have a strong climax.  This factor isn’t huge because it isn’t that noticeable since the story flows so well.  Without a doubt, Sonic the Hedgehog feels like a story fresh out of the Sonic the Hedgehog series.  The other factor that makes this film an amazing adaptation is the characters.

Familiar in Addition to New Faces Appear in Sonic the Hedgehog

The characters in Sonic the Hedgehog stand out incredibly well.  Since this is a franchise film, there are some characters that viewers will recognize.  Like for instance Sonic and Dr. Robotnik are in this film for example.  In the same token, there’s characters that are new.  Let’s first look at the returning characters.  Sonic is the lovable speedy hedgehog.  His transition from the videogame to this film was incredibly well done.  His attitude is cocky and happy.  Defiantly, Sonic is the comic relief of this film.  However, there’s a ton of reliability with Sonic. Much like the Sonic in the video games.  Additionally, we have Dr. Robotnik.  Jim Carey does an outstanding job as the doctor.  Dr. Robotnik is cynical yet has a dark humor to him.  For non-Sonic fans, Dr. Robotnik is a great villain.  Throughout the film, he’s making the story difficult for the two heroes.

Without a doubt, Dr. Robotnik as well as Sonic transition well into this videogame film adaptation.  In fact, the new characters in Sonic the Hedgehog help make the film feel like a story in the franchise.  Tom is an average guy who happens to be a sheriff. When he runs into Sonic and everything changes.  I feel like Tom fits very well in this film.   He’s incredibly three dimensional and fits very well as Sonic’s companion.  As Sonic is super hyper, Tom is the serious type.  Even though Tom is serious, he still has a heart of gold.  Honestly, there was a little bit of apprehension with Tom’s character.  Since in the past, Sonic hasn’t had a good set of human companions.  With that said, Tom defiantly breaks the stigma of bad human companions.  Just as the characters bring the franchise to life, so too does the animation.

The Animation in Sonic the Hedgehog Brings this Film to Life

One of the things that this film does right is the animation.  The animation in this film is extremely top notch.  Undoubtedly, this is one of the aspects viewers would be interested in.  This is because of the cartoonist nature of Sonic the Hedgehog.  In the video games, the world is bright as well as colorful.  Then, when Dr. Robotnik comes around, the environment gets industrial and dark.  That is exactly what this film provides.  Firstly, Sonic looks incredible compare to his original design.  Honestly, he looks like he’s in his natural environment.  Even the way the animation creates Sonic in the real world makes sense.  There wasn’t any time in the film that feels jarring.  With Dr. Robotnik, his robots were consistently with him.  I kind of wish that his robots had his designs on them.  They look a little too bland.  Besides that, the robot’s animations look incredible.

During the action scenes, the animation makes everything seem very natural. Which is hard to do considering the fact that this film handles both real life actors and CGI characters.  In fact, the action scenes are incredibly exciting.  Especially since some of these scenes include the classic fighting between Sonic and Dr. Robotnik.  The animation is one of the many factors that keeps this film alive.  More importantly, the animation in this videogame film adaptation makes the transition so natural.  As appose to previous films where the animation has been very poorly done.  Some that instantly come to mind include Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed for instanceThis is why Sonic the Hedgehog can easily take the case as best videogame film adaptation.  With that said, the music as well as the sound effects in this film help push audiences into the franchise of Sonic the Hedgehog. 

No Sonic the Hedgehog Film Would Be Complete Without Music as well as Sound Effects From the Franchise

Finally, let’s look at the music as well as the sound effects in this film.  One of the things that Sonic the Hedgehog does right is music and sound effects.  Firstly, let’s look at the music.  The music is exactly what a typical Sonic the Hedgehog game would have.  This includes action music, somber music, excitable pieces, and electronic to name just a few.  In fact, Sonic the Hedgehog is notorious for having fantastic music.  Which is exactly what this film has.  Each and every piece of music fit well in this film.  Again, this is another wonderful transition for a video game film adaptation.  One thing I wish this film had was at least one song from Crush 40.  With that said, the music defiantly fits within this film.  At the same time, the sound effects fit in perfectly as well.

Now generally, sound effects aren’t talk about.  Unless they really make an impact into the film.  Which is exactly what this film does.  What isn’t a Sonic film without Sonic the Hedgehog sound effects? Rest assure, this film has plenty of sound effects.  Some of which include the ring sound, the speed dash, and the bouncy spring.  There are plenty more sound effects this film has to offer.  However, explaining anymore will be spoiling this film.  Anyway, the fact that Paramount Pictures and the other production teams responsible for Sonic the Hedgehog put these sound effects in is absolutely brilliant.  The way the sound effects are put in make sense.  None of them are random or out of place.  When watching this film, make sure to listen very closely to the sound.  Undoubtedly, this sound will be a transport to the Sonic franchise.

Sonic the Hedgehog is the Best Video Game Film Adaptation

In this review, we analyze how Sonic the Hedgehog is easily the best video game film adaption. Firstly, we look at the story.  While not the strongest at points, this adventure, buddy comedy is a fun and exciting time.  Even to the point of grasping all of the different types of viewers regardless of knowledge of the franchise.  Additionally, we examine the three-dimensional characters.  Although there was some apprehension, returning as well as new characters fit within this universe incredibly well.  Without a doubt, the animation in this film brings audiences into the universe.  Which includes tons of actions and fighting moments with Dr. Robotnik and Sonic.  Last but not least, the music in addition to the sound effects in Sonic the Hedgehog brings sounds from the video games.  The music is straight out of a Sonic the Hedgehog videogame.

Additionally, the sounds effects bring Sonic the Hedgehog aliveThis includes ring sounds, bouncy springs, and spin dashes just to name a few.  With Sonic the Hedgehog being out in theaters, the anticipation for other video game film adaptations will rise.  Easily, Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the best video game film adaptations in cinema history.  Defiantly go see and support this film in theaters.  In order to show other production companies to listen to their audiences on video game film adaptations.  Surely, Sonic the Hedgehog will be discuss about for years to come.

Open for Discussion

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