Alexandra Upcoming R&B Singer

Alexandra is an R&B artist who lives in Australia, She is 20 years old and is of Chinese and Australian descent. She has been singing professionally for five years, and is influenced most by the 90’s and 00’s R&B. Singers such as Beyoncé, Aaliyah, Alicia Keys, Normani, Kehlani, and groups such as Destiny’s Child. The song I will be reviewing today is called Good To Me, So let’s get to it.

Song Review Alexandra – Good To Me:

Well, to start things off there isn’t much wrong with this record. I’ll start by saying I love it and it’s very refreshing. You can hear those influences come out, and I must say she has an amazing voice. Writing skills are on point also the song has content and meaning, I mean anyone can relate to this record and I mean anyone. Just very well written.

I will say I don’t care for the beat it kind of threw me off a couple of times it sounds like you go off the beat but then catch it again, and your voice just overpowers the beat. The only other negative thing I can say and it has nothing to do with the artist at all. Do another mix and master on this record at some points the background singing overpowers the lead vocal and is kind of muddy and hard to hear. Other than that this record is fire and I would put this on my Playlist.

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