So you think you want the Snyderverse back? Buckle up…this is an opinion piece folks

I’ve always had a soft spot for the DC Universe and watching Marvel create this cinematic world with all my favorite heroes on the big screen had me giddy with the possibilities of seeing the same with the Justice League. 

Cut to Warner Bros. being the company that they are…

Let’s be a little realistic about what it will take to get the Snyderverse back. We lost Ben’s movie, we lost Flashpoint, we lost Ray’s movie, we lost the Lantern cameo. This universe’s Joker has no bite, and don’t even get me started on Amber Heard (she gotta go, I said what I said). That’s a lot of source material to lose for someone trying to establish a universe that can compete with the behemoth that is the MCU. 

Now let’s talk about what we do have; A stand-alone Joker movie that was pretty successful. Wonder Woman who is in her own universe at this point with no indication of other heroes existing. A new stand-alone Batman movie that has divided the fans yet again. Aquaman (riddled with plot holes), and a four hour long director’s cut that has put a spark of life into this Frankenstein’s monster. So what can they do to fix it?

There are several paths they could take at this point. They could reintroduce the Justice League in Wonder Woman’s next movie and go from there. Aquaman could be used to bring the team back together. Hell they could even use the Black Adam film and  introduce the Corps. Or maybe they could listen to the fans and make Justice League 2. Maybe they could REALLY listen to the fans and make Man of Steel 2. Dare we hope? Dare we dream? Dare we believe, even for a moment, that Warner Bros will stop trying to run a race with Marvel and focus on good story telling?

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