Another celeb tests positive for the Coronavirus. Slim thug is among the newest fleet of celebs to test positive for this intrusive virus, even though he stayed at home a majority of the time. When he did have to leave for quick errands, he wore a face mask and gloves and tried to stay in his truck. His precautions were to no avail. He still tested positive. Sharing his thoughts in an Instagram video, he urges all to take everything going on, seriously and to listen to what we are being instructed to do.  He had a slight fever and a cough but says he’s feeling better. Which, we are so happy to hear!


This highly contagious airborne virus seems to be swiftly running through the U.S.  With 1,868 people recovered, there still sadly has been a loss of 1,300 and over 85,000 cases. Spain reported over 500 lost in one day and Italy over 600 in one day. Experts are telling us to wash our hands frequent and avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth; but this virus is aggressively airborne. The normal 6 feet rule no longer applies.  Stay away! As far as possible. With an incubation period of 2-14 days you could just be strolling around with it and not even know.


So now the important thing to remember, as we find ourselves having to deal with all these abrasive rules of quarantine, (Queue drums; bum, bum, bum) WE ARE ALL GOING THROUGH THIS! We’re in the same boat. So stealing out of others grocery baskets, shoving people out of line, over taking on rations, is not just messed up but anti-human. None of us picked this. Humans are smart. Find solutions. Don’t panic. Come on guys, let’s help each other out. Jump in the comments. You find somewhere selling something like toilet paper, let people know where. Find deferment programs for house payments and rentals, drop a note. Stay healthy out there everyone!