Radio Play on KGSS Radio

Genres Accepted:
Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B

Well Mixed
Radio Friendly (Clean)
Properly Titled
Hi-Res Professional Photo
No Longer than 5 minutes

Please fill out every section before uploading music.  If you do not have a music video, or UPC, or a bio, please put N/A where applicable, upload your single(s), and then upload your file. Song reviews are $10.  If you’d like to jump to the front of the line during the show, it’s $5.

Artists, if want us to promote your single, or album through the radio or website, go to Artist Services

Upload files

*3 Song Limit (Abusers will be banned.)
*All Music Submissions are screened by a panel. We will contact you if your music is accepted.

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