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Pokémon Masters Celebrates a Decade of Pokémon

Throughout the gaming industry, there are series that have been around for a long time.  Pokémon has been within the public eye for two decades.  On May 29, 2019, the Pokémon Company reveals Pokémon Masters during a business press conference.  Pokemon Masters reveals to be a game for iOS and Android devices.  During this press conference, Tsunekazu Ishinara, the President, as well as, the CEO of The Pokémon Company reveals that “Pokémon Masters will feature characters from the franchise” (28:54 – 29:01). This information means that a lot of characters are going to be in Pokemon Masters. More importantly, this means that this game will gain a wider audience.  Then, on June 27, 2019, Gamefreak reveals an information trailer regarding Pokémon Masters. In this review, we’re going to examine further on how Pokémon Masters will be welcoming for all by the region, trainers, partner Pokémon, and gameplay

Pokémon Master Reveals the Pasio Region

Within the new trailer for Pokémon Masters, the trailer reveals a new setting.  This new region’s name is Pasio.  The audience sees this world through both an animation and gameplay.  From what we see in the trailer, Pasio is grand, as well as, diverse.  In the animation part of the presentation, we can see lust forests, mountains, and beaches for instance.  In addition, we see concept art with a large stadium which will hold tournaments in the future.  Having a new region is important for all of the players.  For instance, the newer players can come to the Pasio region and learn about the characters. In contrast, older fans will be able to create a new adventure.  With the inclusion of this new region, this doesn’t alienate any of the players. Even with the introduction of a new region, the types of trainers appearing will bring different fans of Pokémon.

The Significance of Including Recognizable Trainers  

One of the information that the trailer announces is the inclusion of trainers from the Pokémon franchise.  These characters range from Pokémon trainers to the most recent Kahunas.  The Pokémon Company, as well as the developers :DeNA, are bringing all of these characters into this game.  In order to keep some originality, :DeNA include characters that have never been seen before. Within the animation trailer, the audience sees “a character with silver hair and large, red glasses” (4:02 – 4:04). This character is more than likely a villain, if not a part of the evil team within Pokémon Masters.  Bringing all of these characters is vital.  In fact, this inclusion of characters can bring various players to the game.  Furthermore, this can be a perfect way for former players to become up to date with newer characters.  Just as recognizable trainers are in this game, one partner Pokémon accompanies each trainer. 

Pokémon Masters Introduces Sync Pairs

Within Pokémon Masters, the concept of partner Pokémon makes an appearance.  Within this information trailer, Yu Sasaki who’s the Producer of this game explains that “Sync Pairs is the bond between Pokémon and it’s trainer” (6:18 – 6:22).  What this means, is that each trainer uses one Pokémon as their signature Pokémon.  Therefore, depending on the trainer will determine what will their sync partner will be.  With the number of different trainers, the combinations can be limitless.  This is beneficial for players of this game because this game caters to all.  For the newer players, having different Pokémon will help them learn about the various different types of Pokémon.  On the other hand, veterans of Pokémon will get all of the little references of Pokémon.  Just as the partner Pokémon will bring excitement for fans, the gameplay looks to bring excitement for all types of players. 

Gameplay Welcomes Different Types of Pokémon Players

Pokémon Masters promises to cater to different Pokémon players through the gameplay.  The reason for this is a number of reasons.  Firstly, the battle sequences include a three vs. three Pokémon battle.  With many Role-Playing Games, it’s common to only have a few characters on a team.  Similarly, newer players can easily pick up this type of gameplay. Additionally, newer players will have to learn the different strengths and weaknesses of Pokémon.  With that being said, older players will be able to effectively use the abilities of the Pokémon.  Within the trailer, Yu Sasaki reveals that “Pokémon have special attacks that can do devastating effects named Sync Moves” (6:57 – 7:06).  In comparison, these special attacks are similar to Z-Crystals.  Older players can be strategic about how to use this ability.  Even though we only see a few seconds of gameplay, Pokémon Masters reveals the gameplay to be welcoming to all.

Trailer Raises Fan’s Expectation of Pokemon Masters

In this review, we’ve dove further into why Pokémon Masters has a potential to welcome all Pokémon fans.  To begin with, we are able to explore the Pasio region.  For all types of fans, there’s something for everyone to explore.  Secondly, the audience is able to interact with various trainers.  Being able to have that interaction is very exciting for every fan.  Furthermore, having a signature Pokémon can build a large number of combinations.  Finally, we dove deeper into the mechanics of the gameplay.  Pokémon Masters offers various types of gameplay that caters to all players.  At the current moment, Pokémon Masters doesn’t have a specific release date in 2019.  However, from what we’ve seen recently, this game is going to be more than accepting to all types of Pokémon players. 

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