This image contains the logos for Pokémon Sword and Shield. Additionally, this image also includes a Corviknight flying in the Wild Area. The rights, as well as the credit for this image belongs to The Pokémon Company, Nintendo, Creatures Inc., and GAME FREAK Inc. This image is on Pokemon’s official YouTube page under the video “Prepare for battle in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield! ⚔️🛡️ at 0:04.

Competitive Battling in Pokémon is Larger Than Ever Before

Throughout the past few years, esports has been a growing event.  For those who are unaware, e-sports is a developing sport where people play video games in a competition.  E-sports is similar to any other sport.  A group of individuals or just an individual has to use strategy to defeat an enemy.  Some video games that have been gaining attention in terms of e-sports is Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Overwatch, Fortnite, and Pokémon.  Since the beginning of the franchise, Pokémon has had ongoing competitions to see who the best trainer is.  In fact, most tournaments result in players winning lots of money. 

Throughout the competitive battling of Pokémon, the rules change once a new region adds in the franchise.  On August 16, 2019, GameFreak reveals a new trailer for Pokémon Sword and Shield.  This new trailer is the add on rules to the competitive scene of the franchise.  In this review, we’re looking at this Pokémon Sword and Shield trailer as well as Pokémon’s official website to examine the new abilities, moves, and items.

New Abilities Changing Online Battling

Within these games, Pokémon are given different abilities.  These abilities can be anything from extra healing to being able to avoid a super effective move.  Regardless of the abilities, they help build some good battles.  In fact, there’s a lot of strategy that player’s conduct in battles.  Sure, people like myself do battling for fun.  However, there are some players that are in professional tournaments.  Within those tournaments, players have to strategies moves, items, and abilities.  They do this to make the best team possible in the game.  Additionally, people can make there teams stronger with special training.  However, at Pokémon Worlds this year, there’s been information that changes a lot of factors for battling. One of these factors is new abilities.  As of right now, The Pokémon Company has revealed two new abilities.  One of them is Neutralizing Gas while the other one is Mirror Armor. 

Galarian Weezing Erases Team Member’s Abilities

The first ability that changes competitive battling is Neutralizing Gas.  This new ability is on Galarian Weezing.  In the trailer name Prepare for battle in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield! ⚔️🛡️ by The Official Pokémon YouTube channel, the trailer reveals that “both players don’t have access to their team member’s abilities” (0:22).  Essentially, this means that all abilities are taken away while Galarian Weezing is on the field.  Without a doubt, this ability sounds extremely terrifying.  This is especially true with Pokémon like Slaking, Regigias, and Archeops for instance.

Within this franchise, there are Pokemon that have enormous power.  Unfortunately, they’re abilities may not be the best for that Pokémon.  For double battles, Galarian Weezing will no doubt become a formidable opponent.  With that said, some Pokémon are currently up in the air in terms of them being in the game.  Regardless, this new ability will without a doubt change battling.  Just as Neutralizing Gas is intimidating, Corviknight’s hidden ability Mirror Armor sounds just as dangerous. 

Corviknight Deflects Moves with Mirror Armor

The other ability that this trailer reveals is Mirror Armor.  Unsurprisingly, this new ability is from Corviknight.  In the article title “You Catch Pokémon With Hidden Abilities Through Max Raid Battles!” from The Pokémon Company, The Pokémon Company expresses the fact that “Mirror Armor reflects certain turns the opponent makes” (3).  More specifically, this new ability allows Corviknight to reflect certain moves that affect Pokémon in battle.  Within this franchise, there’s a few aspects that can affect how they do in battle. These different aspects include the Pokémon’s level, their nature, their ability, their typing, and their own unique statistics.  Generally, a Pokémon’s level raises during battling and training.  When they level up, they gain experience.  As a result, this experience goes to a Pokémon’s statistics.  These statistics are broken down into several categories including HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. 

With that said, different monsters have different statistics.  Some will have more Defense while others will have better Speed.  Due to the differences in statistics, some Pokémon rule the competitive battling scenes.  One I see that appears very frequently within competitive battling is Mega Gengar for example.  To help combat against statistics, there are moves as well as abilities to help lower the statistics of Pokémon.  For instance, Arcanine has the ability Intimidate.  Typically, this move will lower the Attack Statistic of the Pokémon on the opponent’s side of the field.  However, with Mirror Armor, Intimidate affects Arcanine’s Attack Stat.  Having this new ability can be a problem for opponents.  Without a doubt, this new ability will definitely change competitive battling.  While these two new abilities will change battling, this new trailer reveals equally dangerous moves. 

New Moves Significantly Changes the Meta of Competitive Battles

Within these games, there are four different type of attacks.  These attack’s primary purpose to weaken the opponent. These moves include physical, special, status effects, and statistic changing.  Firstly, the physical moves are moves that physically hit Pokémon.  As a result, Aggron for example who has high physical stats will hit harder with physical moves.  Special moves are moves that are sent to the opponent.  Moves like Psychic and Water Pulse are effective with high Special Attack.  Status Effects attack Pokémon with status aliments.  Some examples of these are poisons, burns, and paralysis.  Without a doubt, these moves will greatly affect players on the field.  Lastly, there’s moves that changes statistics.  These moves can either raise or lower Pokémon’s stats.  As a result, these moves can be damaging during a competitive battle. 

However, there are some instances where moves don’t work.  This can be due to either a Pokémon’s typing or their ability.  If a typing overshadows a move, it won’t be as effective.  Other times, it won’t even work at all.  On the other hand, certain moves can be super effective to certain types.  If a player is up against a ground type, then the player would use a water, ground, or ice type. This is why a lot of players evaluate moves within a competitive team.  Within the newest trailer, a new move name Breaking Swipe will more than likely bring some change to battling. 

A New Move Name Breaking Swipe Affects Opponent’s Pokémon

One of the new moves reveal in this new trailer is Breaking Swipe.  At first, this move would seem to be a move for Obstagoon.  In the trailer “Prepare for battle in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield! ⚔️🛡️” by The Official Pokémon YouTube channel, the trailer shows that “Obstagoon isn’t the only one able to use this new move” (1:101:13).  From what we see in this trailer, Breaking Swipe affects the opponent.  More specifically, this move would be a stat changing move.  Like I state previously, these types of moves affect statistics.  This is no different as Breaking Swipe affects the Pokémon’s attack.  With that said, we aren’t able to see how much the stat lowers.  I say this is because some statistic changing moves have differences.  Some will change the stats dramatically. While other moves will change stats only by one stage. 

This one factor is vital.  A move will be much more effective with dropping stats dramatically then the other way.  Regardless, this move will prove a difficult one to have with competitive battles.  Especially, when Dynamaxing is going to be the main focus of power. 

Dynamaxing Shakes Everything Up Without Mega Evolutions

One of the things that this trailer reveals is more information regarding Dynamaxing. Previously, I did a review on a Pokémon Sword and Shield trailer reveal on June 5th, 2019.  In that review, we examine the introduction of Dynamaxing.  Over the past three months, fans haven’t heard of the return of mega evolutions.  I know some people will also comment about the lack of information regarding the return of Z-Crystals.  Essentially, Z-Crystals are a special item Pokémon within the Alola region.  With this item, Pokémon can produce powerful move.  Since these modes play such a powerful role competitively, this lack of news began to irritate players.  However, there’s a huge emphasis that mega evolutions will not be continuing.  This is due to the fact that GameFreak has been focusing on phenomenon of Dynamaxing.  With this information, this trailer reveals more to show that Dynamaxing is here to stay. 

More specifically, the information about Dynamaxing will change the way players participate in competitive battling.  This is due to the fact that Dynamaxing has some devastating effects as well as power on the battlefield. 

Pokémon Worlds Reveals Dynamaxing Has More Power Than Players Thought

This trailer shows that Pokémon with the Dynamaxing ability unique abilities.  Within the trailer “Prepare for battle in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield! ⚔️🛡️” by The Official Pokémon YouTube channel, the trailer shows that “Dynamaxing gives Pokémon more power than ever before” (1:39).  What this means is that Dynamaxing gives power to moves.  Without a doubt, this new rule changes the construction of battles.  If a member of your team can Dynamax, players will have to build their team around that member.  Instead of basing their team around a series of monsters to help balance the weaknesses.  Dynamaxing seems to make it so that the player’s Pokémon with the Dynamaxing ability is the ace of the team.  From how I see it, it’s like a game of chess.  The Dynamax member is the queen.  While the other members protect the ace member of the team.

With that said, it seems like from the trailer that the Dynamax team member can create other effects on the field. Since Dynamax Pokémon are huge, it would make sense that their attacks are huge as well.  With this in mind, this greatly affects how players will construct teams.  When they’re put into a bad situation, do they use there Dynamax member? On the other hand, should the player wait until they see an opening? Personally, I want to see a little more information about Dynamaxing.  However, I want GameFreak to hold some information back for surprises.  With that said, Dynamaxing is going to change the construct of how players strategies their teams.  Additionally, the reveal of new items in this trailer will also affect trainers. 

New Items Changing Online Battles

Since Pokémon Gold and Silver, items have been a major part of these games.  Items are things that Pokémon can hold.  Some items can help a Pokémon evolve through trading like Metal Coat.  While others help within battles.  With competitive battling, items are a major factor into player’s teams.  Certain items help team members out more like Leftovers and Assault Vest.  Other items can be a double edge sword like Life Orb.  Life Orb will give a member of your team power but will take their HP every turn.  So, a player has the power to assist their team in battle with items.  With this new trailer, two new items reveal themselves that will change the battling scene.  These new items include Room Service and Eject Pack. 

Passing Around Room Service Can Affect Battling in Pokémon

The first item that this trailer reveals is Room Service.  In the article title “Check Out All the New Features that Will Make Pokémon Battles Even More Exciting” from The Pokémon Company, The Pokémon Company expresses the fact that “team members using Room Service get negative effects”(6).  This means that if a player attaches Room Service to either an opponent or a team member, then a certain stat will lower.  The stat that’s get lower is Speed.  From what we see in the trailer, this item goes into effect once the battlefield changes.  This is an interesting idea to put onto an item.  Particularly due to the fact that Trick Room is a popular move that is used in competitive battles.  If a player uses a move to fling or trade items, this means that Pokémon will lose Speed statistics.

Undoubtedly, this new form will attack will make some trainers reconsider using Trick Room.  Instead having to use some other form of attack.  Honestly, I like this mix up of not letting players use the same strategies.  I will say this, I’m not a competitive battler.  Nor have I ever fully followed the competitive battling for years.  Only recently, I gotten into watching competitive battling.  From the battles I see, a lot of players use Trick Room.  With that in mind, I like to see that the game is now expecting players to try other tactics outside there comfort zone.  While Room Service affects the stats of Pokémon, Eject Pack helps Pokémon out. 

Golisopod’s Ability Emergency Exit, Plus A New Item Equals Eject Pack

The second item this trailer reveals is Eject Pack.  This new item is similar to Room Service.  However, there’s some things that make it different.  From what we see in the trailer, “the Pokémon who use Eject Pack get sent back to the player as a result of losing statistics” (0:59).  Having this item will make it so that member of your Pokémon can be sent back to you.  More importantly, the stats that team member lost will revert.  Within competitive battling, every statistic can make or break a battle.  This is very helpful for Pokémon players don’t want to lose stats.  Additionally, this item can also be beneficial as a decoy.  A player could use this item on a Pokémon that can switch into another one without having to waste a turn switching in.  Regardless of its use, Eject Pack will more than likely change competitive battling. 

As the Release Date Inches Closer for Pokémon Sword and Shield, More News is Bound to Release

In this review, we’ve examine deeply about the latest changes to battling news regarding Pokémon Sword and Shield.  Firstly, this trailer reveals new abilities.  These two abilities include Neutralizing Gas and Mirror Armor.  Additionally, competitive battling now has to face a new move in Breaking Swipe as well as Dynamaxing.  With the addition of new items like Room Service and Eject Pack, competitive battles will significantly change.  This new information will change the system of battling.  However, from the information we have now, 2019 will no doubt be an interesting year for competitive battling.    

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