This image is the official PlayStation 5 logo with the quote, “PlayStation 5 is coming. Launches holiday 2020”. The credit as well as the rights for this image belongs to Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC and PlayStation®. This image is on PlayStation’s official website under the article, “PlayStation 5 Console”.

Sony Has Been Extremely Silent about the PlayStation 5

When someone says the word videogames, there are four systems that will come to mind.  This includes the Nintendo Switch, X-Box One S, PC gaming, and the PlayStation 4.  For many years, the PlayStation has become a reckoning force within the video game industry.  The PlayStation 4 alone has brought several triple A gaming titles that have change the video game industry.  For instance, some of these titles include Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Grand Theft Auto V.  The PlayStation 4 has been around for more than six years.  Which is incredibly long for a console to have content for which shows how much profit the PlayStation 4 still brings in.  With that said, there has been several announcements that a new PlayStation would be coming.

As to be expected, the excitement of fans is high.  Especially with how well the PlayStation 4 has done over the past six years.  However, Sony has become stone cold silent about there new system.  Even to the point of not making an appearance at the 2019 E3 Conference.  Which for one of the three largest videogaming companies to not attend is uncommon. Notably since X-Box, PlayStation, Nintendo, and other videogaming companies make different press conferences during E3.  Then, on February 4th, 2020, Sony finally reveals the official website for the PlayStation 5.  Does this mean that Sony will be releasing more information soon? Let’s dive deeper into what this website has to offer.  In this review, we’re going to examining the official PlayStation 5 website in order to show how this website will bring gamers news for the PlayStation 5.

While PlayStation 5’s Has An Official Website, Fans Will Have to Wait for More News

Sony officially releases the PlayStation 5 website to the public.  Granted, the website is incredibly basic.  On PlayStation’s official website under the article name “PlayStation 5 Console”, Sony expresses the fact that “the PlayStation 5 is still under massive construction that no information will be revealed at this time” (1).  Even though the website is live, Sony is not quite ready to reveal information.  The only bits of information consumers has seen regarding the PlayStation 5 is from Sony’s Consumer Electronics Show 2020 on January 6, 2020.  On Sony’s official YouTube page under the video, Sony CES 2020 Press Conference, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan shows “the logo for the PlayStation 5 as well as new changes coming to the PlayStation 5” (9:2010:19).  Essentially, consumers can see how this new system will revolutionize the gaming industry for developers as well as gamers.

Being able to see the new changes coming to the PlayStation 5 is incredibly exciting.  Especially since this is the newest console stepping into the new generation of gaming.  With that said, this new website is a steppingstone towards the new generation of gaming.  Above all, this new website gives fans access to an emailing list.  This emailing list is to give those who sign up a chance to get special information.  Rest assure though, the news will be available to everyone.  However, signing up for this email list may give fans access to the newest information regarding the PlayStation 5.  This is a huge milestone for this new system.  With this in mind, this is a sign that Sony must be coming up with some new information releases shortly.

Sony Must Be Releasing Information Soon Regarding the PlayStation 5 Since the Website is Now Live

There’s no doubt that Sony is going to continue to play the silent game with the public.  Despite this, having this website officially live is incredibly important.  This means that Sony is inching ever closer to releasing more information regarding their new console.  Since like I state before, Sony says that PlayStation has no new information at this time. However, having a main hub for information means that Sony is organizing.  They’re organizing the website so that when they reveal more information, they can post that information for everyone to see.  With that said, there’s no doubt that Sony will be revealing information sometime soon.  While this website might be incredibly basic, this official website is the first steps to the newest generational console for PlayStation.

The Future of the PlayStation 5 will Undoubtedly Be Exciting for the Future of Gaming Consoles

In this review, we’ve taken a look at the official PlayStation 5 website.  While this website might be incredibly basic, the official PlayStation website offers some perks to fans.  For instance, fans can sign up to get the latest information regarding any news of the PlayStation 5.  In fact, having this website live means that Sony is making a hub for information.  For this reason, the reveal of the official website is an exciting time.  Undoubtedly, fans including myself are filling with anticipation to learn more about the PlayStation 5.  However, this new website is a step in the right direction to learning more about the next generation of PlayStation.

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Open for Discussion

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