This image is shows what Sony is playing to do with the PlayStation 5 otherwise known as the PS5.  Originally, the PlayStation 4 runs on an HDD which is a Hard Disk Drive.  Whereas, Sony is trying to make it so that the PlayStation 5 runs on a Solid-State Drive or an SSD.  According to the official PlayStation 5 website under the article “PlayStation 5 Is Coming: Sign up for PS5 Details”, Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC explains that “the rights as well as the credit for this image and property belong to Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC” (4).  As such, this company is responsible for the creation of the PlayStation 5.  This image is on PlayStation’s official YouTube channel under the video “The Road to PS5” at 8:01.

All Eyes are on Sony to Reveal More Information on the PlayStation 5

There’s no surprise that the PlayStation 5 has become a word of conversation.  With the PlayStation 4, there were a ton of groundbreaking games.  Many of these games include Grand Thief Auto V, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and Dragon Age: Inquisition for instance.  As such, there’s a lot of eyes on the PlayStation 5.  Previously, there has only been one press conference where the PlayStation 5 has had discussion. This event was the Sony CES 2020 Press Conference.  As such, there wasn’t a huge amount of information given regarding this new system.  However, on March 18, 2020, Sony Entertainment reveals a press conference regarding the PlayStation 5.  More specifically, this conference focuses on the hardware specifics of the PlayStation 5.  Will this press conference be able to express the potential power of the PlayStation 5.  Let’s find out together what Sony has in plan for the PlayStation 5.

In this review, we’re analyzing the PlayStation 5 hardware press conference in order to see what Sony has in store for gamers with the PlayStation 5.

Sony Takes Steps to See What Changes Need to Come to the PlayStation 5

Like other video game companies, Sony tries to keep in deep communication with developers. In order to ensure that their video game developers are well taken care of.  On PlayStation’s official YouTube page under the video The Road to PS5, the Lead System Architect of the PlayStation 5 Mark Cerny explains that “in order to make sure that we’re developing the best console, we check in with developers to see what changes can come” (1:512:15).  This means that Sony cares about the voice of their videogame developers.  Within this section of the press conference, Mark Cerny explains what developers are looking for in the new system.  This includes using an SSD instead of an HDD, faster texture loading time, and non-existent loading times. Rest assure, we’ll make sure to look further into these new additions. First, let’s look at the new addition of the SSD.

To clarify, SSD stands for Solid-State Drive.  Currently, the PlayStation 4 runs on an HDD otherwise known as a Hard Disk Drive.  From what we see in this press conference, the use of an SSD will help video games developers. Hopefully, this will make it, so developers don’t have to break the immersion during gameplay.  More specifically, the use of an SSD will make it so games will load more gigabits so no more loading screens.  While Sony does explain this, they don’t show any examples.  Therefore, viewers of this conference don’t see results of the numbers.  This would have been a good moment to show a comparison of the PlayStation 4 vs. the PlayStation 5 in terms of load screens.  Regardless, Sony has been listening to their developers needs.  All Sony has to do now is create a system that is both engaging as well as familiar to developers.

Currently, Sony is Learning How to Balance the PlayStation 5 for Developers

Mark Cerny then goes into more detail about how PlayStation is creating the PlayStation 5 for developers.  More specifically, how to make it so the PlayStation 5 will be inviting yet have new elements for developers.  Whether the developers be new as well as veterans who’ve made video games before.  From this press conference, Mark Cerny explains that “Sony is trying to make sure that we don’t repeat the same developmental mistakes from the PlayStation 3” (1:021:20).  While the PlayStation 3 is powerful system, the PS3 was a developmental nightmare for video game developers.  Which result in not many new developers making games for that system.  With previous failures in addition to what developers want, Sony has to come with a way to balance everything into the PlayStation 5.  With that said, this press conference shows what Sony is planning on doing.  Unfortunately, with numbers and not demos.

Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with showing numbers.  However, moments like these would be nice to show demos of what Sony has in mind.  Anyways, let’s look at what Sony plans on improving.    The PlayStation 5 will have new features such as ray tracing, power consumption, and improving performance.  With the inclusion of the SSD, this will give developers the chance to work on performance.  Much like we discuss previously with non-existent loading screens.  Furthermore, PlayStation 5 will be bringing in more powerful tracing and shadows.  Which means more realistic looking games.  With more powerful games, Sony is working on a way to make it, so systems won’t overheat.  At this event, they haven’t announce how this is going to work.  More than likely, this will be announce later in development.  While Sony is working on new avenues, Sony is making so the PS5 is familiar for developers to learn.

This Press Conference Expresses the Fact that the PS5 Will Help Developers Make Games

While Sony is trying to implement new elements, there are some familiarity Sony is trying to include.  Some of these elements include backward compatibility and optional usage of the new features.  Let’s first look at the backward compatibility aspect coming to the PS5.  Within this press conference, Mark Cerny expresses the fact that “most PS4 games will be playable on the PlayStation 5” (28:1428:26).  What Cerny means by this is that some games can compete with the new aspects coming to the PS5.  However, not every PS4 game will be able to compete with the new SSD.  Which means that Sony will have to go through the different games to see which ones are compatible. As of right now, the PS5 will have the capability to play PS4 games to an extent.  While the PS5 will have backward capability, this console will also allow developers to use familiar options.

Within this PlayStation 5 hardware conference, Mark Cerny explains the fact that “developers will have the option to use or not use the new features coming to the PS5” (24:4125:01).   Essentially, this means that videogame developers will choose to use the new features.  In a lot of ways, this is a good thing.  This will give developers new and old the ability to learn the new elements in the PlayStation 5.  Honestly, this is what Sony needs to do.  In order to give their development teams, the ability to learn the new hardware.  With that said, Sony has to make sure to balance the new and familiar elements.  Undoubtedly, Sony will be able to balance the two elements as appose to the PS3.  Sony is taking actions to deliver more to give developers the best way to tell stories.

With Balancing in Hand, Sony is Hard at Work to Make Sure Developers Can Create the Best Content

Sony is working on ways to give developers a chance to tell stories.  One of the avenues that Sony is improving on is audio on PS5 games.  Within this press conference, Mark Cerny defines this further by saying that “we want to make it so gamers can have a new experience with three-dimensional audio, more sound options for developers, and the best audio quality for all users.  (40:0441:07).  Basically, this means that Sony is working to ensure changes to the audio department is the best it can be for the PS5. Honestly, this is something that Sony should be working on. Being able to give developers more options can make videogames groundbreaking.  Furthermore, three-dimensional audio gives audiences the chance to experience surround sound with no headphones. Audio is a powerful tool to tell stories. Another avenue Sony is improving with the PS5 is the support of different M2 Drives.

Typically, consoles have their own hard drive in their systems.  Sometimes, video game companies will come out with new drives to put into their system.  With that said, the PS5 will be supporting M2 Drives made by other companies.  Within this press conference, Mark Cerny explains that “gamers will be able to use other M2 Drives once they have been approve by PlayStation” (23:0323:39).  This means that gamers will be able to put other M2 drives onto the PlayStation 5 once officially tested by PlayStation.  Not only is this huge but games will be able to run like never before.  There could be a ton of games that can be absolutely groundbreaking with new M2 Drives installations.  However, like Cerny states, gamers will have to wait to see which M2 Drives are going to be compatible with the PS5.

While the PlayStation 5 Sounds Powerful, Sony Needs to Now Focus on Results Rather than Numbers

In this review, we’ve analyze this hardware press conference to see what Sony has in store for the PlayStation 5. Firstly, we look at how Sony been looking into improvements by developers.  Sony cares about what their developers are struggling with in order to make corrections in their next system.  Which is exactly what Sony did for the PlayStation 5.  Furthermore, Sony is trying to balance the new and familiar elements introducing in this new system.  Finally, we took a look at what is for sure coming to the PlayStation 5.  More specifically with new changes coming to audio and interchangeable M2 Drives.  All in all, this press conference was okay.  A little overwhelming especially since it was all numbers.  Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with showing the numbers. However, there needs to be visuals to show results.  Base on what we see now, the PlayStation 5 will be powerful.

Despite these numbers, viewers need to see visuals in order to get a sense that Sony will promise what they cover.  Hopefully, Sony will focus on visuals and demos in the next press conference.  Yet, this information is incredibly exciting for the future of the PlayStation 5.

Open for Discussion

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Also, if you want to watch this whole press conference, follow this link to PlayStation’s official YouTube page.  There, you can watch the entire press conference in order to get the whole experience.  Alas, here is the link to the official PlayStation 5 website.  Whereas, on that website, viewers can read more about what is coming to the PlayStation 5.  Fill free to follow which ever link you want to view.

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