How to Play Sephiroth

Sephiroth Challenge

Wanna play Sephiroth in Smash now? Well you can. Sort of. First all you need to purchase either Sephiroth himself or the Season 2 Fighter Pass. Then you need to defeat him in Single Combat. How cool is that. You can challenge yourself with a difficult fight to see if you can truly beat the man himself, or you can tackle him on Easy Mode which still let you play him early. This event is only running for a few more days through, so if you’re reading this after December 22 2020, then you can just straight up buy him. Don’t miss your chance to beat him on very difficult then brag about it to our Facebook Page.

Let’s talk moves. If you fought him in the Challenge you already know he has a wild array of tricks up his sleeve. Let’s go over them here.  So you can master Sephiroth in Smash

Neutral Special – Flare/Megaflare/Gigaflare

His Neutral Special is his standard projectile, Flare. This is a chargeable projectile, that works a little differently than other charges. First off while you can charge cancel it, you don’t get to hold onto it to fire later. So be careful with that. Secondly, and a little more confusingly, the longer you charge it the shorter the range, but you get a bigger boom in return. Flare comes in three stages, a quick tap gives you the standard Flare which does some ok damage and travels a decent distance. Good for the keepaway game, but not great for spamming since it comes out depressingly slow. Charging until it glows blue launches Megaflare, a stronger but closer range projectile. Finally if you charge it all the way, you get Gigaflare, an extremely strong range extremely big boom, that you can follow up with a Forward Smash if you’re quick enough. 

Side Special – Shadow Flare

If you’re sad that his neutral projectile comes out slow, you should try his Side Special, Shadow Flare. This chargeable attack shoots a small short range projectile. Should it connect then it will create one or more purple orbs that circle whoever it hits. These orbs orbit for a bit before exploding for solid damage. You can stack up to 5 orbs on your enemy, and the orbs can hit bystanders as well for bonus damage. This is your bread and butter special, learn it and love it. 

Shirtless Sephiroth
Sexi Sephi

Up Special – Blade Dash/Octoslash

If you like charging, I have great news for you. Sephiroth’s Up Special charges too. This move is similar to Fire Fox, in that once you’ve activated it, you can fly off in any direction. A quick tap gives you Blade Dash. This quick slash is a better mobility option than an attack, but it can dash you around pretty effectively forcing enemies to keep you clear. Charge it all the way and you unleash the powerful Octoslash. This powerful dash has quite a bit of lag, making it not great for recovery, it does however do great damage and connects 8 hits. Use it judiciously to pressure your opponents as needed.

Down Special – Scintilla

Finally, sword-wielding Sephi’s Down Special, is unsurprisingly a counter. Scintilla is sort of a weak counter in that it doesn’t block projectiles, is unidirectional, and has a damage cap. If it does break, Sephiroth won’t take damage, but will be staggered for a bit. Better than nothing. If it doesn’t break, he fires a sparkly projectile at decent range that scales with the damage he would have received. Again, you need to be careful not to overextend this one, but used correctly it is a strong punishing move. 

Sephiroth Strategy

One-Winged Angel
The Man, The Myth, The Legend.

A few more notes, since this is already going long. Sephiroth’s bigass sword the Masamune, has a few different sweet spots depending on how it’s used. If you’re slashing you want to hit with the middle of the blade, and avoid the hilt. If you’re stabbing you want to hit with the tip. Keep that in mind and you should be fine. Secondly, if you’re getting your ass kicked, Sephiroth will bust out the One-Winged-Angel, his fearsome final boss form. He gets a speed boost, an additional jump, bonus damage, and super-armor on his smash attacks. But it only happens if he is behind, and when it happens varies on just how behind Sephi is. Speaking of final boss form. His Final Smash is Supernova and just as impressive as the first time he cast it against you in FFVII. 

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