This picture is an official scene from Soul.  According to IMDB official website under the article, “Soul (2020) Company Credits”,, Inc. states that “the rights, as well as credit for Soul, belong to Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios(1).  This image is on Soul’s official twitter account under this tweet.  

With COVID-19, Films Have Made a Transition to Streaming Services

Ah, the movie theater. For many, the movie theater is a place for people to go and have fun.  Being able to go with family, friends, or a significant other is incredibly fun.  On the other hand, some people love the movie theaters to escape.  Essentially, movie theaters are a way for some audiences to get lost in a world that isn’t their own.  Even during the most difficult points in history, movie theaters help its audiences.  Nowadays, many people associate movies with streaming sites.  With the Coronavirus pandemic plaguing the world, the general sense of normal is all but gone.  Some businesses have shut their doors permanently.  Industries have been hurt significantly. One of these industries is the movie theater industry.  All the movie theaters have slowly open their doors with regulations.  Unfortunately, the entertainment industry has been switching film releases to streaming sites.

In fact, there have been some films that movie theaters are waiting to bring people to the theaters.  One of these films is Pixar’s animation film, Soul.  From what we see in the trailers, Soul looks like a deep and engaging story about living life to the fullest.  Movie theaters were praying that this film would come out to theaters.  In order to bring audiences to movie theaters.  Then, Walt Disney Studios made an announcement.  According to Walt Disney Studios official twitter, Walt Disney Studios tweets that “Soul is coming to Disney Plus on Christmas” (1).  Walt Disney Studios decided to pull Soul from theaters to Disney Plus.  What does this announcement mean? Is Soul going to be free for all members? Let’s find out together.  In this news article, we’re going to be examining Disney’s decision to pull Soul from theaters and put onto Disney Plus.

Walt Disney Pictures Reveals Pixar’s Soul Coming to Disney Plus

On October 8, 2020, Walt Disney Studios reveal that Soul is coming to Disney Plus.  At a first glance, this announcement does make sense.  Given that everything that has been happening, releasing the film on Disney Plus makes the most sense.  Especially since the uncertainty of the current world.  So, audiences can enjoy Pixar’s Soul in the safety and comfort of their own homes.   Just like the previous film brought to Disney Plus, Mulan.  At the end of the day, Walt Disney Studios is still a company.  They’re a business that needs to pay their employees just like everyone else during these uncertain times.  Disney gets paid while audiences get to watch Soul from their homes.  It’s a win-win situation for studios and audiences.  While this helps some, it does affect the movie theater industry.

This Reveal Significantly Hurts the Already Struggling Movie Theater Industry

With Soul being brought to Disney Plus, this announcement significantly hurts the movie theater industry.  Many movie theaters were waiting on the release of Soul for theaters.  Especially since many other films have move to late next year.  According to CNBC’s official’s website under the article “New James Bond Movie Pushes to April 2021 as Coronavirus Cases Continue to Rise”, Sarah Whitten explains that “due to rising concerns of the coronavirus, ‘No Time to Die’ has been moved to late 2021” (2).  This means that the latest James Bond movie will be coming out in 2021.  This means that movie theaters were looking at Soul to bring audiences to their establishments.  Now, movie theaters have yet another movie to not have available.  Instead of pushing the release date back until late 2021, Disney is moving Soul to Disney Plus.

Now comes the question, is Soul going to be free?

With Pixar’s Soul Moving to Disney Plus, Are Audiences Going to Have to Pay Like Mulan?

With Soul moving to Disney Plus, many ask if this film is going to be free.  Previously, Disney reveal that Mulan will be $29.99 regardless of membership.  This reveal was received with mix reactions.  Some audiences agreed while others thought it was a rip-off.   Rest assure, Pixar’s Soul will be free.  According to CNN Business under the article, “Pixar’s ‘Soul’ Is Skipping Theaters for Disney+”, Frank Pallotta explains that “the CEO of Walt Disney Bob Chapek states that all audiences will be able to enjoy Soul” (1).  Basically, this means that all Disney Plus members will be able to enjoy Soul.  This is how new movies should be just like Netflix.  Honestly, this is how Mulan should have been.  Regardless, anyone will be able to enjoy Soul when it comes out on December 25th.  This announcement is going to get a lot of people to watch Soul.  

At the Moment, Disney is Set in Place to Bring Pixar’s Soul to Disney Plus

In this news article, we’ve analyze Disney’s announcement to put Pixar’s Soul onto Disney Plus.  Given everything has been happening with the coronavirus, this announcement makes the most sense.  Disney can gain money while audiences get to enjoy Soul safely from home.  However, this announcement significantly hurts the movie theater industry. With all of the films being available late 2021, many theaters were extremely hopeful for Soul.   So, this reveal has significantly hurt the movie theater industry.  While audiences can enjoy Soul at home, many wonder if this film comes with a price.  Unlike Mulan, Soul will be free for all members of Disney Plus.  At the moment, the entertainment industry is in a stalemate.  Many are pushing release dates back.  While others like Walt Disney Studios are releasing their films to online services.

Honestly, this announcement is a double edge sword.  It’s an announcement that no one wants to hear since many people have a special connection with movie theaters.  With that said, the uncertainty in our world right now causes businesses to take measures.  Until everything goes back to a new sense of normal.  However, audiences will be able to experience the wonder of Pixar’s Soul on December 25th in a different fashion.

Open for Discussion

Thank you for reading this news article.  Now, we want to hear from you.  What do you think of this announcement?  Do you think that Soul should be free if you have a Disney Plus membership? Fill free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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