This image is the official streaming poster for Pixar Popcorn.  According to IMDB’s official website under the article, “Pixar Popcorn: Company Credits”,, Inc. explains that “the rights, as well as the credits for Pixar Popcorn, belong to Pixar Animation Studios(2).  This image is on Disney+’s official Facebook page under the section, “Photos”.

Pixar is a Staple Within the Animation Industry

Within the animation industry, there’s such a wide range of different animation studios.  Some of which include animation studios like Dreamworks, Blue Sky Studios, and of course Studio Ghibli.  Today, there are so many animation companies that add variety as well as diversity to the animation industry.  However, the story was completely different in the 1990s.  For there was one animation company that dominated the industry.  Unsurprisingly, this company was The Walt Disney Company.  Now, this didn’t mean that other animation studios didn’t exist.  Yet, the Walt Disney Company had a significant hold on the industry.  So much so that the Academy for Motion Pictures began to see animation films as a category of film.

With that said, there was a momentous change within the mid-90s that split the animation industry for years.  This moment was the introduction of a fully 3D animation film name Toy Story made by a new company, Pixar Animation Studios.  With captivating stories, three-dimensional characters, and constant improvement in animation styles, Pixar quickly became a household animation company.  Now, Pixar has had their ups and downs within the animation industry much like a lot of other companies.  However, they’ve always been able to deliver fantastic films.  Recently, Disney Plus release an original show by Pixar name Pixar Popcorn. Essentially, these episodes are short animation films containing different Pixar characters.  How well does this original transition from film to television shorts? Let’s find out together.  In this review, we’re analyzing Disney Plus’s new original show Pixar Popcorn to see how this new show brings fun yet familiar content.

The Stories Within Pixar Popcorn are Simple Yet Teach a Lesson

Firstly, we’re going to take a look at the stories.  Now, Pixar Popcorn has ten episodes within the first season.  Each episode on only between two to five minutes depending on the episode.  Much like Pixar’s shorts in the beginning of films in movie theaters before the COVID-19 pandemic.  Pixar Popcorn gives ten different stories to audiences. These stories are incredibly simple.  Lessons like teamwork, enjoying life, and so much more to see.  Yet, they have a Pixar twist.  They contain familiar characters and puts them in new stories.  One of the interesting things about this original show is the concept of “Show, Don’t Tell”.  Within season one, there’s little to no dialogue.  The story is told through characters, animation, and music.  Trust me, we’ll go over each one individually.  Now then, the stories of Pixar Popcorn show a ton of potential for other seasons.

Hopefully, the variety of films in Pixar’s extensive library will make its way to Pixar Popcorn. While stories, as well as lessons, are simple, the shorts feel like little glimpses into different universes.  Mostly, Pixar films are character-driven stories.  As such, audiences are typically drawn to Pixar characters.  This is predominantly seen within this first season.  Each episode focuses on a particular character or set of characters.  Which gives a variety of different story avenues.  For example, there’s one episode about The Incredibles doing chores.  While this may seem simple, it raises some interesting questions. How does the Parr family do chores with their superpowers? If anything, these shorts offer a glimpse into what the characters do and get into off-screen.  Which brings a fun yet familiar content to Disney+.  Much like the stories, the characters bring that sense even further.

Pixar Popcorn Brings Familiar Characters to New Situations

Much like the story, the characters present fun as well as familiar content.  Previously, I said that Pixar films have character-driven stories.  This concept shows itself within Pixar Popcorn by bringing new character-driven stories.  Within all of the episodes, the characters feel like they’re in their universe.  There isn’t one episode where it seems like the characters are acting out of character.  Now, I will say that the Bunny and Ducky episodes weren’t my favorite.  For anyone not aware, Bunny and Ducky are from Toy Story 4. Personally, I think these characters are incredibly annoying. However, I’m sure that these two characters are popular with audiences as these two characters have several episodes.  Regardless, there are episodes for everyone.  While the characters feel familiar, they’re put into new stories.  So, each episode introduces another section of character development.

However, it’s enough development that characters can learn within two to five minutes. Which again brings the element of fun yet familiarity.  While the characters are learning yet shows their charm, the animation truly shines within Pixar Popcorn.

Pixar Popcorn Shows that Animation Can Speak Louder than Words

Without a doubt, the animation truly shines within Pixar Popcorn.  This season is a perfect example of “Show, Don’t Tell”.  Where the animation does the talking for the characters as well as the story.  As Pixar Popcorn covers a lot of different Pixar films, there’s a lot of different animation styles.  At first glance,  Pixar films don’t seem like they have animation styles.  This isn’t the case as every Pixar film uses different colors, character structures, and just design overall.  However, this season nails every episode with the character and universe to the point.  With Pixar doing this, these episodes create a familiar environment.  At the same time, the animation shows the characters in new situations.  The audiences see how these different characters figure out their situations.  If anything, the animation within Pixar Popcorn allows the audience to piece together the story of every episode.

Without a doubt, the animation is the best part of this season.  Another factor that helps bring a fun yet familiar content with the music.

Composers Use a Familiar Yet New Tone With Pixar Popcorn

Finally, let’s take a look at the music within Pixar Popcorn.  Much like the animation, the music plays a huge factor in this show.   As this show has little to no dialogue.  Music can be a voice to express a whole bunch of emotions.  Some of which include anger, fear, joy, and love for instance.  Within Pixar Popcorn, composers combine music from each film in addition to adding a twist.  Generally, each Pixar film has its own set of musical instruments. For example, The Incredibles uses a lot of brass and drum instruments. On the other hand, Finding Nemo and Finding Dory use more classical instruments like the piano.  Essentially, all Pixar films have a particular set of instruments to correspond to their respective films.  As such, they play a part within the films to portray a fourth perspective of telling a story.

With Pixar Popcorn, the music combines familiar yet fun content. Each episode has the film’s original use of instruments from their corresponding films.  However, the music is new as they reflect what the characters are doing and feeling.  The music help bring a familiar and fun spin to each of these episodes.

If You Have a Disney+ Account, Go Watch Pixar Popcorn As This Series Has A Lot of Offer

In this review, we thoroughly took a look at a new Disney + original, Pixar Popcorn.  Firstly, we took a look at the stories. This show contains simple yet fun stories with various characters from the Pixar universe.  Hopefully, more characters will join in the next season.  Next, we took a look at the characters.  Pixar Popcorn’s characters show a glimmer of what happens after the film ends.  All of the characters are within their elements while showing their character development.  Furthermore, the animation is the true star of the show.  The animation of this show holds onto the concept of “Show, Don’t Tell”.  Lastly, the music within this show shows the emotion while using familiar instruments from their films. Honestly, I wish that this season had more than ten episodes.

This show brings a familiar element while bringing new content at the same time.  Hopefully, audiences will stream Pixar Popcorn to get the green light for a season two.  If you have Disney +, defiantly check out season one of Pixar Popcorn.

Let the Discussions Begin

Thank you for reading this review.  Now, let’s discuss this new Pixar television show. Did you like it? Is there another story that you’re hoping Pixar covers in the next season? Fill free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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