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Different Film Genres Have a Formula 

Within the film industry, there are several genres that stick to a formula.  Now, these formulas aren’t a bad thing.  As many audience members have a sense as to where the film’s story will go.  Many film genres that generally stick to a formula include Romantic Comedy, Sci-Fi, and Action.  With the action film genre, most films fit in another film genre.  Some of which include fantasy, adventure, mystery, or thriller for instance.  With that, many films feel similar to one another.  Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  As these type of situations gives more people a chance to discuss different films.  However, having films with similar story formulas makes a lot of films feel like the same.  Which doesn’t bring a lot of variety within the action genre.  With that, there are a few films every once in a while that fix the similar formula.

One of these films is a new one that came out recently name Nobody.  This film follows a man name Hutch who seems to be an average Joe.  However, things change as his house gets robbed at gunpoint.  From there, Nobody changes into an incredibly interesting as well as fun film.  Without a doubt, this film changes the action formula usually seen in other action films.  Now, how does this film do this? Let’s find out together. In this review, we are going to be analyzing the new film Nobody in order to show how this film changes the formula of Action films.

The Story of Nobody is a Character-Driven, Roller Coaster of a Story

Firstly, let’s take a look at the story.  Nobody has a very intricate story.  At first, everything seems fine.  The main character Hutch is just an average Joe.  He’s got a family, a job, and he does everything the same day by day.  However, as the story progresses, this film raises more and more questions.  This is usually not the case with action-type films.  Usually, certain types of action films follow the formula of a story-driven plot.  With that, Nobody doesn’t follow this formula at all.  This film is one hundred percent a character-driven story.  Rest assured, we’ll go further into the characters later.  Now then, Nobody has a super fun as well as an engaging story.  This film’s story does a slow build-up.  So, please be patient with the story.

Nobody is an absolute rollercoaster of a story.  Where there’s a slow build-up. Then, once it gets to a point, it’s a wild and crazy ride.  Which really changes up the formula of the action film genre.  Without a doubt, the characters of the film are the true stars of this film.

Nobody is a Character-Driven Story with Three Dimensional Characters

Now then, let’s take a look at the characters. Previously, I said that Nobody is a character-driven story. As such, this film focuses incredibly heavily on the characters.  All of the characters seem to be within their character.  There wasn’t a point within this film where it feels like the characters act out of character.  One of the more interesting characters is the main character, Hutch.  Hutch is an average Joe at first.  Then, as the story progresses there’s more than this character shows.  So much to the point, it pulls the audience into who truly is this character.  When Hutch starts revealing his true character, more incredibly interesting characters come into this film.  Even the characters we know from the beginning of the film truly start to shine.

The characters within Nobody absolutely changes the formula of action films.  As we the audience gets to learn more about this character as the story progresses.  Also, the characters within this film are engaging and interesting.  With many action films, most of the main characters aren’t very three-dimensional.  However, this isn’t the case with Nobody.  While the characters help assist this film, the cinematography immensely helps this film push the formula of action films.

Within Nobody, The Cinematography Helps the Characters Tell Their Stories

Lastly, let’s look take a look at the cinematography.  So, the cinematography of Nobody really helps this film show how different it is.  Now, this film is an action film.  As such, certain scenes do establish that this film is an action film.  There are several scenes that have quick cuts and shots from cars.  Yet, Nobody uses cinematography to tell the character-driven story.  When we see Hutch in the beginning, he’s going through his life.  Nothing new or out of the ordinary stands out.  As a result, the cinematography captures this.  Also, the cinematography captures more about who these characters are.  Which shows not only character growth but also how the characters see their lives.  Many action films don’t focus on character development.  However, Nobody does exactly that.  This film takes into account the characters and adjusts the cinematography to match the characters.

Which shows yet again that this film changes the formula of action films.

All in All, Nobody is a Film Everyone Should See as a Fun and Enjoyable Time 

Within this review, we took a look at how Nobody changes the formula of action films.  Firstly, we took a look at the story.  This film’s story does follow a similar while at the same time brings its own surprises.  Additionally, the characters of Nobody really push this film along.  Without a doubt, this film is a character-driven story.  With that, the cinematography really pushes this film along to change the formula of this film.  The cinematography of this film can best be described as a crazy roller coaster.  Where it starts out innocently enough. Then, the real meat of the story comes through and it’s a crazy ride.  Honestly, Nobody exceeded all of my expectations.  This film without a doubt changes the formula of action films.

Let’s Discuss This Film Together

Thank you so much for reading this review.  Now, we want to hear from you guys. Have you had a chance to see Nobody? Do you have any expectation to see this film? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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