The past week of professional wrestling has been nothing short of amazing. This is especially true for the WWE, who produced one of the best episodes of Monday Night Raw since the start of the pandemic. There were several surprises that night, but none greater than the immediate Money in the Bank cash-in of new WWE Raw Women’s Champion, Nikki A.S.H. I don’t necessarily care for 24-hour title reigns, but the shock of Nikki cashing in on Charlotte Flair was proof that “Anything can happen in the WWE.” What happens now? Here’s how I would book Nikki going forward to elevate her to where I feel she could be.

The Perfect Sidekick for Nikki A.S.H.

Nikki has said several times that “Every hero needs a villain.” I agree with her wholeheartedly; however, as her name tells us, she’s not a hero…Yet. What if Nikki A.S.H. comes out to address the WWE Universe for the first time since winning the championship? Before she can get out a complete thought, a familiar theme hits. It’s none other than Mighty Molly. Molly congratulates Nikki and explains that she’s been watching her. She then tells Nikki that she would like to teach her a thing or two about being a superhero.

In the weeks to come, they would show Nikki and Molly backstage training, but in turn, you would Nikki improve dramatically, gaining confidence in the ring. Challenger after challenger tries to step to her, but are unsuccessful. Shayna Baszler, Rhea Ripley, Zelina Vega, and even the Queen try to take out Nikki, but she comes out on top on each occasion. Her confidence is sky high and feels there’s no one left for her to face.

The Man Comes Around!

Becky Lynch returns after having the baby and announces that she came back to collect. She feels that she is still the measuring stick of the women’s division, and now she’s Nikki’s kryptonite. She lays down the challenge to which Nikki accepts, and the segment ends with a staredown.

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

The match comes, and Becky shows no sign of ring rust. Nikki is having a hard time out wrestling Becky, who is trying to brawl. She gets the best of Nikki for several minutes, almost looking like she was about to win the match due to referee stoppage. Nikki is down by the bottom rope defeated, grabbing for Mighty Molly. Molly doesn’t want her to get hurt any more than she is, so she grabs a towel from the timekeeper’s area. As she’s about to throw in the towel, Nikki grabs her arm. In Hulk-like fashion, she begins to feel a comeback and goes toe-to-toe with Becky in the center of the ring. Becky knocks Nikki down and attempts to go for the Dis-arm-her, only to get rolled up into a schoolboy for the pin.

So What Happens Now?

While she’s celebrating with Molly, Becky grabs a mic and stares at Nikki A.S.H. She says “A wise man once said that to be The Man, you have to beat The Man. Well, tonight, you’re more than The Man. You’re a Superhero.”

This is just how I feel they should book Nikki going forward. It’s something different and would be entertaining. How would you book her title run?