Endless possibilities

As a kid your imagination has limitless possibilities and ideas for every conceivable thing in your life. As you get older that limitless imagination begins getting smaller a lot of times without you truly realizing it. Thankfully Marvel in it’s entirety is one big kid at heart. I am referring to their What If…? series of course. Iwatu us through alternate universes where events turn out differently than they do in the original 616 Marvel universe. The possibilities are infinite for every decision but we will only focus on important bench marks in the universe.

The fork in the road

For instance, We see what happens when Peggy Carter decides to stay in the laboratory and watch her love interest Steve Rogers go through the procedure that turns him into Captain America. What seemed to be an insignificant choice sparked an entirely new course for her and Steve. At this point the information going forth shouldn’t be a spoiler however if you have not already seen the first episode and would like to be surprised I encourage you to watch the show first and then come back here and continue reading.

Peggy Carter aka Captain Carter

With that disclaimer out of the way let’s delve into what stood out to me. This episode highlighted how weak and undervalued women were perceived. Peggy takes the serum instead of Steve and becomes the super soldier and is still viewed a waste of resources. Constant uphill battles of proving ones self even though its clear that you’re the right person for the job.

Steve’s a hero through and through

What made Steve such a special character to watch is his unflinching will to give it everything he’s got scrawny Brooklyn boy and all. Steve received help from Howard Stark’s Iron Man tech suit but that machine wouldn’t have gotten into battle had it not been for Steve’s need to fight the good fight and protect his friend Peggy although in this timeline she hardly needs any help whatsoever. Due to this change we never get The Winter Soldier because he is rescued with the combined help of Steve and Captain Carter. We also don’t see Red Skull survive in this story line to go on to protect the soul stone like we saw in Avengers Endgame.


All in all though the story was amazing and the graphics used were spot on and meticulously done. If you haven’t already seen it I highly recommend you check it out on Disney+. Captain Marvel makes another appearance in this series. In season two she’s talking to Dr. Strange is from this season or not. We just have to stay tuned which is what I hope you all will be doing here on GSS.