Mandalorian Season 1 Recap. What You Need To Know

Disney’s The Mandalorian was wildly successful, probably more so even than the sequel trilogy which takes place after it. The show is set just after the events of Return of the Jedi and has become the face of the Star Wars FranchiseThe Mandalorian (Season 2) poster by Nuno Sarnadas : StarWars going forward. Helmed by none other than Jon Favreau, the man who made Iron Man a the most famous superhero in the MCU. If you haven’t caught up, then we’re here to give you some things you need to know.

The Mandolorian

Din “Mando” Djarin. The man whose name no one really knows except Moff Gideon. The man without a face. Mando drips western. Hidden behind a mask that he will never take off in mixed company (probably because he learned his lesson last time while fighting The Mountain.) Mando is a well known bounty hunter who honors the ancient Mandalorian way. Much like Clint Eastwood, he brings a grit to the part that Mal Reynolds only wished he had. Mando is one part Akira Kurosawa, one part Sergio Leone. Which really just makes him two parts Kurosawa [he makes mad films]). He’s an orphan with a chip on his shoulder who has adopted The Child into his new clan, Clan Mudhorn, named for the first battle he and the Child fought together.

The Child

Known far and wide by everyone outside of the Star Wars universe as Baby Yoda, and as Brighteyes on the set. The Child is a merchandising powerhouse that Disney failed to immediately capitalize on, but soon made up for. The Child is so cute that the battle hardened Mando was convinced to, for the first time ever, go back on his contract to save him, setting off the events of season one. Little is known of the child, other than he is the same age as Darth Vader and still an infant. Incredibly powerful in the ways of the Force, bounty hunters have tried to retrieve him for decades causing great strive on Arvala-7

It remains to be seen whether The Child will gravitate toward the Light or Dark side of the force. While many fans naturally expect The Child to take after Yoda, one of the galaxy’s greatest forces for Light, The Child has demonstrated some tendencies that have previously only been available to the Dark side, such as Force Lightning, and choking out Cara Dune during an arm wrestling match. While the young Child may simply not use better, instinctually drawing on whatever Force comes naturally, we don’t yet know how the violence he has seen during his short time in Mando’s company will change his future.

Cara Dune

A recently un-retired mercenary who had been hiding on a backwater planet, Cara met Mando when he too was looking for a backwater planet to hide on. Not being big enough for the both of them, soon they drew the attention of Imperial Forces and were themselves forced to flee the planet or risk further raids. She later joined Mando in his bid to take back Greef’s city on Navarro. While traveling with Mando and the Child, she engaged in a friendly wrestling match, which the Child misinterpreted as a fight. After using his Force powers on her, demonstrating that he may not be as good a child as every one thought, she fought valiantly against the Empire once again before joining forces with Greef Karga and parting ways with Mando.

Greef Karga

Mando’s former employer and friend, Greef is a consummate professional. The source for jobs in the Bounty Hunter Guild, Greef always knows a guy. When Mando went back on his bounty, Greef tried to kill Mando in retribution, which failed miserably. He then asked for Mando’s help in order to free his city. A plan which would have ended in Mando’s death when Karga betrayed them all. Karga had a change of heart when The Child saved his life and finally gave up his grudge, teaming up with Cara for further adventures. Will he be back for season 2? I hope so.  

The Armorer

If we don’t know much about The Mandalorian, we know even less about the leader of the Tribe from which he comes. What we do know con

The Mandalorian Season 2 - #babyyodawallpaper in 2020 | Poster, Achtergronden, Ster

firms her badassery. A skilled Forgemaster she crafts the Tribe’s weapons and armor using reclaimed beskar steel. She covered the Tribe’s escape after blowing their cover to save Mando. The Armorer is also the one who bestowed Mando with his very own clan of two, Clan Mudhorn. She was last seen beating the ass of an entire fire squad of stormtroopers single handedly with only her forging tools. Whether or not she comes back remains yet to be seen.

Moff Gideon

Giancarlo Esposito plays some incredibly villains. Moff Gideon is no exception. Once again, shrouded in mystery, we know that Gideon somehow possess the legendary Mandalorian Darksaber. Somehow aware of Mando’s real name, Gideon has been busy behind the scenes trying to revive the Empire and amassing a sizable collection of expendable stormtroopers. It seems likely that Gideon’s obsession with Mandalorians and need to retrieve the Child will prove pivotal in the next season.


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