The entire WWE Universe were floored by the shocking news of Bray Wyatt’s release this past weekend.  Wyatt hasn’t been seen since WrestleMania 37, where Alexa Bliss turned on her mentor that led Randy Orton to secure the victory.

Perhaps Wyatt has been among the most frustrating factors when it comes to booking.  Time and time again, WWE Creative and Vince McMahon have boosted Wyatt up only to tear him down.  Despite this, Wyatt’s pro wrestling genius has captivated fans and leaving them wanting more for the chameleon.

From his early days in the New Nexus to the super villain fans know as The Fiend, Wyatt has been able to transcend the normal gimmick to something extraordinary.  When it seemed that Wyatt would finally get the recognition he deserved, a booked loss did him little to no favors.  Even though he has been WWE Universal Champion, there was more bubbling underneath the surface as to what Wyatt could do.

Now that Wyatt has been released from his contract, what happens next?  Some fans wonder if this is a curveball to a surprise return down the road which leads to speculation with Braun Strowman.  Strowman hasn’t returned to WWE just yet, but with new merchandise popping up the connection is there thanks to the Wyatt family affiliation.  Wyatt was never the one to do something on the regular either.

But let’s not think about that, where could Wyatt really shine?  Most fans would immediately speculate AEW.  Wyatt’s former partner and friend Brodie Lee was on a resurgence with the Dark Order before his untimely passing.  AEW is also known for their creative freedom.  This theory makes optimum sense.

However on the flip side, there are signings of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk to think about.  Would Wyatt’s appearance be overshadowed if those go through?  It’s a no brainer that Wyatt would automatically be on the 90 day no-compete clause.  That would mean by October fans could see something spectacular in AEW given that Halloween falls at the end of the month.  AEW is already full with stars , the worst case scenario is Wyatt could be lost in the mix.  We certainly don’t want that.

Photo: WWE

Ultimately, the WWE Universe is left to think up the theories as Wyatt ponders his next move.  With reports of mental health struggles, it seems unfair for Wyatt to get cut over budget despite how insanely over he was.  It’s perplexing because Wyatt has been among some of the top sellers in merchandise.  Until Wyatt shows up again, it will be extremely interesting to see what could happen.  In the meantime, Wyatt did tease “Kult of Windham” on social media.

With all these rumors and theories, this last half of Summer 2021 will be one that pro wrestling fans won’t forget anytime soon.  There will be some monumental moments and game changing decisions that will keep pro wrestling a hot topic going into 2022.  Whatever happens, Wyatt deserves to become the star he is destined to be.  Fans and colleagues waited long enough.