About Joutai

 Joutai, Founded in 2020 in the Capital Texas Area by members of now defunct Monsuta Studios, is a Software and Game Development Team specializing in Server Management and Solution Platforms.

Their vision is to create virtual worlds for all to explore and to comment on the world around us through digital storytelling. Headquartered in Pflugerville, Texas, they are a small and remotely distributed team with volunteers and staff located across the United States. Their team is comprised of Software Engineers, Systems Engineers, Database Engineers, Federal Volunteers, First Responders, and Veterans.

What does their name mean?

Joutai is made up of two Kanji character meaning Current Information and Status. When translated it can most properly be associated in the english language with “Current Status”.

They believe that in everything they do, this will be a symbolically correct term. They want this to act as a question for their Staff, Developers, and Volunteers. If there is a content review on technology they want to relay the status to our community, if there is a program being developed and released they want to relay the status to its community, if there is a game-server in distress they will likely be asked to relay the status to its community. They feel that Joutai will help to both keep them accountable and build a brand of reliability and transparency.

New Team Members

Today, Joutai officially joins Geek Street Society as a Partner to assist with Web Development, App Development, and Technology Support. This brings the addition of two new leadership team members:

GSS Website Revamp Project

Also starting today, there will be a revamp of the Geek Street Society website in efforts to create a more Modern Look emphasising the creation of articles and media content to deliver our message to our fans. This will be a rolling update, with the initial change happening immediately, and elements being added in as time passes.

Current Migration Progress:

Last Updated: 119NOV20, 03:17.

  • New Landing Page 100% 100%
  • About Us Page 50% 50%
  • Social Media Feeds 50% 50%
  • Artist Space 50% 50%
  • Work With Us Section 0% 0%
  • Social Media Elements 100% 100%
  • GSS Shop 0% 0%
  • Live Stream Embed 0% 0%
  • KGSS 24/7 Radio Embed 50% 50%

* this article was written and reviewed by members of the Joutai Community team and should not be seen as an unbiased opinion or review of their organization.