Certified Lover Boy Review

What’s going on fellow geeks! It’s been a month since I graced this website with content regarding your certified lover boy and Donda’s boy. As promised I am back with a full and thorough review on their latest projects. Due to their lengthy projects I will have to break these write ups so you won’t be inundated with information. We will begin with the album by Drizzy simply because it was shorter than Kanye’s.

Drizzy Welcomes you to his Poetry Corner

One thing Drake is known for when it comes to his albums is his intros. CLB was no different with “Champagne Poetry”. No song or album would complete without some subliminal shots. Not even thirty seconds in he says “It’s the pretty boys versus the petty boys.” The sad thing is that with Drake you sometimes can’t even tell who his lines are directed towards. The tone and change up of the track was a great way to kick off the album.

“Papi’s Home” reminds me of a throw away track from So Far Gone/Thank Me Later era. That’s not a horrible thing however, I feel at this point in his career there shouldn’t be records that give me that type of feeling. Unfortunately, This isn’t the only record on this album that makes me feel that way. Hearing Nicki Minaj at the end cemented my opinion so yeah, moving on.


Drizzy Is Lesbian

“Girls Want Girls” is a smooth song I can picture hearing while you’re getting the slow and sensual lap dance at a strip club. Featuring Lil Baby, This song has great potential to be another single if it isn’t already. “In The Bible” which features Lil Durk and Giveon was a decent record. The highlights of this record is Durk and Giveon’s verses. Durk rides the beat quite well but what stuck out was when he promoted his girlfriends cosmetic company. Giveon closes out the record in a manner that only he can. If you are not up on him yet he has very touching and emotional records making him perfect for a song like this.

Drizzy With Shades

As We Proceed

“Love All” is my next favorite after the intro. Featuring Jay-Z, This song deals with looking at friends, family, business, and enemies from a grown man’s perspective. Since the very beginning I’ve always enjoyed the Drizzy and Hov collabs (Yes, even “Off That” on Blueprint 3). In Jay’s opening bars you knew what time it was when he says “Best thing I can do is not build with you/ When I could destroy you, that takes some fuckin discipline.” Next song we have is “Fair Trade”. Not particularly one of my favs but I’m sure I will be bombarded with captions and memes of “I’ve been losing friends and finding peace/ Honestly that sounds like a fair trade to me”. Travis Scott did nothing to sway my opinion on this record.


Way 2… Many Songs Drizzy

“Way 2 Sexy” in no way was a favorite for me but the video alone makes me bare with it. Featuring Future, this record I knew was gonna be a single from the moment I heard it. The 1991 remake to Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy” has breathed new life into this 90’s classic. For those of you who don’t remember it this is a seamless way to be introduced to it. I can’t even say which part of this video was the best to me because overall the video was hilarious.”TSU” is your typical “brunch on Sundays” type of record from Drake. It has a smooth and breezy feel to it making it a track that I wouldn’t get mad if it came on.

“N 2 Deep” is another Future featured record and I’ll be honest, I never cared for their collabs. Well, that could have a lot to do with the fact that I’m not a fan of Future. Future aside, It’s a cool record I guess. “Pipe Down” is another smooth record but I love the premise for it. End of the day Drake is telling a woman to shut up in the smoothest way possible. Sampling Jay-Z’s “Song Cry” these were big shoes to fill but he made it his own. Speaking of this beat, Cole emerges out of nowhere with a freestyle to this beat that he smokes in every sense of the word.

In Conclusion

Okay so in summary, the first half of this project is a little on the weak side to me. The only tracks that I truly love is the intro and “Love All”. Certain tracks I understand are made to be singles but even still, They could’ve been better. With the reminiscent feeling of his earlier work and just overall execution I wasn’t too fond of it. In short, this album is off to a bad start so far. Visit the website tomorrow where I delve into the rest of this album. Let us know how you feel about it now that you’ve had time to sit with it.