January 28th, 1948 began the historical gold rush of California. Thousands of people came flocking to obtain their ticket to fortune… This music industry is no different. When it comes to a juicy story or a new project media outlets come out in droves to be able to be first one the scene. The problem with this is when you’re doing something like reviewing music you are incapable of giving an honest critique. With music you have to let it marinate within your spirit before making a review. With that said let’s take a quick look at Kanye West’ newest project “Donda”.

As a media outlet its our responsibility to give thorough and unbiased reviews on new music. How can one do that if we have only listened to it once or for only one day? Is it that serious to be the first on the scene with a review regardless of how much time you actually invested into listening to it? For some people I guess that’s the name of the game… But not here! Here at GSS we actually care about our viewers and the craft that’s why careful time and detail goes into every post. This post will focus on how I received Kanye West’ Donda on its first listen. I will then give you a more in depth review a month from now when I have properly digested the project.

The problem with this album is that Kanye painted himself in a corner by constantly pushing back the album. I understand being a perfectionist but what would have been better to me is if he never mentioned a release date at all. The reason I say this is because when you keep pushing a project back so much it now sets the bar higher and higher. So now when the project finally does drop the expectations are damn near perfection or bust.

Did I think Ye is capable of making this out to be the classic that he envisioned? Yes I did. The reason being is because this project is dedicated to his late mother Donda West. With that said I do understand the necessity to make everything right. I also applaud him for bringing a new innovative way to receive music during listening parties. From the clips circulating it seemed like a grand spectacle to witness up close.

The album itself off of one listen was pretty good. Tracks like Jesus Lord parts 1 & 2, Jail 1 & 2, and Ok Ok stuck out the most to me. Another problem Ye created is that there is way too much music on this project. The average listeners attention span isn’t what it used to be. I drove from Middle Island NY to South Side Jamaica Queens and still had a good five or six songs to listen to. For those of you who not from NY that is about an hour and thirty-five minute drive including traffic. These days projects come in ten to maybe fifteen songs. Donda was twenty-seven! Still, Long project aside it sounded cohesive and full. With just one listen I give it about an seven.