Back At It Again

We are back with our “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Early” segment. Today I will be breifly discussing Drake’s newest and very anticipated album Certified Lover Boy or CLB for short. This is most fitting seeing as how the title of this segment derives from one of Drake’s earlier albums. Although “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” wasn’t one of my favorite projects the title did provide a clever way to introduce this segment.

Drake VS Kanye

We’ve heard about CLB for quite some time now but its only recently that we started hearing rumblings of an album war. Kanye West has been an asterisk for Drake these past few years since his lyrical bout with GOOD Music’s president Pusha T. Since then we’ve been watching the tennis like back and forth between the two in the most peculiar ways. For instance Kanye released Drakes address out to the world which is the kind of behavior that’s been on brand for him these past couple of years. Petty as it may be it’s still enough to warrant a response.

Men Lie Women Lie Numbers Don’t

The best response for titans of this caliber is numbers. Being the undoubtedly best on the charts trumps all diss records and little jabs. Best way to settle that is to release projects on the same day and let the people decide who’s the better artist. Both were slated to release albums on a certain day in early August but due to Kanye pushing his album back the heated battle was moved to early September instead. What I think happened was that the label (or Kanye) didn’t want to share the spotlight so his Donde album was moved up to this past sunday as opposed to Friday.

Center Of Attention

We’re not sure if that’s the reason however it does give us a bit more time and space to digest the projects better. With Donda out for going on a week we can begin to start safely saying which songs are the best and if its a good album or not. The same however cannot be done with CLB. It’s still way too soon to begin crowning it a classic or better than Done a. I will breifly run through the album as I did Donda for a first take. A month from now I will revisit this album with a better digested take.

Brief Review For Drake’s CLB

For this project to be titled Certified Lover Boy I was a little surprised there was so much rapping and antisocial unloving bars in this album. Also the fact that there’s no female features really is also a little weird. The tracks were for the most part all good and all of the features worked! I always thoroughly enjoyed hearing Drake and Jay-Z on tracks together and the “Love All” continues that level of enjoyment. I knew eventually I would hear a Kanye diss but Damn! Drake took the gloves off and spat a very hard and focused hit to Mr. West.

All in all I enjoyed the album but is it a “certified classic” or is it better than Donda? That remains to be seen. In the meantime I will rock with these two albums and see you in one month.