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Humans Learn to Trust As Well As Distrust

Naturally as humans, we learn how to trust.  We trust individuals like our family, friends, and those around us.  However, there are times when our trust falter.  This is due to our trust is damage by a lie or misinformation that makes us worry about who we’re really dealing with.  Within storytelling, thriller stories play on the trust of the main character as well as the audience. Especially when the audience sees the goodness in one the characters that is testing the main character’s trust.  On June 7, 2019, Netflix came out with an original film title I Am Mother. I Am Mother follows a young girl as she is put to the ultimate test of trust after finding some troubling information about her caretaker.  In this review, we’re examining how I Am Mother puts the element of trust to the test very effectively through the story, characters, and cinematography. 

The Element of Trust Shows Itself in I Am Mother’s Story

The element of trust is put to the test throughout the story.  Within I Am Mother, the story follows a girl name Daughter.  Strangely enough, she isn’t given a name.  In fact, none of the characters in this film have actual names.  Originally, she is told by a robot name Mother that she’s the only human alive. Mother has taken care of Daughter.  However, everything changes when Daughter finds another human.  As Daughter learns, she begins to question everything.  Ultimately, there’s a running question of who should Daughter trust? Without a doubt, this film does an exceptional job of questioning who Daughter should trust.  Through Daughter’s perspective, we hear both sides of what each character has to say.  The audience can personally see the internal struggle that Daughter is going through.  The characters in I Am Mother do a phenomenal job putting Daughter’s trust to the test. 

Characters in I Am Mother Test Daughter’s Ability to Trust

The main character of I Am Mother is Daughter.  Within this film, there are two other characters that send Daughter on this trust journey.  In the beginning, we’re introduce to Mother.  A robot who takes care of Daughter throughout her life.  It is clear that Daughter has form a bond with Mother.  When another Woman is found, Daughter wants to know everything from her.  The Woman is extremely different than Mother and explains a little bit more about the lore of this film.  With this in mind, Daughter becomes more vigorous as she tries to find out what is really going on.  As an audience, we can see mental as well as emotional turmoil that Daughter is facing.  Even though she follows the teaching of her mother, she wants to know more about her own kind.   This ongoing test of trust shows itself through the cinematography of this film. 

I Am Mother’s Cinematography Shows Distance and Trust Between Characters

The cinematography in this film shows the trust between characters.  When Daughter and Mother are together, the camera shows extra space between Mother and Daughter.  This is a subtle way that their relationship is changing.   On the other hand, the Woman and Daughter have a lot of scenes of them getting closer together.  Without a doubt, this shows through the camera angles of the two humans being closer together.  This creates extra meaning that character’s relationships are changing.  Additionally, the cinematography focuses a lot on Daughter.  There’s a lot of scenes that are just her face.  This type of camera operating shows again the internal struggle.  We can see every eye moment and little moments in Daughter’s face.  These emotions can show itself in the woman as well as the robot.  The cinematography in this film does an outstanding job depicting the ongoing test of trust within the characters. 

I Am Mother is a Good Time Psychological Thriller Roller Coaster

In this review, we’ve examine how I Am Mother puts the element of trust to the test. Firstly, we look at the story of this film.  The story expresses a young girl going through a crisis as she tries to determine who she should trust.  Additionally, we examine how Daughter translates these two totally different character’s viewpoints.  The film tackles this internal conflict extremely well as the audience can visually see that Daughter is in a lot of pain.  Finally, the cinematography in this film help demonstrate with who Daughter should trust.  Without a doubt, this film should be seen by everyone.  This is a wonderful film that puts characters as well as audiences trust to the test.  If you have a Netflix account, check out I Am Mother as soon as possible.  This psychological thriller film will not disappoint as it puts your own trust to the test. 

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If you haven’t already, consider watching I Am Mother on Netflix.  This Netflix original film will not disappoint. 

As of right now, I Am Mother doesn’t have an official website.  However, one of the film productions teams responsible for the creation of film has information on there website.  This film production team is Rhea Films II.  This website has information, as well as a trailer to explain the premise of I Am Mother. 

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