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Frozen 2’s Announcement Lands All Eyes on the Walt Disney Animation Studio

Within the past few years, Disney has made several amazing animation films.  Some of them include Moana, Big Hero 6, and Zootopia.  However, there’s one film that everyone has become aware of.  This film’s name is Frozen.  From the moment of this film’s release, Frozen became a new wave phenomenon.  So much to the point that the song “Let It Go” by Idina Menzel would play consistently on radio stations.  Hearing a Disney song that’s not on Radio Disney is unheard of.  When Disney made the reveal of Frozen 2, all eyes were on Disney.  How can a studio make a sequel to the animation phenomenon like Frozen? When I first heard of the news of Frozen 2, I was skeptical.  Honestly, I didn’t surprise me that Disney was making a sequel to Frozen.  With that said, Disney has had a past of making horrible sequels.

Granted, some sequels to Disney classics like The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride and The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea establishes more to those universes.  While Disney has made some good sequels, Disney has had several horrible sequels.  Some terrible sequel films that I can think on the top of my head include Mulan II, Pocahontas II, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame II.  Safe to say, the Walt Disney Animation Studio has a lot of pressure to create a sequel that won’t fall under the shadow of the first film.  On November 21, 2019, Disney finally releases Frozen 2 after being six years in the making. Let’s see if Frozen 2 lives up to its counterpart, Frozen.  In this review, we’re analyzing if Frozen 2 lives up to the highest expectation of fans by examining the story, characters, animation, and music.

The Story in Frozen 2 Sets a Completely Different Tone from the First Film

Firstly, let’s look at the story.  Without a doubt, Frozen 2 establishes much more within this universe.  Honestly, this isn’t surprising.  Since this is the formula that most sequels use because the writers have more time to explore characters.  Frozen 2 is a continuation from Frozen. Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven have to travel to a forest that has enchantment.  In order to see who is calling to Elsa.  Compared to the first film, the story of Frozen 2 feels a lot darker.  This is because this film discusses several themes that the first one didn’t have time for.  Without going into spoilers, Frozen 2 defiantly pushes boundaries into the topics that this film discusses.  Granted, this isn’t a bad thing since it’s very apparent that audiences want to know more about these characters.  All things in consideration, I feel like the story is stronger in this film.

The only real issue I have with the film is the pacing.  Sometimes during Frozen 2, the story seems to drag.  Especially within the first act otherwise known as the beginning of the film.  With that said, when certain events start happening, the story significantly picks up.  This isn’t to say that Frozen didn’t have its own pacing issues.  However, the original Frozen’s story essentially establish the universe.  So, pacing issues would be more of an expectation.  I do feel what unquestionably helps the pacing within Frozen 2 is with the music.  The music will have a full discussion later within this article.  Each character in this film fits well within this story.  No one really overshadows each other.  Which is one of the strong assets of this film does very well.  The character arcs are much stronger in Frozen 2.

Frozen 2 Expands More Intricate Character Arcs for the Main Cast

One of the things I absolutely love about this film is the characters.  Each one of them is three dimensional.  The chemistry between the two sisters is more prevalent in this film.  Both Elsa as well as Anna go through significant character arcs.  In fact, all of the characters go through their own character development.  The only character I did feel didn’t get a good enough treatment is Kristoff.  I feel like Kristoff should have a little deeper character arc than he had.  Those who have seen this animated film will see what I mean by this.  Nevertheless, each of the characters clearly go through their own change within this film.  Much like the first film, the chemistry of the sisters Elsa and Anna is consistent.  These two characters reflect off of each other extremely well.  Additionally, the non-main cast of characters stand on their own within this film.

Aside from the main cast, the other characters within Frozen 2 are there to fill a purpose within the story.  There wasn’t a point within this film where it feels like there characters didn’t serve a purpose.  I feel like this is a good form of storytelling.   So much so that all of the characters serve a purpose no matter how big or small.  I feel that Frozen 2 establishes this theme more than in Frozen.  Additionally, one of the other elements that undoubtedly changes from one film to the next is the animation.

Six Years of Development Brings the Animation in Frozen 2 Alive

The animation in this film is undoubtedly an improvement from Frozen.  Undeniably, this has to do with the amount of money The Walt Disney Animation Studio receives from the franchise.  Regardless, the animation team use what they have from the first film and significantly improve it.  When anyone watches Frozen, there are several animation elements that work.  For instance, the amount of animation that the snow as well as particle effects have is phenomenal.  On the other hand, some points of animation like the character models, hair textures,  and lighting are a little rough.  This is understandable since Frozen is the first film within this franchise.  Let me be clear, this doesn’t mean that the first film has bad animation.  On the contrary, Frozen has animation that is way above its years.  Which is why so many audiences have such high expectations for Frozen 2.

With that said, The Walt Disney Animation Studio defiantly brought their a-game for this sequel.  Frozen 2 blows Frozen’s animation out of the water.  The amount of detail as well as passion that goes into the animation is realistic.  Since this film goes outside of Arendelle, there’s a lot more to explore.  To clarify, there’s a lot more regions and animation opportunities with a new environment.  Honestly, there wasn’t one point within this film that it feels like the animation is sloppy.  The textures, lighting issues, and character models are leaps better than the original.  In fact, there’s so much animation details that Olaf has visible snowflakes on his body.  Unquestionably, Frozen 2 has made improvements from the first film.  Not only does this film have better animation, but the music is just as powerful.

The Walt Disney Animation Studio Brings Outstanding Music Into Frozen 2

The last section of Frozen 2 I want to analyze is the music.  In the first film, Disney defiantly set the bar high within the music department.  Almost all of the songs in Frozen are straight out of a Broadway musical.  This does make sense since most of the cast have Broadway backgrounds.  At the same time, the songs in Frozen have a lot of emotion behind them.  Especially with the academy award winning song “Let It Go”.  Safe to say, the expectation of music for Frozen 2 became very apparent.  Rest assure, the music within this sequel defiantly lives up to the original.  In fact, I believe that the songs within Frozen 2 are better.  Especially when it comes to Elsa’s songs whose voice is by the sensational Idina Menzel.  Naturally, saying that the new soundtrack is better the original is a large statement to say.

However, I honestly believe this statement.  Disney knows that this film has been six years in the making.  As a result, younger audiences who grew up with the original are older.  A lot of the songs are love letters to the dedication of the fans.  Additionally, the songs within Frozen 2 are a lot more relatable than the first film. Like Frozen, each character has their own song to establish what they’re feeling within this story.  Particularly with Anna and Elsa songs within this film.  Honestly, it’ll be incredibly surprising if Frozen 2 doesn’t get a nomination for “Best Original Song” with what Disney presents.  Without a doubt in my mind, the music is significantly better than the first film.  Even if you have no desire to watch Frozen 2, at least listen to the music.

Without a Doubt, Frozen 2 Lives Up to a Worthy Sequel to the Original

Within this review, we analyze Frozen 2 to see if it’s a worthy sequel to the phenomenon Frozen.  Firstly, Frozen 2 goes much deeper in story expanding the world within this universe.  Frozen 2 establishes a believable as well as emotional story.  Additionally, the main characters receive significantly character arcs.  Even the non-main cast of character have their own purpose.  One of the aspects to help establishes the character development is the animation.  Without a doubt, the animation is leaps better than the original.  Last but certainly not least, we took a thorough look at the music.  As a comparison, the music in Frozen 2 is better than the first film.  More specifically, the music within Frozen 2 establishes more relatable character development. Personally, I feel that this sequel lives up to the original.  Not only that but Frozen 2 shines from the prominent shadow from Frozen. 

Open for Discussion

Thank you so much for reading this review.  With this said, I want to hear from all of you.  What did you think of Frozen 2? Do you think this animated film lives up to be the worthy sequel to the phenomenon of the original? Fill free to leave your comments below.  However, please read this note.  This film is brand new and not everyone has been able to see it.  Keep the comments spoiler-free.

While creating this review, I’m thinking about doing a full spoiler-talk review of Frozen 2. Primarily, the reason why I want to do this is to have full discussions about this amazing film. With that said, I don’t want to be that article that spoils major parts of Frozen 2.  If you would like to see a spoiler-talk of Frozen 2, fill free to leave that comment below.

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