This image is the official state regarding E3 2020 by E3. According to the official E3 website, Entertainment Software Association explains that, “E3  as well as social media sites are made by Entertainment Software Association” (2).  Entertainment Software Association is responsible for making E3 the way it is.  This image is on E3’s official Twitter where the tweet about E3 2020.

For Many, E3 is the Equivalent of Christmas Time for Gamers

Within the videogame industry, there are several events that make causes excitement.  For instance, some of these events include PAX, Twitchcon, and E3.  Undoubtedly, the thought of E3 hopefully sent a wave of excitement.  For those who are unaware, E3 is a conference where Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo showcase what is coming for the next year.  This includes consoles, new games, new projects, and what is coming for the next year of the company.  Safe to say, this is the event where a lot of gamers tune in.  Recently, smaller E3 conferences have been made by other videogame developers.  Some of which include EA, Ubisoft, Blizzard, and Bethesda Game Studios.  With E3 2020, there’s a lot of hype surrounding this event.  Mostly because of the release of the PS5.  Sony has yet to release information regarding the PS5.  Which is why many people are turning to E3 for information.

Unfortunately, the year 2020 hasn’t been the kindest.  In fact, it’s been incredibly rough year even three months in.  Without going into detail, there’s been a lot of bad stuff happen.  With that said, E3 has made an announcement regarding E3 2020.  According to E3’s official website under the article, “NEWS: E3 2020 CANCELLED DUE TO GROWING CONCERNS OVER COVID-19 VIRUS”, Entertainment Software Associate explains that “due to worry regarding the Coronavirus, E3 2020 will not be happening this year” (1).  That’s right, the most anticipate video game event is going to not happen this year due to the epidemic of the Coronavirus.  What does this mean for this event? Let’s look further into this.  In this news article, we’re analyzing this E3 2020 cancellation announcement by examining the announcement as well as the responses.

Entertainment Software Associate Confirms that E3 2020 is Not Happening Due to Coronavirus Concerns

Today March 11, 2020, Entertainment Software Associate who produces E3 made an announcement.  Unfortunately, Entertainment Software Associate confirm the fact that E3 2020 is not happening.  While this announcement is a surprise, it shows that the coordinators of E3 care about their con-goers.  E3 has been going on for a decade.  Never in the history of E3 has there been a moment where the event was canceled.  Sure, several companies have not come to E3.  However, there hasn’t been a time where E3 has shut down completely.

At the same time, this announcement shows that E3 cares about their con-goers.  Without a doubt, E3 will contain people from all around the world.  Since the Coronavirus has become a danger, having that many people in a con space is dangerous.  Undoubtedly, Entertainment Software Associate wants to prevent an outbreak from happening.  Which shows that this company cares for the safety of their con-goers.  Instead of continuing with this event regardless of the outcome.   This decision can be contain in the running point this year about the importance of the health of developers.  The videogame industry has been pushing the idea that health of their developers is more important than rushing a project.  Alas, this announcement has been a huge disappointment to developers as well as gamers.  After this announcement, E3 began to answer questions from con-goers as well as gamers.

With E3 2020 No More, E3 Begins to Answer Some Questions to Fans

As soon as E3 made their announcement, several individuals began to ask questions.  Several of them include refunds and whether the conference will go online.  Instead of being silent, E3 took action and sent many answers to con goers.  From looking at several responses from E3, here is what we know right now.  Firstly, let’s look at refunds.  According to E3’s official statement under the article “NEWS: E3 2020 CANCELLED DUE TO GROWING CONCERNS OVER COVID-19 VIRUS” Entertainment Software Association explains that “there company is working tirelessly in order to give everyone involve refunds” (1). This means that E3 will give everyone who was playing on going a full refund with no penalties.  Which is what is suppose to happen when events like this happen.  This shows that E3 is putting their guests and con-goers first.  Secondly, E3 has discuss about possibly going online.

On one tweet response to E3’s announcement, E3’s official twitter explains that “E3 is looking into turning the event into an online one” (1).  This means that this event has a chance to be online. However, this information isn’t a confirmation.  Even though, E3 did say that they would keep everyone up to date on this situation.  Honestly, this would be the smarter option to do. Being able to still have an E3 but doing it online. For instance, Nintendo hasn’t been apart of E3 for years.  Instead, Nintendo does their own Nintendo E3 Direct.  Then, fans will still be able to experience the new things coming to all of the videogaming companies.  Undoubtedly, more information will emerge from either E3 or other videogame companies.  The best plan of action is follow E3 as well as the videogaming companies to learn more about this situation.

With No Guarantee, E3 2020 is Confirm To Be Cancel For Now

In this news article, we look further into this announcement of the cancellation of E3 2020.  Firstly, we took a look at the announcement itself.  More specifically what this news means for E3 2020.  Additionally, we discuss how E3 has response to questions con-goers have.  With this information we have, Entertainment Software Association is trying everything in their power to keep everyone safe.  Honestly, this is the proper response to have with a health situation like this.  Even though this means that we may not get an E3 press conference this year.  However, like I state previously, E3 is currently looking into possibly making E3 into an online press conference.  Although, there hasn’t been a confirmation yet about this information.  Therefore, gamers are going to have to wait to see what is going to happen regarding E3 2020.

Open for Discussion

Thank you so much for reading this news article.  Now, we want to hear from you guys. Do you think that this was the right decision?  Are you disappointed about this announcement? Do you think that E3 2020 might be online press conferences this year? Fill free to leave your opinions in the comments below.

If you guys want to review the full state, follow this link to E3’s official website.  On there, you’ll be able to read the full statement about what’s going on with E3.  Additionally, follow E3’s twitter to get up to date on this situation.

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