Time To Wrap This Up Drizzy

What’s up everyone? We are back to conclude yesterday’s post about Drizzy and his new album “Certified Loverboy”. In case you are just tuning in I am covering this album so late because need an honest review. I saw honest because in this microwave age, everyone races to have the first review without properly taking it in. I feel like a month is ample enough time to truly deduce the project. In the last post we covered the first ten songs so now we have eleven more to go. (Sigh) Okay, here we go.

Yo Yebba Yebba

Opening the second half we have “Yebba’s Heartbreak”. It feels like a smooth interlude or pallet cleanse before you venture off into the rest of the album. I kinda want to take points off because this isn’t him at all singing or rapping on this record. Sad part about that is the beat would have been perfect to for him to flow on. I think the purpose was to give her some shine to which he succeeded because her new album “Dawn” released. Thanks from a cosign by Drizzy, it should do very well if not already.

No New Friends On Bridle Path

Moving along we have “No Friends In The Industry”. In the car it gets the job done but overall it doesn’t hit in my opinion. “Knife Talk” has the bass and feel that will ring off in the south with the help of 21 Savage and Project Pat. You can sometimes tell that Drizzy knows he’s that dude when he can say things like “Check the weather and it’s getting real ‘oppy’ outside. Moving past that we get to another one of my favorites “7am On Bridle Path”. Kanye disses aside this was a hard record with clever wordplay and delivery that gave this second half the second wind it needed. From dissing his tees and sneakers to the people in his circle not looking at him the same, Drizzy goes off on Kanye. I love it because he gave us what we all been waiting for.

Nearing The Final Stretch

Now that is out of his system, we get to “Race My Mind” which is the perfect spring/summer record. Very easy going record that you could play at the kickback, lounge, pool party etc without worries. “Fountains” gives me “Views” vibes which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Granted, it’s another prime example of him giving us slightly dated music but nevertheless it was a good record. Nigerian artist Tems gives the track an extra bit of sauce. “Get Along Together” featuring Ty Dolla $ign is a weird concept for me to digest. If you aren’t aware it basically is about how gets along better with his girlfriends friends more than her. Even the feature king himself Ty couldn’t sway my opinion for this track.

Last Lap

As far as placement I think he ended the album out on a very high note. Anytime Weezy, Ross and Drizzy are on a track you know it’s magical. This track kept up with that momentum with smooth delivery, harmonious beat and dope bars. Shots fired at Swizz Beatz when Drake says “That day you sounded like a bitch, you fancy huh?” This is in reference to some things Swizz said about Drake and the line is a callback to their song “Fancy” from Thank Me Later”. IMY2 featuring Kid Cudi gave off the essence of that CLB that I think Drake initially intended. It was soft and hypnotizing record that could ease anyone into a peaceful state especially when referencing a woman being welcomed to their dreams.

“Fucking Fans” sounds like another throwaway record that he decided to put on here. Winding down we have “The Remorse” This outro was a nice close to this album. He delivers like he always does in these aspects but now let’s look at the overall takeaway from this project. So, with a name like Certified Lover Boy I did expect to hear more songs about love and relationships than what was referenced. I know he has stated before that he would never do an entire R&B album to which I agree with. However, I feel like there could have been a lot more emotions exposed than what was. If for no other reason then for the fact that he is a parent. The little bars he gave about his son was far less than what he could have done and said.

In Conclusion

For someone to be so open and vulnerable about the women in his past, this was definitely the time to delve deeper into that and stuff with his baby mother but no. Instead, we got a lot of surface records that felt emotionless and hollow. Put aside the album name it still wasn’t a good collection of records. Now granted I am not the strongest Drake fan but I can say that with every album I can usually vibe and rock out to 85% of the album. That’s a high margin regardless who the artist is. With this project though, I can only rock with maybe 10 or 11 songs and that’s being generous. That would put this project at around 50% for me percentage wise. This to me felt like he needed to put something out since it has been  3 years now since his last full length album.

Hopefully, the criticism and feedback from this album is enough for him to work twice as hard when he returns with his next album. In the meantime rock out to Drizzy Drake’s CLB and let us know how you felt about it and why?