First off, I have to say the anticipation that came with the release of Dragonball Super: Broly was not unfounded by any means. Everything about this movie delivered and then some. I would have liked to see it in Subs but that’s not how the American release was advertised but it did not take away from the quality of the film. It’s not often that a theatrical release of Anime movies does as well as this film is doing and there are good reasons for this. To prevent spoilers I will not go into details but I will address some of the elements of the film that made it worthwhile.


Starting with the story itself, the movie stays relatively true to the manga and does well with the buildup and development of the story in the hour and a half that it runs. There are classic elements of the Dragonball story and it ties everything in full circle to really set the scene for those who may not know all the lore of the Dragonball series. The comedic elements and heart wrenching story of what happens to the Sayian race grabs the audience and the ride moves on from there.


The voice acting is precise and slightly Americanized but this is to be expected from a dubbed anime feature. Of everything I would have to say initially from the trailers I was worried about how Vegeta would sound considering they used a different voice actor for the dub of super however, Vegeta had very little to say and was all about action. As many of you already know Gogeta is featured in this film and the fusion voice acting sent shivers down my spine with how well it was executed.



Speaking of action, the movie itself starts of a bit slowly but once the story elements are explained things kick off pretty quickly. It doesn’t feel too drawn out or boring in the sense that many of the anime storyline had been in the past. The conflict is almost exclusively what the film is dedicated to and the immense action of the conflict is beautifully animated.


All in all, I 100% recommend catching this film if there is a theater near you that has it featured. It looks beautiful on a big screen and it really does well to utilize the cinema formatting to bring the action directly to the audience. For those who are deeply engaged in the Dragonball lore there are some key parts to look out for and it really does a service to people who are just recently getting into the series and the diehard fans from the 3 decades that Dragonball has been running.


Check your local theater listings and catch this movie during its limited release it is well worth the trip out to the theater.


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