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Nintendo Adding a New Mobile Video Game

Mobile games have been on the rise throughout the recent years.  Specifically, these games are usually more simplistic like Candy Crush or Angry Birds for instance.  These games don’t have an end to them, but they are a way to pass the time.   Within the last few years, Nintendo has come out with some mobile games.  Some of these games include Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Super Mario Run, and Fire Emblem Heroes. These games are also a wonderful way to get other video game series into the hands of players. On June 18th, 2019, Nintendo came out with an announcement that a new game is coming to IOS and Android.  This game’s name is Dr. Mario World.  In this review, we’re going to examine what Dr. Mario World has to offer, what characters will be available, and how this game will gain a large audience.

Dr. Mario World Joins the Mobile Gaming Industry

The Dr. Mario series is joining the genre of mobile gaming.  For those who are unaware, the Dr. Mario series is where Dr. Mario uses multi-color pills to destroy viruses.  With mobile gaming, there is an abundance of matching games.  With Dr. Mario World, the player controls medicine as they fall to connect the pill as well as the virus’s color.  Within a YouTube video from the Official Nintendo YouTube page named “Welcome to Dr. Mario World”, the narrator explains that “the medicine can be used for more than one group of viruses (0:25 – 0:32)”. Essentially, this gives players the opportunity to destroy more than one virus with the same medicine.  From the information that Nintendo reveals, this game does look like a typical Dr. Mario game.  With that being said, it looks like other characters are going to be assisting Dr. Mario in this adventure.

There’s More than One Doctor in the House

Within the Dr. Mario series, Doctor Mario is the only main character.  However, this formula is completely thrown out the window in Dr. Mario World. Within the official Dr. Mario World website, Nintendo explains that “Dr. Mario is going to need more assistance in this adventure (8)”.  This is due to the fact that this job’s complications are more extreme than for just Doctor Mario to solve.  Throughout the years, Nintendo creates more characters for the Super Mario Brothers franchise.  More importantly, these characters have different abilities.  Nintendo can use these abilities to put a spin on the typical Dr. Mario gameplay.  For example, a character name Nabbit can steal items.  Without a doubt, Nintendo can use his ability to twist the typical gameplay.  Along with adding additional characters, this game is going to bring a large audience from all ages.

Dr. Mario World Reaches Audiences of All Ages

This game has a potential to gain a large audience of all ages.  More importantly, these two sides include the younger audience and the older audience.  For the younger audiences, this game looks very appealing.  Likewise, this game is similar to a lot of other mobile games that are simple yet fun.  In addition, this game is also good for children who are fans of Nintendo.  They will be able to recognize the characters that are on the screen.  For older fans, this game will be exciting.  Due to the fact that older gamers will be familiar with Doctor Mario.  This game will bring them back to when they were younger.  If this game does bring newer elements, this will bring excitement to fans to experience something new.  When you look at both sides, there are reasons why this game will appeal to a large audience.

Dr. Mario Chance of Transitioning to Modern Gaming

In this review, we’ve dove deeper into Nintendo’s announcement of Dr. Mario World. Firstly, we review what Dr. Mario World has to offer in terms of gameplay.  Additionally, we witness that more than just Doctor Mario will make an appearance in this game.  Also, his raises the question if character’s abilities are going to be used.  Finally, we review further as to this game gaining a large audience.  This game’s release date is July 10, 2019.  Dr. Mario World has a good chance of fitting well within the mobile gaming industry.  With this in mind, it will be interesting to see what Nintendo decides to do with this game in the next month.  Hopefully, Dr. Mario World will remain faithful to the series while adding some newer elements of the Super Mario Brothers franchise. 

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