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Mobile Games Should Be Fun Yet Challenging

For many people, mobile games are just a way to pass the time.  For instance, some games like Pokémon GO and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite encourage players to be active. On the other hand, some games like Candy Crush and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp are a wonderful way to pass the time.  Regardless, everyone including myself are drawn to mobile games.  Some of my favorite games are the ones that are casual.  At the same time however, these games have to give me a challenge.  On July 10, 2019, Dr. Mario World releases to IOS and Android devices.  Previously, I did a review on the announcement of Dr. Mario World. I’ve gotten myself caught up in this game.  Surprisingly enough, this game is both casual and challenging.  In this review, we’re examining how Dr. Mario World is a casual, yet challenging game through the stages, characters, and versus mode. 

Dr. Mario World‘s Stages Establish a Casual Yet Challenging Narrative

The stages within Dr. Mario World are incredibly straight forward.  However, they do add a bit of a challenge.  The main objective is to defeat the viruses within the level.  The player needs to do this before you run out of capsules.  With that being said, the viruses are place randomly in the level.  Dr. Mario World causes you to think before you make a move.  The structure of the levels is like a typical Dr. Mario level.  Anyone who plays Dr. Mario regularly will know what to do.  Whereas individuals who have never played a Dr. Mario game will find this difficult.  Rest assure, this game does an amazing job explaining how the game works. This helps players become familiar and make this game a casual yet challenging experience.  Dr. Mario World helps the player out by providing doctors, as well as assistants to help clear viruses. 

Doctors Assist Players in Dr. Mario World

Within Dr. Mario World, there are two categories for characters.  More specifically, these categories include Doctors and Assistants.  Firstly, the doctors are the main characters.  In the beginning, you get Dr. Mario.  This is done to ensure that players will learn how the game works.  As the story progresses, the player gets to choose which doctor they want.  Personally, my selection is Dr. Peach. Each character has their own abilities that help the player.  For instance, Dr. Peach has the ability to disappear an entire row of blocks, viruses, or extra pill capsules.  Having these abilities is important to have.  This is due to the fact that these abilities can help in tight situations.  Especially when it comes to the online matches.  Regardless of whether you play online, these abilities are easy to learn.  Additionally, there is the inclusion of Assistant characters to help the Doctors.    

Assistants Add Additional Support

The second category of characters that Dr. Mario World has is assistants.  To clarify, assistants are various characters that help the doctors.  The various characters are characters within the Super Mario Brothers franchise.  For example, some of the characters include Goomba, Chain Chomp, and Bob-omb.  Each one of the assistants have their own unique powers.  Blooper who is an assistant has an ability to make one capsule the same color for instance.  These characters help the doctor by giving special powerups.  Generally, you get these characters by buying them with coins or diamonds.  Coins can be found in both the overworld as well as in the levels.  On the other hand, diamonds are a much rarer item.  With that being said, assistants as well as doctors come together to defeat stages and viruses.  Additionally, the characters are useful for the versus mode. 

Versus Mode in Dr. Mario World Creates a Fun Environment

In Versus Mode, you can battle against your friends in real time or with random people.  The premise of versus mode is simple, defeat your opponent.  Just like in the stage mode, you get one doctor and two assistants with their own abilities.  You have to think before completing a move or you’ll be stopped by your opponent.  Within this game, you can connect your Facebook account.  Additionally, you can connect your Nintendo Account as well as your Line account.  This gives everyone the chance to play with their friends.  In the same instance, you can play with random people in real time. This mode is all about testing what your knowledge of the game is. As a result, this part of the game is incredibly fun yet challenging.   This part of the game is open for all players as it offers somethings that are casual yet challenging. 

Give Dr. Mario World a Try

In this review, we’ve examine how Dr. Mario World is a casual, yet challenging game.  Firstly, the stages are straightforward while providing a challenge.  This is good for both casual and players that regularly play Dr. Mario games.  Also, the characters in this game aid to defeating viruses. Both types of characters provide unique abilities for levels as well as versus mode.  Lastly, the versus mode provides a challenging, as well as, casual experience.  Players have the choice to battle with both friends and random people online creating fun times all around.  Personally, I thoroughly enjoy Dr. Mario World.  It’s one of the games that I play daily on a regular basis.  This game is ideal for anyone who loves casual puzzle games while at the same time enjoys a good challenge. 

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