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Many Coloradoans Have Always Look Forward to Denver Pop Culture Con

For many, conventions are an incredibly exciting time.  There are so many conventions that individuals can go to.  These conventions can range from pinball to hunting.  Enthusiasts go to conventions to feel like they belong.  Many congoers go to conventions to be in an environment where they’re understood.  Most of the time, not many people may like the same things you do.  Which is where conventions come in.  For a short whether it be a weekend or a day, conventions bring enthusiasts together to bond over their love of a topic.  Here in Colorado, we have several conventions that can bring people together.  One of them is the infamous Denver Pop Culture Con also known as DPCC.  Its original name was Denver Comic-Con.  DPCC is a convention for Pop Culture.  Now, the term of pop culture has a huge category.

Pop culture can be anime, videogames, comic books, and so much more.  Last year, I went to DPCC.  Without a doubt, that convention was an incredibly fun experience.  As such, the excitement for this convention has risen.  Unfortunately, 2020 has shown itself as an incredibly rough year.  The year 2020 has brought wildfires, World War III accusations, and most recently, the Coronavirus.  COVID-19 has turn into a global pandemic where thousands of people have died.  With the Coronavirus, sports, events, gatherings, and conventions have postponed. Then on April 6, 2020, the staff at the convention came out with a statement on the 2020 convention.  DPCC will be postponed.  In this news article, we’re looking at Denver Pop Culture Con’s announcement to keep congoers safe during these uncertain times.

Due to COVID-19, the Staff at DPCC is Postponing this Convention to November

On April 6, 2020, the staff of this event came out with a statement about postponing this convention in 2020.  According to DPCC’s official website under the article, “Denver Pop Culture Con Postpones 2020 Event to November”, the staff of this event explains that “to keep our congoers save during this pandemic, DPCC is being moved to the weekend of November 27th” (2).  To keep their congoers safe, the event’s staff made the difficult decision to postpone this massive event to later in the year.  Honestly, this is the best thing that this convention could have done.  Especially since according to the staff of DPCC from that postponement article on DPCC’s official website, the staff expresses the fact that “with COVID-19 affecting Colorado, the Colorado Convention Center is changing into a makeshift hospital”, (2).

This statement means that DPCC will have to face a huge issue. Changing the convention center into a hospital essentially contaminates the whole space.  Which doesn’t give the staff a lot of time to completely deep clean the whole area.  With that said, this convention made the smart decision to move the convention from July to November.  Not only does it put the convention staff at ease, but it keeps its congoers safe.  Which is what this convention is keeping into consideration.

The DPCC Staff are Working Incredibly Hard to Ensure that Everyone is Safe

Within this news article, we’ve seen firsthand the postponement of DPCC 2020.  Firstly, we look at how due to the rising concerns of COVID-19, this convention is postponing to November 2020.  The staff initiates this news to keep their audiences safe.  This audience includes guests, exhibitions, businesses, and professional celebrities to name just a few.  DPCC generates a ton of money for the city of Denver, Colorado.  With all of the guests coming throughout the weekend, it’s the job of the staff to make sure that everyone is safe.  While some congoers are upset, others do understand given the situation of our world.  Rest assure to those who can’t make it to this event can talk to the staff about it.

According to DPCC’s official Facebook under the post We’ve Made the Difficult, but Necessary,…, the staff of this convention expresses in their postponement that “guests can email to receive help regarding refunds” (1).  Safe to say, this staff wants to help guests with these difficult times and this announcement.  Especially since this event was changed to November 27 – 29, 2020 instead of July 3 – 5, 2020.  Honestly, this is the best decision that this convention can do.  The fact that the staff is interacting with congoers shows how much this event cares about its guests.  Undoubtedly, the staff will keep its guests, exhibitors, and congoers up to date with news regarding this event.  In addition to keeping its congoers safe during these uncertain times.  For now, we’re going to have to wait until November to experience this convention again.

Open for Discussion On Denver Pop Culture Con

Thank you for reading this news article.  Now, I want to hear from you guys.  What do you think of this decision? Was it the smart move? Are you still going to be able to go? Fill free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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