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Convention Season is Upon Us

The season is getting closer to summer. When summer is around, more individuals have free time to do activities.  Some of these activities include camping, traveling, and going to different events.  One event made its way to Denver, Colorado from May 31st to June 2nd bringing families and nerds together.  This event is Denver Pop Culture Con which its previously name was Denver Comic Con.  This pop culture convention is fill with different sights and sounds that anyone can appreciate.  In this review, we’re going to look deeper into how this year’s Denver Pop Culture Con is significantly better with the Cosplay, the Exhibition Hall, the Artist and Author’s Alley, and the Celebrity Summit the convention has to offer. 

Denver Pop Culture Con Welcomes All Cosplayers

One of the ways that fans express their passion of media is through cosplay.  Cosplay is when a person dresses up as a character even to the point of pretending to be that character.  Denver Pop Culture Con is a wonderful place to express your creative side through cosplay. During this year, there were a number of cosplayers from different pop culture genres. The most common cosplays that I saw this year were from Game of Thrones and Freddie Mercury from Bohemian Rhapsody. If you’re debating about creating a cosplay, just do it. Denver Pop Culture Con is an environment that welcomes cosplayers with open arms. Just as Denver Pop Culture Con welcomes all forms of cosplay, the Exhibition Hall is very welcoming as well.

A Well Organized Exhibition Hall

During any convention, the Exhibition Hall is the main area of the convention center.  Vendors come from all over the United States to present their products to the public.  With Denver Pop Culture Con, this was no exception with every part of the exhibition hall covered.  When you first walk in, there’s the Kids Area, the Beer Garden, and vendors as far as the eye can see.  Denver Pop Culture Con’s exhibition hall is one of the most organized I’ve seen in a while.  The staff were assisting with keeping crowd control and assisting others with directions on where to go.  The Exhibition Hall is divided into different sections which include the Beer Garden, the Vendors, the Artist and Author’s Alley, and the Celebrity Summit.  The first area that anyone sees when they first walk in is the Beer Garden.

The Garden of Beer

The Beer Garden is where anyone twenty-one and up can go and have beer. Every year, there’s a brewer that is the sponsored by the convention.  The sponsored beer this year was significantly better than the previous year’s brewer.  The beer was a darker ale but not too wheat too make it undrinkable.  This space does also have a wide variety of different alcoholic drinks like Chardonnay and Coors for example.  Not to worry though because The Beer Garden is open to all ages as this is one of the places at the convention where everyone can get food.  Inclusion of all ages is what Denver Pop Culture Con strives for and I highly respect that.  This inclusion for everyone is shown in the types of Vendors that are in the Exhibition Hall. 

Variety of Vendors for Everyone

The Vendors at Denver Pop Culture Con have a wide range of different products to choose from.  Different vendors from all over the United States come to bring their product for con goers to examine.  Since this con is a Pop Culture convention, the vendors greatly reflect that.  If you go down one aisle, there will be nothing but comic books while another aisle has anime merchandise.  While walking down the aisles, I felt an interest to look at all of the booths.  There was something for everyone.  I’ve been to too many conventions that cater to one audience.  This way of selling is fine; however, this alienates individuals who don’t know anything about that form of media.  This expression of inclusion shines through the Vendors in the exhibition hall bright and clearly.  Just as the vendors create a sense of inclusion, the Artist & author’s alley does as well. 

Unity at the Artist & Author’s Alley

The Artist and Authors Alley is one of my favorite parts of a convention.  I love walking through the artist alley to discuss with artist about artwork. This is a part of the exhibition hall where fans can truly come together to discuss their passions.  This convention is unique since both the Artists and Authors merge into one section.  With the convention combining the spaces of both the artists as well as the authors creates a sense of unity.  This unity about presenting pieces of content under one space. This energy is felt in this space because both authors and artists were discussing among each other. There was a sense of connection that was happening between the different creative individuals. Just as the Artist and Author’s Alley energy was alive, the Celebrity Summit filled high levels of energy.

Great Flow at the Celebrity Summit

There are moments in our lives where we get to meet celebrities that have made impacts in our lives. At Denver Pop Culture Con, there is a specific area to meet celebrities called, The Celebrity Summit. As you walk through the Exhibition Hall, there’s an area towards the back with a large sign. I participated in the Celebrity Summit. I purchased a ticket to see Charles Martinet. As I went to the event, the space of the Celebrity Summit is large. The staff did an amazing job keeping the crowds in check. The crowd’s energy is high due to people meeting celebrities. While standing in line to meet Charles Martinet, I found myself talking to other people in line. This energy creates a sense of unity as we are there to see people we admire.

I’m cosplaying as Construction Luigi from Super Mario Maker 2. I’m posing with Charles Martinet. Charles Martinet does the voice of Mario, Luigi, and a ton of other Nintendo characters.

Encouraging Others to Go Next Year

Within this review, we’ve explored into why Denver Pop Culture Con is such a celebration of pop culture. This convention has a open cosplay community that encourage others to cosplay. Also, this convention’s well-organized Exhibition Hall flows extremely well. There are spaces for individuals to gather regardless of age. The variety of the Vendors gives everyone the inclusion to examine everything. Positive energy fills the Artist and Author’s Alley giving the space a sense of unity. The flow of the Celebrity Summit flowed extremely well while the energy is high. If anyone hasn’t been to Denver Pop Culture Con before, I advise going to this convention. I know I’m purchasing tickets for next year to see what the convention has in store for next year.

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Also, I will provide a link to Denver Pop Culture Con’s YouTube page for everyone to review. This particular video shows what is happening at Denver Pop Culture Con 2019 and why everyone should participate next year.

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