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Everyone Struggles With Self-Worth at One Point or Another

Throughout our lives, we have moments of doubts.  More specifically, we wonder if our self-worth means anything.  These times can be some of the darkest moments as there are moments that we feel worthless.  With that being said, there’s usually someone that reaches out saying that we’re not worthless as we think.  However, in those moments, the emotions are extremely powerful.  By then, we have to dig deep inside ourselves to get ourselves out of this mind space.  Within storytelling, this moment for the main characters is critical.  As a result, characters grow from there darkest moments of self-woe.  The value of self-worth shows itself full force in episode seventeen of Demon Slayer. In this review, we’re examining how Episode Seventeen of Demon Slayer expresses the value of self-worth through the story, character, animation, and music.

Demon Slayer Pushes Characters to Think About There Worth

In episode seventeen of Demon Slayer, the concept of self-worth shows itself throughout the story.  The story continues where the last episode leaves off.  Tanjiro and Inosuke are now aware of another demon is in the forest.  Meanwhile, Zenitsu finds himself all alone with a demon following him.  The concept of self-worth shows within this story.  More specifically, self-worth shows itself in Zenitsu.  It’s true that Tanjiro and Inosuke show their own form of self-worth. In fact, Inosuke tries to shake off the fact that he’s bleeding showing his own self-worth. With that being said, this episode does focus primarily on Zenitsu.  Essentially, Zenitsu has a breakdown which gives him tons of explanation as to why he is the way he is.  The moments of explanation are very relatable to anyone who struggles with self-worth.  Without a doubt, this episode will change a lot of people’s perspectives on Zenitsu. 

Zenitsu Consistent Battle with Self-Worth

Like I state previously, episode seventeen focuses primarily on Zenitsu.  This episode challenges Zenitsu to look further into him.  In other words, this episode is a character-building episode for Zenitsu.  Personally, I’m glad that the writers give Zenitsu a character-building episode.  There have been hints that Zenitsu doesn’t think highly of himself.  This is due to his cowardliness behavior and thinking he can’t get things done.  Consequently, this shows that Zenitsu has very little self-esteem in himself.  The demon that Zenitsu finds starts to belittles him.  Zenitsu becomes extremely upset which allows us to see his backstory.  The moments of explanation are very relatable to anyone who struggles with self-worth.  You can feel the emotion of him battling his own self-worth.  However, Zenitsu shows that you can still doubt yourself but still pull out of this state of mind.  The animation in this episode reflect Zenitsu’s character development.

Episode Seventeen Expresses Wide Range of Animation Styles

Since this episode focuses on Zenitsu, the animation reflects that factor.  In should be noted that Zenitsu’s style of animation is unique.  In fact, they include everything from overly expressive to serious animations.  Episode seventeen reflects this statement to a tee.  Zenitsu is incredibly expressive in this episode.  On the other hand, Zenitsu does have his own serious moments that show the animation differently.  There’s a lot of transitional and inner monologue animations that show what Zenitsu is feeling.  There may not be a lot of high action animations that is happening on screen.  However, you can feel the emotion and battling his own self-worth.  Something that many of us can relate to.  With that being said, there are several pieces of animation that are high in energy.  The animation pacing in this episode is done very well.  Additionally, the music helps bring emotion as Zenitsu battles with his self-worth. 

Emotion Expresses Itself Through Music in Demon Slayer

Emotions of this episode shows itself through the music.  The music ranges from sorrowful, to complete silence, and powerful music. In order to portray what Zenitsu is feeling, sorrowful music plays in the background. Some of the instruments that play in these parts are flutes to soft choirs.  This choice is done to make the music reflect what Zenitsu is feeling. Also, this helps make the audience relate to Zenitsu.  Along with sorrowful music, silence is in this episode.  Some of the more powerful scenes have no music.  Instead, Zenitsu or people that he has interacted with are much louder.  This can make it seem like the audience is in Zenitsu’s head.  Eventually, this all leads to the more exciting parts of the episode.  The music becomes grander as Zenitsu is learning about his self-worth.  This is one of the things that I love about this episode is the music. 

Demon Slayer Challenges Audiences to Love Themselves

In this review, we’ve examine how episode seventeen of Demon Slayer expresses the value of self-worth.  The story of episode seventeen expresses the consistent battle with self-worth.  We see this battle raging through Zenitsu.  It should be noted that this episode is a character development episode for Zenitsu.  Compare to all of the other main character, the concept of self-worth flows through Zenitsu.  Additionally, the animation reflects the fact that this episode focuses on Zenitsu.  Therefore, the animation ranges from extremely expressive to serious.  Finally, the music reflects Zenitsu’s self-discovery of self-worth.  The music ranges from emotional to silence.  This episode develops Zenitsu in a way that audiences will relate with him more.  Additionally, episode seventeen can teach audiences to love yourself as well as to do anything even if you’re scared. 

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