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Spoiler Alert for the Following Review

Greeting fellow readers. I hope you are all having a wonder morning, day, afternoon, or evening whenever you’re reading this. I did want to talk about this review before we continue forward. In this review, I will be talking about key elements in the episode that will go into spoilers. I want to dive deep into how this episode shows the character’s viewpoint of bonds between other characters. However, if you’re not comfortable with spoilers, I would watch the episode first. If you haven’t already, please watch the episode first before reading this review. Once you have watch episode eighteen of Demon Slayer, fill free to come back to this review. Demon Slayer can be found on several streaming sites including CrunchyrollFunimation, and Hulu.  Thank you for reading this spoiler alert and please enjoy the review. 

The Power of Bonds Between Humans

Throughout our lives, we create bonds with different individuals.  These individuals can include family members, friends, comrades, and coworkers.  When we develop these bonds, we want to defend those individuals.  Throughout storytelling, we see countless number of buddy stories.  These stories are relatable because of the bond that these characters form is incredibly relatable.  For instance, one of the more popular fantasy novels name The Lord of the Rings.  As an audience, we relate to how hard the trials the characters face.  Additionally, we see the importance of the bond between characters.  The importance of bonds shows itself effectively in the most recent episode of Demon Slayer. Within this episode, the power of different types of bonds shows itself very effectively.  In this review, we’re examining how Episode Eighteen of Demon Slayer expresses the power of bonds between characters through the story, characters, animation, and music. 

Episode Eighteen Displays the Variety of Bonds

In this episode, the story focuses a lot on the power of bonds between characters.  More specifically, this episode focuses on different types of bonds.  This episode is a continuation of the previous episodes.  Inosuke and Tanjiro are fighting the leader of the spider demons.  In the mix of the fighting, Inosuke has to fight the leader. The leader attacks Tanjiro sending him flying.  Before Tanjiro has a chance to return to help Inosuke, he encounters another spider demon name Rui.  The story in this episode is very diverse.  Much like in episode sixteen of Demon Slayer, this episode discusses several types of bonds between individuals.  I say this due to the fact that in this episode, the word bond is at first interpretive as family.  However, this episode expresses several times through the characters very effectively that a bond can be between comrades as well as family. 

Inosuke Expresses the Importance of The Bond Between Comrades in Demon Slayer

Within this episode of Demon Slayer, there’s a lot of characters.  However, episode eighteen only focuses on Inosuke, the spider demon Rui, and Tanjiro.  Each one of these characters express their own form of bonds.  With that being said, this expression shows itself in a way that is absolutely believable.  For instance, Inosuke expresses his bond with his comrades.  For most of us, we’ve develop tight bonds between friends, as well as coworkers.  This especially true for individuals who are in a more difficult field like military or police.  Inosuke is extremely relatable in this episode as we learn more about him. He pushes through the fear because he knows how important it is to stop this demon.  He knows that his comrades are depending on him to try to take down this demon.  On the other hand, Rui and Tanjiro show their own viewpoint of the bond between family. 

Tanjiro and Rui’s Clashing Viewpoints Over the Bond of Family

Rui and Tanjiro express their own viewpoint of the bond between family.  However, there’s an eerie opposite viewpoint between Rui and Tanjiro.  Rui’s viewpoint the bond of family is people who work together are therefore bond together as a family.  In contrast, Tanjiro’s viewpoint of family is one about compassion and being able to do anything for his family.  The topic of family is a sensitive topic for Tanjiro due to his past.  With this in mind, Tanjiro’s reaction is incredibly relatable.  A lot of people would be willing to stand in defense of those that we call family.  The two fight to prove with viewpoint of the bond between families.  The audience can feel emotion towards what Tanjiro is trying to fight for.  Episode Eighteen does an amazing job expressing what a bond between individuals means.  As a result of the characters viewpoints, the animation reflects this very effectively. 

The Power of Bonds Affects the Animation of Episode Eighteen of Demon Slayer

The animation reflects what characters are feeling.  Rest assure, there’s plenty of action. I do have to say that the animation in the action pack scenes are incredible as well as scary. We witnesses firsthand how power Rui is.  In fact, most of Tanjiro’s scenes have action in them.  This is due to the fact that Tanjiro is passionate about his viewpoint about the bond between families.  With that in mind, this episode does have a number of inner monologue scenes.  For instance, Inosuke has several moments of self-doubt.  In those moments, everything seems to freeze. The emotion shows itself through the animation.  It’s even more impactful for Inosuke.  He’s normal form of attack is fight then ask questions later.  At the same time, this shows the importance of the bond of comrades that Inosuke forms.  Additionally, the music reflects this push to show how important bonds are between characters. 

Emphasis on Choir Music Indicates Emotion of the Power of Bonds in Demon Slayer

The music in this episode has an emphasis on choir voices.  Honestly, the music in this episode is my favorite in the series so far.  This is due to the fact that the voices can be seen as a reflect of what the characters are feeling.  With Inosuke’s scenes, the choirs are much softer.  This type of music reflects what Inosuke is feeling.  The music is reflecting his doubt about defeating the leader of the spider demons.  With that being said, Tanjiro and Rui scenes include higher energy choirs.  More than likely, this is due to the fact that they’re both very passionate about what they’re fighting for.  In fact, this music can be heard when Inosuke fights when he thinks about the bond of his comrades.  Without the doubt, the music is reflecting the character passion to fight for the meaning of the word bond. 

The Importance of Bonds Show Itself Effectively in Episode Eighteen of Demon Slayer

In this review, we’ve dove deeper into the importance of bonds between characters. Firstly, the story focuses a lot on the power of bonds between characters. The audiences can see through the characters how powerful bonds can become between characters. Additionally, the characters themselves express the importance of different types of bonds. With Inosuke, he expresses the importance of bonds between comrades. On the other hand, Rui as well as Tanjiro express their own viewpoints on the bond between family members. As a result of these viewpoints, the animation reflects the characters expressing their feelings. While there’s action, there’s scenes of inner monologues.  Finally, the music reflects what the characters are feeling. The music has soft choirs to possibly reflect what the characters are feeling.  This episode does an amazing job expressing what bonds means.  Don’t be if this episode makes you think about what certain bonds mean to you. 

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