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Spoiler Warning For Readers

Hello fellow readers. Usually, I don’t do these types of warnings. However, with this review, I feel like I need to say this.  As a warning, this review will go into complete spoilers of the episode. If you have yet to watch this episode, please watch that first before reading this review.  Once you see this episode, fill free to come back to read this review. Demon Slayer can be found on several anime streaming sites like Crunchyroll and Funimation.  Thank you for reading this little warning and please enjoy the review. 

Individuals Learning the Concept of Mercy

Throughout our lifetime, we learn about mercy.  There are many saying that we’ve all hear about forgiveness.  Forgiveness is not something that is easy to give.  Especially with a situation that causes an extreme amount of pain.  Within entertainment, characters have to learn about mercy regardless of the situation.  Additionally, the audience has to have mercy for the redemption of certain characters.  Mercy shows itself strongly in the most recent episode of Demon Slayer.  In Demon Slayer, mercy isn’t generally an element that characters give.  This is due to the fact that all of the villains in this show are demons.  With that being said, this episode flips the idea of mercy and shows it in very unique ways.  In this review, we’re examining how this episode of Demon Slayer expresses different types of mercy through the story, characters, animation, and music.

Demon Slayer Expresses Mercy Through the Story

In this episode, mercy shows itself through the story.  This episode follows the current predicament of the spider demon. Inosuke, Tanjiro, and Matura who is the senior demon slayer continue to pursue the spider demon.  In the mix of everything, Zenitsu is still trying to find the others wandering through the forest. It should be noted that Zenitsu does go through his own character development as well.  However, the story establishes itself very effectively.  There are several moments in the story that are shocking to see.  So much so to where it would be easy for the characters to abandon the element of mercy.  This is especially true with Tanjiro.  With that being said, there’s several moments that characters express elements of mercy regardless of what’s happening.  The characters that express the element of mercy in this episode include Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and the Spider Demon.

Characters in Demon Slayer Emote Different Types of Mercy

Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and the Spider Demon show different types of mercy.  Firstly, Tanjiro shows mercy through compassion. He wants to do the right thing while not hurting others in the process. When Tanjiro deals with the demon, he gives her a merciful death.  Needless to say, this episode expresses that Tanjiro can be merciful in the face of unforgivable circumstances. Additionally, the Spider Demon expresses mercy.  She asks for the mercy to die.  From what the audience sees, we can sympathize with her on how poorly the other demons treat her. As a reward for his mercy, the Spider Demon warns Tanjiro about the other demons on the mountain. Finally, Zenitsu shows mercy for himself.  Zenitsu continues to move forward to protect Nezuko but in order to gain mercy from his friends.  Just as the characters show elements of mercy, the movement in the animation expresses mercy as well.

Episode Sixteen’s Animation Shows Emotion Through Movement

The animation in this episode shows mercy through unique ways.  More specifically, these moments include eye movements, wordless actions, and inner monologues.  Eye movement is consistent with the characters in this episode.  For instance, the Spider Demon has scenes where she’s doing inner monologue while her eyes are portraying pain.  She has become desperate but at the same time she wants to die.  Tanjiro expresses his mercy through his actions.  His scenes are done through wordless actions.  He’s trying to show compassion for everyone even for the Spider Demon. In the final part of the episode, the audience can see the mercy that Tanjiro gives the Spider Demon.  Also, the talking animation expresses how Zenitsu is trying to show mercy on himself.  The animation, as well as the music show how characters are showing mercy. 

Music Expresses Mercy Beautifully in Demon Slayer

The music in this episode reflect the characters expressing mercy.  In episode sixteen, there are scenes with no music at all.  Moreover, there are several scenes with very beautiful pieces of music.  All of these scenes are the scenes that show Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and the Spider Demon showing mercy.  With the no music scenes, these scenes make the audience focus on the main character. Tanjiro, as well as Zenitsu have several scenes that have no music in them.  This can mean that they’re having an internal battle on what to do in this situation.  However, the Spider Demon has several musical pieces that are very beautiful.  They include instruments like wind instruments, a piano, and lightly singing choirs.  Including this music can be seen as a representation of being at peace.  Personally, I think the music went together beautifully in this episode expressing the character’s expression of mercy. 

Demon Slayer Expresses the Idea that Mercy Can Be Given

In this review, we’ve look further into how this episode expresses different types of mercy. Firstly, the story expresses that mercy can still be given even in unforgivable circumstances. Within this episode, we see Tanjiro, the Spider Demon, and Zenitsu express different types of mercy. This shows that individuals can give mercy in many different ways. Thirdly, we see how the animation shows how the characters develop their feelings of mercy. Finally, the music plays a role in expressing mercy through silence as well as light melodies. From what we see in this episode, mercy can be shown to any character regardless of who they are. This element of mercy will more than likely be put to the test within the following episodes.

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