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The Bond Between Families

For many of us, the power of family is unbreakable.  Family can be anything we make it to be.  Essentially, a family is individuals that work together and help each other out.  However, many people have a general idea of what a family is.  We would do anything to protect our family.  Without a doubt, the power of family can be seen throughout Demon Slayer.  In episode nineteen of Demon Slayer, Tanjiro as well as Nezuko express how the power of family can persevere.  Out of the nineteen episodes, this one has to be my favorite.  This is due to the fact that we see so much raw emotion from Tanjiro.  Additionally, we see how he as well as Nezuko have develop over the series.  In this review, we’re analyzing how Episode Nineteen of Demon Slayer highlights the power of families through the story, characters, animation, and music.

Demon Slayer Continues to Show the Power of Families in Episode Nineteen

Episode Nineteen’s story is extremely moving. This is due to the fact that this episode focuses on the concept of the power of family.  As with the last episode, episode nineteen is a continuation.  Tanjiro is going face to face with another spider demon name Rui.  In the mix of the fighting, Tanjiro and Rui have moments of discussion.  However, this episode changes really fast when Nezuko joins in the fighting.  As we know in this series, Tanjiro is incredibly protective of Nezuko.  As a result, he’ll do anything to protect her.  That’s not to say that Nezuko doesn’t defend herself.  In fact, the story is so deep that the audience learns more about Tanjiro as well as Nezuko.  Having more information reveal to the audience expresses why family is so important.  This episode puts into perspective what Rui, Nezuko, and Tanjiro feel about the power of families. 

The Spider Demon Rui Sees the Power of Family as a Meaning of Power

As I state previously, this episode focuses on Rui, Nezuko, and Tanjiro.  Firstly, this episode focuses significantly on Rui.  In the previous episode, Rui establishes his own viewpoint of family.  To put it simply, Rui thinks that families only consist of individuals that are together with power.  His viewpoint is cold and emotionless.  However, Rui’s lack of emotion is unique with the other spider demons we’ve seen.  With that said, this changes when Nezuko joins the fight.  Without giving too much away, Rui pushes even harder to prove that his viewpoint of the power of families.  Rui pushes for the fact that power is what makes the bond between families stronger.  This is completely different from the viewpoint that we see from both Nezuko and Tanjiro. 

Nezuko Expresses Her Viewpoint of the Power of Families

Within episode nineteen, we see both Nezuko and Tanjiro’s viewpoint on the power of family.  The first character we’re going to be discussing is Nezuko.  This is due to Nezuko taking a stance is huge. For a while, we have yet to see Nezuko in a battle.  However, this changes in episode nineteen.  For the past few episodes, Nezuko has been listening to what has been happening.  Without giving too much away, Nezuko makes her statement known as to her viewpoint on the power of family.  Her voice is shown through animation.  This is due to the fact that Nezuko has a muzzle over her mouth.  As a result, she can’t communicate as effectively.  However, the way her animation flows, she’s clearly agreeing with Tanjiro.  She sees the power of family is through love and protecting others.  Which leads us to the main focus of the episode, Tanjiro. 

Tanjiro Stands His Ground on His Viewpoint of the Power of Family

The main focus of this episode is of course Tanjiro.  From the very beginning, Tanjiro has always fought for the love of his family.  Unfortunately, Tanjiro’s family was taken from him.  So, it’s very understandable why Tanjiro’s viewpoint of the power of family is so strong.  In this episode, the element is taken up a huge level.  By far in this series, this episode shows Tanjiro at his strongest point. It’s true that he’s still not perfect.  However, this episode pushes again that Tanjiro will stop at nothing to find a cure for Nezuko.  His dialogue shows itself as inner monologues during the high action scenes.  This means that the audience gets to go inside Tanjiro’s head.  Because of this, the audience gets to learn more about Tanjiro.  With that said, Tanjiro shows his raw emotions in this episode.  The power of families absolutely shows itself through the animation. 

Episode Nineteen of Demon Slayer Expresses the Power of Family Through Animation Exceptionally Well

The animation in this episode is the most advance in the series.  Without giving too much away, the animation in this episode reflect the character’s emotions.   Within this episode, the animation for Nezuko is extremely important. Her voice is through animation.  Nezuko’s animation shows exactly what she’s wanting to say about the power of family.  Additionally, Rui shows his own emotions throughout this episode.  It’s been said that Rui doesn’t show a lot of emotion.  However, there are several moments that express his own feelings.  With that in mind, the animation for Tanjiro really excels.  His animations are all in relation to him proving his point.  He knows that the power of family is through protecting those you love.  As a result, a lot of the animation in this episode reflects Tanjiro’s emotions.  Similarly, the music in this episode expresses the power of families through the character’s perspectives. 

Unique Music is Compose for Demon Slayer Episode Nineteen

This episode’s music reflects the character’s emotions very effectively.  When Rui is showing his emotion on the power of family, the music is extremely soft.  There are instruments like violins and flutes. Instruments that usually wouldn’t be use for Rui since he’s very emotionless. On the other hand, the music picks up when Tanjiro starts expressing his own viewpoint.  As a result, the music swells with stronger instruments. These instruments include trumpets and choirs for instance.  Additionally, this episode contains a band new song hidden in the episode.  This song plays itself during a lot of Nezuko and Tanjiro’s scenes.  Without a doubt, this can reflect both Tanjiro and Nezuko’s viewpoint.  The fact that both of them agree that the power of family shows itself through love and protecting others.  There’s no question that the music in this episode reflects the character’s viewpoint of the power of family. 

Demon Slayer Will Continue to Push the Concept of the Power of Families

In this review, we’ve analyze how this episode of Demon Slayer highlights the power of families.  Firstly, we discuss the story.  This episode nineteen expresses the emotion of Rui, Tanjiro, and Nezuko.  Additionally, we examine the characters that this episode focuses on.  Each one of them expresses in their own way their viewpoint of the power of families.  As a result, the animation in this episode of Demon Slayer expresses the pure emotion of all Tanjiro, Rui, and Nezuko.  In fact, the music reflects this clashing viewpoint of the power of family.  So much so that a brand-new song is made to express the power of family.  Without a doubt, this episode was made to express an ongoing theme in this anime.  There will no doubt be more episodes covering this theme.  However, episode nineteen gives the characters a chance to speak about the power of families. 

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