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Character Develop in Media

Within entertainment, seeing characters change within a story is critical.  As an audience, we want to root for the main character to eventually achieve their goal.   Television shows have more pressure of character progression than films.  Within the anime industry, there’s one anime that recently is grabbing viewer’s attention.  This anime’s name is Demon Slayer, otherwise known as, Kimetsu No Yaiba. For those who aren’t aware, Demon Slayer is about a young man name Tanjiro Kamado who’s a demon slayer. His mission is not to only to stop demons causing chaos in traditional Japan, but to save his sister. Within the most recent episode twelve, the progression of Tanjiro’s story arc is prevalent. In addition, there’s more than one character that get there own character development. In this review, we’re examining how this episode does well in expressing the story, character arcs, animation and music to progress Demon Slayer forward.

Demon Slayer Expresses Story Flowing Well

In episode twelve named “The Boar Bares Its Fangs, Zenitsu Sleeps”, Tanjiro and Zenitsu are still lost in a large building which is under the control of a powerful demon.  This episode’s structure is very well done for as many as there are.  In total, there are four-character stories that the episode follows.  While this one episode doesn’t particularly focus on Tanjiro, this episode does focus on the importance of character development.  Without giving too much away, the different stories show what the big picture is.  In addition, this episode adds into different character’s perspectives on how the events are unfolding.  For instance, the demon of the structure is trying to work on its own problems. While in the mean time, Zenitsu is trying to survive without dying.  Personally, I think that this episode is focusing more on character development which is the primary focus of this series. 

Episode Twelve Achieves Deep Character Development  

Since the very beginning of Demon Slayer, character development is the primary focus of the series.  Without a doubt, the most recent episode reflects this statement.  Sure, there are four different stories that are simultaneously going on. For some viewers, this might seem that the writers are trying to focus on too many characters.  When viewers see multiple character arc episodes, these are generally the episode viewers skip over. Rest assured; a good amount of this episode focuses on Tanjiro.  However, each of the segments share more about the characters in the series.  Episodes like these are important because they build the world and not just focusing on the main character.  Each of the characters in this episode show their characteristics.  Additionally, each of the characters grow within this episode producing information not otherwise known before.  These different character arcs are also expressed through the animation of the episode. 

Animation Brings Emotion of Episode Twelve to Life

Just as the writers create different character arcs in episodes, the animation expresses the progression of the story.  The animation in Demon Slayer is always top notch.  This episode is no exception with the animation reflecting the different stories of the episode.  One of the things that I adore about this series is the use of art telling a story.  The emotion is all in the character’s faces.  The animation team expresses the characters through different forms of animation. For example, Zenitsu’s design uses harsher lines.  On the other hand, the human character with the boar on its head uses thinner, traditional lines.  Not at any one point did I feel like the animation style felt off.  Each use of animation is specific to each character to progress their own arcs along.  Just as the animation works for the different character arcs, the music goes beautifully with this episode. 

Music Builds the Atmosphere of Demon Slayer

Music is one of the key factors in Demon Slayer.  Since the series is in traditional Japan, the music takes full advantage of that.  More importantly, the music symbolizes what’s going on in the scene.  There are a number of traditional Japanese instruments that the audience can hear.  With this in mind, the music in this episode is phenomenal.  Every character has their own music that accommodates them. For instance, the music becomes more intense when the story switches to the demon.  There wasn’t at any one time when I thought the music felt out of place.  This is especially true with Zenitsu’s moments.  Since he’s a newer character, the audience is still learning how his character works.  The different instruments, as well as melodies, help distinguish what is happening in the scenes.  Not to mention that the music helps the characters express how they’re growing in their arcs. 

A Bright Future for Demon Slayer

In this review, we’ve examine deeper into why episode twelve is an amazing episode.  Episode Twelve’s story flows very well with being able to tell multiple stories in one episode.  Also, this episode of Demon Slayer dives deeper into character development for the characters living within this anime.  While character development is important, the animation that this episode produces expresses the journey the characters are going through.  Last but certainly not least, the music does an amazing job expressing how the characters are feeling.  From what we see in this episode, I have high hopes for what the next episode has in store.  I’m sure that episode thirteen will continue to grow the series forward. 

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