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Character Perception Can Change in an Instant

Within storytelling, perception of characters can consistently change. For instance, one event might happen to either make an audience love or hate a character.  This is especially true with television shows.  Since television shows are consistent, the audience sees the same characters once to several times a week.  Furthermore, television shows have more episodes to completely express a character’s backstory.  For some viewers, character development slows the progress of a series.  On the other hand, there’s so much potential that can come from having character focus episodes.  In the most recent episode of the growing popular anime Demon Slayer, there are several instances where perception of characters change.  In this review, we’re examining how episode thirteen of Demon Slayer shows a change in character’s perception through the story, characters, animation, and story. 

Demon Slayer Encourages Dialogue Rich Stories

The story of this episode moves more slowly.  Episode thirteen continues from the previous two episodes. Tanjiro and Zenitsu are still in the clutches of a demon whose name is Kyogai.  There aren’t so many stories in this episode in comparison to episode twelve.  However, this episode focuses more on the background of the characters.  There’s a lot of moments where the characters are talking to each other. In fact, there’s several scenes in this episode that are either inner dialogue or flashbacks.   Dialogue episodes are just as important as action pack episodes.  With that being said, there is good amount of action in this episode.  More specifically, there are events that happen with four of the main characters.  Additionally, this episode focuses on three particular characters.  Without going into too much spoilers, this episode changes the perception of several characters. 

Changing the Perception of Characters

There are particular characters that this episode changes perceptions.  Both for the better, as well as, for the worst.  For example, one of these characters is demons.  Within this series, there has been an establishment that demons can be complex.  We can see this concept in episode eight when the series introduces the villain Muzan Kibutsuji, as well as, another power demon Tamayo.  This concept is fully expressive in this episode through the demon, Kyogai.  Each character in this episode get character development. This is especially true for Zenitsu.   Honestly, there are several times in this episode where I feel emotion for these characters.  I wasn’t expecting to feel such a deep connection to some of these characters.  Episode thirteen pushes these characters into the three dimensions. Where as, you can relate to the characteristics of the characters.  Just as character show a new perspective, the animation softly highlights this. 

Animation Tells a Softer Story  

Within episode thirteen, the animation reflects the changes in the characters.  The past few episodes contain high amounts of action. Just to be clear, this episode does contain action scenes.  With that being said, most of the animation focuses on storytelling.  Specifically, the animation focuses on showing character expressions.  This is vital because the audience can see how the characters are starting to come out as who they are.  Just like in real life, it’s common to create biases.  The same can be said for characters in stories.  Like I state previously, this episode contains quite a number of flashbacks and inner dialogue.  The animation reflects this as we see soft transitions and deep emotion on the character’s faces.  Personally, I have to praise this episode simply at the amount of emotion that the audience can feel.  Even though the animation assists the character’s changes, the music ties everything together. 


Demon Slayer Raises Emotion Through Music

The music in this episode is beautiful.  Episode thirteen has a wide range of different instruments.  From reviewing the episode more closely, the audience can hear violins, clarinets, and calmer instruments.  In the more action parts of the episode, the instruments become grander. Instruments that we can hear is drums, as well as, trumpets for example.  All of these instruments play a part into this episode.  Out of all of the characters this episode, Zenitsu has the largest amount of instrumental changes. More importantly, there are scenes in this episode that have no music. Moments when there’s no music make much more impact.  The reason for this is we get to see a moment where characters are at a low having to fight their own battles.   Within this episode, the music pushes the fact that these characters are changing by expressing emotion through music. 

The Promise of Character Growth

In this review, we’ve examine further on how Demon Slayer changes the perception of characters. Firstly, we see the story show how characters open more through dialogue. Moreover, particular characters in this episode change creating more even perspective. The animation tells a softer story in this episode. While is episode contains action, most of the animation goes into the emotion of the characters. Last but certainly not least, music in this episode reflect this change in character perception. Based on how this episode ends, this series is clear that change in character perception is going to continue. Personally, I’m excited to see what the next episode has in store.

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Additionally, please keep in mind that not everyone has seen this episode. Please keep the spoilers to a minimum as for others who haven’t seen the episode yet.

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