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Greeting fellow readers on Geek Street Society.  I want to put this at the beginning of the review. Generally, I try to make these reviews with as minor spoilers as possible.  However, with this review, I feel it’s important to discuss this episode in full.  Therefore, this review will go into major spoilers.  If you don’t want spoilers, please view the episode before continuing on.  Demon Slayer is on Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Funimation’s website.  Fill free to follow these links and support not only this amazing anime but also support these streaming sites as well. Once you watch episode twenty-two, fill free to come back to this review.  Thank you for reading this little warning and enjoy the review.   

Change Affects Everyone Everyday

We all know the word change.  Whether we like it or not, change is bound to happen.  Changes in our lives could be anything ranging from a new job to deciding to exercise.  At first, change is difficult.  This is due to the fact that we put ourselves into routines.  These routines can vary on either good or bad.  Within storytelling, the theme of change is inevitable.  Without question, the main protagonist or main cast changes depending on the context of the story.  As a result, the end result is either good or bad depending on the story like I state previously.  With that said, not everyone is acceptable to change.  Unfortunately, some people never change as a result of how challenging this change is. 

This element shows itself in the most recent episode of Demon Slayer.  As Tanjiro stands on trial, the audience sees some of the Hashiras struggling  to accept that Tanjiro is traveling with a demon, Nezuko. In this review of Demon Slayer, we’re analyzing Demon Slayer demonstration of the challenges of change through the story, characters, animation, and music. 

Episode Twenty Two of Demon Slayer Expresses the Challenge of Change Throughout the Story

This story continues where episode twenty-one ends.  Tanjiro is put on trial by the Demon Slayer Corps for traveling with Nezuko who’s a demon.  Since Tanjiro is a Demon Slayer, he’s breaking a major rule for harboring a demon. The story in this episode will defiantly keep the audience on the edge of their seats.  This is due to the fact that the audience is on Tanjiro’s side.  Surprisingly, this episode of Demon Slayer focuses mostly on the reaction of the Hashiras.  Especially the wind Hashira, Sanemi Shinazu.  Additionally, the audience gets to meet  the master of the Demon Slayer Corps.  During the trial, the master reveals that Tanjiro’s situation is under protection. Because of this, several Hashiras exchange words to each other.  Some are trying to give Tanjiro a chance to explain himself.  However, others don’t even want to hear the excuses that Tanjiro could possibly have.  

One of the interesting things that I love about this episode is seeing the characters react to Tanjiro working with Nezuko.  Since the Demon Slayers have dealt with countless number of demons.  However, this episode is a character reaction on the challenges of change.  There’s not a question in my mind because that is what this episode focuses on that particular element. It shows itself through the characters of this episode.  Which is common for Demon Slayer to do.  Without a doubt, this episode focuses squarely on Tanjiro, the Master of the Demon Slayer Corps, and the Hashiras especially, Sanemi.

Tanjiro Expresses a Change from the Status Quo in Demon Slayer

Episode twenty-two of Demon Slayer focuses on quite a number of characters.  However, this episode focuses on three main characters.  These characters include Tanjiro, the Hashiras and The Master.  Firstly, I would like to discuss how this episode focuses on Tanjiro.  At the moment, Tanjiro is on trial for working with a demon.  As a result, Tanjiro is desperate which is clearly shown to the audience.  This is due to the fact that Tanjiro is the change.  For generations, the Demon Slayer Corps only work either alone or with other Demon Slayers.  However, Tanjiro could quite possibly be the bridge between Demon Slayers and demons. As we are aware of, there hasn’t been a demon and Demon Slayer working together ever.  With that said, Tanjiro is desperately trying to express his unique situation.  In fact, the audience is also rooting for Tanjiro’s side.

This is due to the fact that we see Tanjiro’s journey.  These new characters don’t know why Tanjiro is working with a demon.  Regardless, Tanjiro is very much in character in this episode.  If anything, he’s putting everything on the line.  All of his hard work could end if he doesn’t express his story.  Even after The Master expresses his sanction, Tanjiro is still trying to prove that Nezuko is still the same.  Which the Hashiras especially Sanemi have a hard time accepting this new change. 

Demon Slayer Creates Division with the Hashiras on Change

The second group of characters that this episode focuses on is the Hashiras.  At first, the Hashiras are in a mixture of emotions.  Some of them believe that Tanjiro as well as Nezuko should die immediately.  However, there are some Hashiras that believe that Tanjiro has to prove himself before killing them both.   Honestly, it doesn’t surprise me that the most powerful Hashiras would divide against this idea.  This is probably due to the fact that the Hashiras have had to kill thousands of demons.  With that said, I think it’s very interesting how some of the Hashiras let Tanjiro defend himself.  There’s a sense of dignity that some of the Hashiras have.  On the other hand, this can be the episodes way of saying innocent until proven guilty. 

This is the first episode that the audience gets to know the Hashiras more deeply.  Regardless, these characters make it clear of the challenge of change.  These warriors have been put into a routine.  Without question, the Hashiras carry out their mission of killing demons.  As we all know, routines can be very difficult to break.  This is because routines becomes safe and well define.  When these routines are broken, we generally become apprehensive of the change.  Clearly, this concept reflects within the Hashiras very effectively.  With this in mind, not everyone takes this news lightly.  One Hashira that is most distraught about this news is Sanemi. 

Sanemi Becomes the Hardest Hashira to Face the Challenge of Change

Within this episode of Demon Slayer, the Hashira who has the hardest acceptance of change is Sanemi.  For those who aren’t aware, Sanemi is the Hashira of wind. From the moment the audience sees him, Sanemi is an extremist.  Just the concept of a Demon Slayer working with a demon is completely unacceptable to him.  Granted, I don’t know if this has something to do with Sanemi’s backstory.  Personally, I haven’t read the manga series before watching this anime.  I do plan on reading the manga eventually.  Anyway, back to the topic of Sanemi.  Out of all of the characters in this episode, Sanemi is the one character that reacts the most negativity. So much to the point that he attacks Nezuko to expose the demon inside of her.  This is a perfect definition of the challenge of change. 

There are countless number of individuals who will not change what they truly believe.  Regardless if they’re told by higher superiors that this new way is valid. They’re so stuck within there ways that anything else is beyond acceptable.  This is the same way with many factors within our own society.  In fact, the way that Sanemi handles the whole situation is the more shocking part of the episode.  That’s saying a lot since this series has a lot of shocking moments.  Honestly, I don’t see Sanemi accepting Nezuko as well as Tanjiro any time soon.  With that said, Demon Slayer does have a lot of moments that are surprising to say the least.  As the characters in the episode show the various of change, the animation focuses on character association. 

The Animation in Episode Twenty-Two of Demon Slayer Focuses on Character Association

Within this episode, the focus of the animation is on the characters. More specifically with character facial expressions.  Episode twenty-two of Demon Slayer is a dialogue heavy episode.  Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that.  Dialogue heavy episode help the audience get to know the characters move.  Which is what this episode does.  Granted, there’s some action in this episode when Sanemi tries to attack Nezuko.  He does this to try to show that Nezuko is still a demon.  Regardless of all of the information at the present moment.  I feel like the action scenes in this episode are within reason.  Sanemi is being stubborn at the fact that there’s a change to the status quo.  As a rule, Demon Slayers kill demons.  With that said, Sanemi even goes up against the Master.  The audience can see in Sanemi’s expressions that he’s suffering the most with this news.

A part of me wonders if he has a traumatic experience with demons as a Demon Slayer. The animation in this episode help express the other Demon Slayers.  Their personalities show through the animation.  Some of them agree with the Master’s decision.  While others don’t agree with the decision as it’s understandable. More than likely, the highest-ranking Demon Slayers have gone up against thousands of demons.  Having this change of a Demon Slayer fighting side with a demon is unheard of.   This inner battle of the challenge of change is seen through the characters.  Even though the animation is subtle, it’s very notable. That’s how powerful the animation is in episode twenty-two.  Just as the animation shows emotions, the music of this episode expresses the running theme of the challenge of change.    

Demon Slayer Shows the Age-Old Lesson of Show Don’t Tell Through Music

Without a doubt, this episode of Demon Slayer reflects this theme of the challenge of change with the music.  At first, this episode has the most epic music.  Partially, I think that this is due to the presences of the Hashiras.  Compare to the other music in previous episodes, episode twenty-two has by far the grandest music I’ve have yet to see.  As a result, this episode contains a lot of drums, Japanese flutes, and grand choirs. This can be a symbol of tradition and power.   However, this all changes once the trial begins.  When Tanjiro is stating his piece, the music becomes a soft piano.  Almost to exchange the fact that Tanjiro is becoming desperate. This is due to the fact that Tanjiro as well as Nezuko’s lives are on the line.  Additionally, I feel like this sudden change is the representation of the Hashiras listening to Tanjiro’s plea. 

However, the music does pick up once Sanemi absolutely refuses reasoning behind helping a demon.  Without a doubt, the music reflects Sanemi’s emotions. Again, that’s one of the things that I adore about this episode.  The fact that everything in this episode flows so well.  Especially the music expressing the character’s emotions.  This is especially true when the animation mostly focuses on character expressions.  Even more so when the master addresses the final verdict.  The Master completely changes the music of the whole scene.  That’s how the audience knows that this new character is a force to not be messing with.  As a result, the master agrees that this situation is unique.  With that said, he tells his best soldiers to accept this change.  Without fail, the music reflects the Hashiras deciding on how to accept this change.  This episode expresses in every way the challenge of change. 

Episode Twenty-two of Demon Slayer Represents the Challenge of Change

In this review, we’ve dove deeper into how this episode of Demon Slayer shows the challenge of change.  Firstly, we thoroughly analyze the story of this episode.  In order to see the character’s reactions to the Master’s decision of Nezuko and Tanjiro’s situation.  Additionally, we examine all of the characters this episode focuses on.  Overall, there’s a division between the Hashiras.  Some of them agree while others don’t agree.  However, Sanemi Shinazu is the only one that reverts to violence to prove the challenge of change.  In the same way, the animation in this episode express the character’s reactions.  Personally, I feel like this is a positive thing to do.  This is due to the fact that this gives the audience a chance to see how the characters react to this unusual situation.  Last but certainly not least, we did a full investigation of the music

Within this episode, the music is a representation of the character’s feelings.  The music ranges from a soft piano to grand music with drums and choirs.  Without question, episode twenty-two of Demon Slayer expresses the challenge of change.  I highly recommend this episode to anyone who is experiencing a difficult time with change.  This episode might help with accepting that change is inevitable.

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