Battle Of The Aliens

While listening to Joe Buddens’ podcast he referred to certain artist as aliens due to their high level of lyricism. Some of the names mentioned are Lupe Fiasco and his long time friend Royce 5’9. Another name mentioned happens to be the topic of this post which is King Los. If you are unaware of this mans bodies of work I suggest you listen to Moor Bars, GOAT and God Money War. These projects best display why he could be considered an alien and an elite wordsmith.

“KING” Of The Ring

In Hip-Hop the concept of being the best is a constant thing but never more so than it is when it comes to battle rap. Unlike making music battle rap focuses solely on punchlines, wordplay, delivery, stage presence and in some cases aggression. There are myths that one who is of the battle rap world cannot make good music and vice versa. We have seen cases before where this theory isn’t false however King Los does NOT fit in this category. Proof can be in his songs or it could be in his freestyles that he is an overall artist. One who can navigate any realm within Hip-Hop and music.

Check This Aliens Resume

Okay so King Los can freestyle his ass off and makes good songs… Can he battle though? Well, That can be answered by looking at his first battle between him and Head Ice. Before we get to his most recent battle I wanted to highlight this battle for two reasons. The first is to establish he is developing a resume and its all just speculation. The other reason is to highlight the difference when facing a formidable opponent to one who is not so formidable.

Unformidable Match-ups

(I realize it’s not a real word just go with it)

I mean no disrespect to his opponent in his first battle but here is where the problem for me lies. Head Ice’s style is more hood and is basic. Not that that’s a bad thing at all because with him you clearly get the punchlines being landed. The problem is that against someone technical like King Los it’s very uneven making it a very one sided  battle. When I say one sided I mean its clear depending on what you look for in an artist depends on who you will side with no matter what. So if you have one person who’s on one side of the spectrum and another person on the opposite side then biases can be made early on. Although the two did a great job I voted for Los because I am a fan of the more technical style.

Formidable Match-ups

A perfect example of a formidable match-up is Los’ most recent battle against Daylyt. For a while now Daylyt has done away with the gimmicks and is back to strictly bars and lyricism. That’s spells a long night for anyone going against him. Fortunately for Los that happens to be his specialty as well. As the two duke it out it’s very debatable as to who truly won this battle because they both displayed their alien-like intellect. This is a match you need to watch because it really showcases lyrical ability at a very high altitude. Let us know who you think takes home the W and why.